What's the Best Foundation for Covering Rosacea?

A guide to the 3 need-to-know steps for effective rosacea coverage.

Choosing a foundation that works perfectly for your rosacea-prone skin is part of a larger strategy of actually building a foundation. This three-step process consists of protection, preparation, and product.

Of course, a foundation for sensitive skin is one key to effective rosacea coverage. But the other two vital steps are often overlooked. Get the best results by:

  1. Protecting skin from further damage (e.g. sun)
  2. Calming inflammation
  3. Neutralising redness


What's the Best Foundation for Covering Rosacea?


Let's start at first base.


1. Protect skin from sun damage.

Sun protection is a must for all sensitive skin. Sunblock is the best kind of sun protection for rosaceous complexions. Sunblock uses physical ingredients, such as zinc oxide, to literally deflect the sun's rays away from your skin.

Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, work by reacting with the light. This reaction forms compounds that can irritate rosacea.

Sunblock is a great base for neutralising some of the redness associated with rosacea, as it helps to reflect light away from your face.

We recommend:


What's the Best Foundation for Covering Rosacea?


2. Use an appropriate primer.

Choose the right primer, and it will calm skin whilst also neutralising redness. We recommend Colorescience Skin Calming Primer to help lay great a foundation for expert redness cover-up.

The Colorescience formulation soothes skin with cucumber and cactus extracts. These extracts also lend a naturally active antioxidant complex to help rebuild skin health and protect rosacea skin types from further environmental damage.

This primer also features a colour-correcting golden tone, which builds upon redness neutralisation. Colour-correction works by the theory that certain hues cancel each other out. To eliminate redness, you'll need to use primers and foundations with yellow and green tones.

3. Use a sensitive-skin-friendly foundation

The final step to effectively covering the blush of rosacea is foundation. When choosing a compatible foundation, you want to combine flawless coverage with ingredients that are kind to sensitive skin. The best way to do this is to opt for mineral-based foundations.

Mineral foundations differ from traditional foundations by replacing traditional pigments with colourful earth minerals. Many of these minerals are naturally found within our skin, which means they're 'skin-identical' and less likely to irritate.

We recommend:

Follow these three 'makeup' steps and you'll be able not only to effectively cover your rosacea blush, but also to actively diminish it over time.

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