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Vitamin B complex is made up of all 8 B vitamins. Cosmeceutical grade vitamin B is a key ingredient when it comes to maintaining and improving your skin health. It consists of all 8 individual classes of B vitamins and provides numerous benefits when topically applied to the skin. Vitamin B at a cosmeceutical grade can especially excel in brightening, conditioning, and successfully treats skin concerns such as eczema, dermatitis, and dryness.

Cosmeceutical grade vitamin B complexes and aging

One of the key benefits of Vitamin B complexes is their antioxidant ability to counteract free radical damage. Reducing this kind of damage is an important aspect of maintaining skin health and fighting premature aging that can result.

Vitamin B complexes and dry skin

Cosmeceutical grade vitamin B face creams help the skin retain moisture to help reduce dryness and fine lines. This makes B complexes ideal for eczema-prone and or dry skin.

Benefits of Vitamin B complexes

Consistent use of cosmeceutical grade Vitamin B complexes can help:

  • Fade fine lines
  • Soften skin
  • Lighten dark spots
  • Fight breakouts
  • Smooth texture
  • Reduce redness

Radiant skin is at your fingertips when you use products containing Vitamin B complexes. Adore Beauty offers a range of these products for every skin concern so the perfect product for you is just a click or two away.

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Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF 30 by DermalogicaDermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF 30 by Dermalogica

$71.28 $81.00


4.5 of 56 reviews

Dermalogica Active Moist 50mL by DermalogicaDermalogica Active Moist 50mL by Dermalogica

$59.84 $68.00


4.4 of 38 reviews

asap soothing gel 200ml by asapasap soothing gel 200ml by asap

$42.90 $55.00


4.7 of 75 reviews

asap platinum collection by asapasap platinum collection by asap

$194.22 $249.00


4.7 of 122 reviews

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster by DermalogicaDermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster by Dermalogica

$85.36 $97.00


4.7 of 52 reviews

Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque by DermalogicaDermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque by Dermalogica

$67.50 $75.00


4.5 of 49 reviews

Aspect Eyelift 3  by AspectAspect Eyelift 3  by Aspect



4.4 of 25 reviews

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Recent reviews on Vitamin B Complexes products

Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF 30
Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF 30

Great sunscreen

I have struggled to find a sunscreen for my oily forehead and this product is perfect! I can apply liberally under makeup and not have to worry about greasy shine within hours!
Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Liquid Rehydration Serum 30ml
Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Liquid Rehydration Serum 30ml


i had sunburn couple days ago, however, this product save me.
i used 3-4 drops each time, it calms and hydrate my skin without irritation.
i would definitely recommend ppl with normal-dry sensitive skin type get this one!!!! great product, loverly!
Dermalogica Active Moist 100ml
Dermalogica Active Moist 100ml


This moisteriser is very hydrating on the skin. It does its job perfectly