Can I Use A Normal Facial Oil For The Oil Cleansing Method?

With the recent boom of oil-based products, you might be wondering if you can rely on one to multitask at everything from cleansing to conditioning. Let's take a look.

Oil cleansing is a new cult trend that's skyrocketed in status over the last few years. Made mainstream by the Korean double cleanse method, oil cleansing offers a lot of benefits for the skin.

But just how does oil cleansing work? And with all the oil-based products on the market, can you use any one for an effective oil cleanse?


Can I Use A Normal Facial Oil For The Oil Cleansing Method?


How does oil cleansing work?

The oil cleansing method (OCM) works on the scientific principle that like dissolves like. That means oil dissolves oil-based ingredients and water dissolves water-based ingredients. You can dissolve every kind of impurity or product with the double cleanse method, so you get cleaner skin without dryness.

The double cleanse method consists of using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleaner. For example:

  1. L'Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil followed by
  2. Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream


Both products are extremely mild yet very effective, so skin is deeply cleansed whilst also being respected.

Some people who swear by the oil cleansing method use the oil cleanse alone, and this is still very effective for two reasons;

  • If you use water to pre-wet your face or rinse off an oil cleanser, you're still using both oil and water.
  • Most long-lasting and waterproof makeup is oil-based and so perfectly removed with the OCM.


Can I Use A Normal Facial Oil For The Oil Cleansing Method?


Are oil cleansers the same as facial oils?

And now to address the original question: can you use a facial oil for the OCM? To answer this, you need to look at the differences between cleansing oils and regular facial oils.

  • Facial oils are made either predominantly or solely from natural oils.
  • Cleansing oils are predominantly made from natural oils, with the addition of ingredients that help them to emulsify, or mix with water, and rinse off.

It's true that you can use both oils effectively for the OCM. However, there's a couple of reasons you may want to stick to specially formulated cleansing oils:

  1. Facial oils contain precious ingredients that end up being washed away.
  2. Cleansing oils rinse off better. This may be especially appealing if you're new to the OCM.

What makes cleansing oils better for the OCM?

When the OCM first become widely known, it was a DIY method for home use, usually calling for a blend of olive oil and castor oil. Once this trend was here to stay, showing benefits and providing enjoyment for the people who tried it, the basic commercial cleansing formulas evolved.

This new breed of cleansing oils contains the aforementioned emulsifiers. Remember that oil and water do not mix naturally. What you'll find when using one of these products is that it goes on as oil. When mixed with water during wash-off, the product turns into a milky lotion that easily leaves skin.

Some of our favourites include:

These cleansing oils are not only nourishing, but also elegant to use.

Head to our cleansing oil shop to view our carefully vetted range, and if you need any help choosing a product that's best designed for your skin type, drop us an email on or give us a call on 03 9486 7179.


Can I Use A Normal Facial Oil For The Oil Cleansing Method?

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