Can I Use a Normal Face Moisturiser Around My Eyes?

The skin around your eye area is the thinnest skin you have. Eye creams aren't regular face creams in smaller packaging. Eye treatments are formulated to provide specific benefits and moisturise safely.

Are your drawers bursting with bottles of skincare? Do you spend five minutes scrambling to find that teeny-tiny tube of eye moisturiser? Don't worry: we've all been there!

When your eye cream goes missing, you might wonder if you can use a normal face moisturiser around your eyes. But there is a difference between facial moisturisers and eye creams.


Can I use a normal face moisturiser around my eyes?


What's the difference between an eye cream and a facial moisturiser?

It's easy to forget that years of research and development support the creation of every skincare product you own. From ingredient development to formulation stability and product efficacy testing, beauty companies take a lot of care to offer you safe, effective products that serve a particular purpose.

A special eye cream differs from a facial moisturiser by:

  • Being lightweight
  • Absorbing easily and quickly to minimise skin pulling during application
  • Containing little or no fragrance
  • Generally being formulated for sensitive skin

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your body. In fact, eye skin is up to 1/10 thinner than other facial skin. That's why blood shows through, creating dark under-eye circles.

It's crucial to care delicately for the eye area and avoid damaging this thin skin.

  • Avoid rubbing and tugging at all costs.
  • Gently dab and pat cream into the eye area.
  • Always choose a formula for sensitive skin if available.
  • Avoid harsh ingredients such as essential oils, fragrances, and alcohols.


Can I use a normal face moisturiser around my eyes?


Can I use a normal facial moisturiser as an eye cream?

The beauty of an eye cream is that the hard work of choosing a product perfect for the eye area is done for you. While it's okay to use a normal cream to treat your eye area, you'll need to ensure that the product is:

  • Free of fragrances and essential oils
  • Formulated for sensitive skin
  • Lightweight and fast-absorbing

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a product fits all three of these criteria before you buy. Which is why purchasing a separate eye cream can save you money in the long run. When you invest in an eye cream, you can be assured your purchase is fit for the job.

At Adore Beauty, we have several favourite eye creams, but these three are our all-stars:

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Can I use a normal face moisturiser around my eyes?