Do Scar Treatments Work?

Scar treatments aren't all the same. Some can be highly effective, whereas others are a waste of money.

The quest to rid yourself of scars can drive you to try costlier skincare products. If you're wondering whether scar treatments work, maybe it's because you've been scammed by one too many 'miracle' creams.

The truth is that some scar treatments do work, whereas others simply empty your wallet. Here's how to tell the difference between the two and increase your odds of finding a treatment that lives up to its promise.


Do Scar Treatments Work?

Which Scar Creams Work Best?

Before selecting a scar cream, check the ingredients list. Some of the most effective anti-scarring ingredients include:

Choosing the Right Scar Cream for Your Needs

Whether or not a scar cream works is heavily dependent on where you are in the healing process. Before a wound heals completely, vitamin E and other emollient ingredients are excellent choices.

However, plain moisturisers become almost completely ineffective after the wound has healed. If you're trying to fight an old scar, silicone and rosehip seed oil are your best bets.


Do Scar Treatments Work?

Prescription vs Over-the-Counter Scar Treatments

Extensive scarring calls for a more dramatic remedy than over-the-counter products can offer.

If you have acne pitting, burn scars, or keloid scars, talk to your doctor about whether a prescription remedy might be right for you. Prescription remedies work from the inside out, encouraging your body's natural healing process and potentially eliminating scars more fully and quickly.

You can often pair a prescription remedy with an over-the-counter one, but some combinations can provoke dangerous skin reactions. Ask your doctor which products are safe to use alongside your prescription and which should remain off limits.

Increasing the Efficacy of Your Scar Treatment

If you want to get the most out of your scar treatment, the following steps can help you no matter which product you choose:

  • Follow the instructions carefully. Infrequent application of scar creams or a larger amount than what's called for is unlikely to do you or your skin any good.
  • Don't pick at any new or healing blemishes, and don't pop pimples.
  • Apply your scar treatment to clean, dry skin, and avoid rubbing, wetting, or cleansing your skin for at least two hours thereafter.
  • Exfoliate your skin at least twice per week to increase the rate of healing and cell turnover.


Do Scar Treatments Work?