Is It Safe to Squeeze Blackheads?

It's tempting to squeeze or pick at tiny blackheads, but doing so only encourages the little monsters to stick around longer.

They can call to you from the mirror, distract you while you're at work, even catch your eye while you're driving. Blackheads: they're the enemy of teenagers everywhere, anathema to perfect skin, and a near-constant plague to people with oily complexions.

It's tempting to pick at blackheads, pop them, or attempt to dig them out from under your skin. After all, they look like pockets of dirt. But squeezing blackheads is a recipe for skin disaster. Resist the temptation and treat the underlying problem instead.

Why You Have Blackheads

Blackheads can be traced back to a single problem: excess oil. When sebum, the oil your skin produces to protect and lubricate itself, mixes with dirt, makeup, dead cells, and bacteria, the mess can get lodged in your pores.

This debris leads to blackheads if the pores remain open, or whiteheads if a layer of skin covers the clogged pores. If you take proactive steps to fight oil and keep your skin clean, you can prevent ongoing blackhead flare-ups.


Is It Safe to Squeeze Blackheads?

Why You Shouldn't Pop Blackheads

Popping blackheads is sometimes irresistible, not to mention deeply satisfying, particularly if you see large plugs come out. But the payoff is short-lived, and the consequences to your skin can be significant.

We know you've heard it before, but we're really not trying to ruin your fun. There truly are valid medical and cosmetic reasons not to pop your blackheads:

  • Squeezing a pore opens it and allows more bacteria to enter.
  • If you squeeze hard or use your nails, you can create microscopic tears in your skin, making it easier for more bacteria to enter.
  • Touching your face with your hands introduces more oil, dirt, and bacteria--the very things that cause blackheads.

Is It Safe to Squeeze Blackheads?

Alternatives to Popping Blackheads

If you love seeing those plugs come out of your skin, why not embrace a happy compromise? Try seeing a skincare professional and ask for extractions.

Want a longer-term remedy for blackheads? Focus on rigorous cleanliness. Wash your face after exercising and before bed, and always remove your makeup as soon as you can. asap Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub is an excellent option that deep-cleans your pores, removing the gunk and oil that leads to blackheads.

A weekly mask can work wonders, pulling out dead cells and blackheads while leaving your skin looking refreshed. Try Payot Masque Purifiant for a glowing complexion.

Another thing that works for many is changing up your makeup. Using only non-comedogenic products can help reduce the appearance of blackheads in the long term. Try some sensitive- and acne-friendly makeup alternatives.


Is It Safe to Squeeze Blackheads?