How Can I Manage Oily Skin During the Summer?

Summertime is a carefree season. Worrying about oily skin shouldn't come into the equation. Make these six changes to your routine, and the only shine you'll see is the sun's.

Dry skin types cheer, 'Hooray!' when a humid summer peaks. But the heat and humidity of long summer days can put an oily skin type into overdrive. Eliminate oily-skin reactivity to summer by following these six simple tips.

How Can I Manage Oily Skin During the Summer?

1. Switch liquid foundation for mineral powder.

Liquid foundations are absorbed into the top layers of skin. But oily skin is so naturally moist that traditional makeup doesn't sink in well.

Powder foundations are a dream for oily complexions. Mineral formulas work with your skin and stay in place by absorbing oil and perspiration. In other words, mineral makeup works better on oily skin!

When summer begins, switch your liquid foundation for a mineral powder such as:

  1. Inika Mineral Foundation, which is organic and vegan
  2. Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation

2. Use serum in the morning and moisturiser at night.

You may have noticed your skin becomes oilier from morning to midday. It's not just your perception; this is scientifically proven. Skin's oil production runs on a clock cycle.

From the minute you awake, sebum increases. Oil hits its peak at midday, and by nightfall, your skin is firmly in absorption mode, regardless of season. Take advantage of this cycle by using a lightweight serum in your morning routine and saving moisturiser for evening.

Looking for a serum perfect for an oily skin type? Try one of our favourites:

3. Use mineral sun protection.

Sun creams protect your skin from UV damage in two ways:

  1. They absorb the energy of UV rays.
  2. They reflect UV rays away from skin.

Mineral sun creams mostly work by the second mechanism. You can imagine a mineral sun cream as millions of microscopic mirrors neatly lined up to shield skin from UV light.

Mineral sun creams rely on a few base ingredients, one of which is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide also acts as a mild astringent, meaning it dries up some of the sebum your skin creates naturally.

During the summer months, use sun protection with zinc oxide. Try Invisible Zinc Face & Body Sunscreen SPF 30+.

How Can I Manage Oily Skin During the Summer?

4. Add an oil-absorbing product to your routine.

Mattifying products make clever use of ingredients such as nylon, which absorbs sebum as your skin creates it. Mattifiers are like blotting papers, but better.

Apply a blotting stick such as Benefit POREfessional License To Blot Oil-Blotting Stick as a primer before making up. You may find that you no longer have to blot your face in public throughout the day.

5. Cut back on sugary foods.

Sugar consumption sets off a set of chemical reactions inside your body. Blood sugar levels go up, hormones such as insulin are released, and your skin's oil production increases.

You might have known about those first two reactions, but the last is not so well known. So when summer hits, be watchful of your of soft drink consumption.

6. Exfoliate more often.

Oily skin naturally sheds cells at a slower rate than normal. A normal exfoliation rate rests between 25 and 30 days for one complete cycle. When this cycle is slowed, skin becomes prone to breakouts. It's also likely to look very oily, as dead skin cells cling to sebum.

Increase your exfoliation efforts during the summer months. If you already use a chemical exfoliant a few times per week, try adding a physical exfoliant such as Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream.

Follow these six steps and your oily complexion will love summer days as much as you do.