What's the Right Skin Cleanser for Me?

No cleanser is right for everyone. Here's how to find the perfect option for your complexion.

It's hard not to be struck by the dizzying array of cleanser options the average beauty shop presents. Your cleanser is the starting point of your daily skincare ritual, so choosing the right one can get your complexion off to a great start—or prime it for a painful breakout.

Whether you're buying a cleanser for the first time or in the market for a new option, you don't have to be a skincare scientist to make a smart selection. Follow these simple rules, and you'll be on the road to skin-cleansing greatness.


What's the Right Skin Cleanser for Me?


Know Your Skin Type

Choose cleansers for your specific skin type only, since these products are less likely to contain ingredients that exacerbate your complexion complaints. For example, sensitive-skin cleansers such as Kora Organics Cream Cleanser are low in allergens to reduce the risk of irritation.

Not sure of your skin type? Consider the following:

Oily skin tends to become shiny or feel greasy before the day is over. Your pores may be large and clogged, and you might be prone to acne.

Dry skin looks dull, ashy, and flaky. Dry skin is also prone to irritation, so you may find that your skin becomes red or blotchy when you don't moisturise often.

Combination skin may have both oily and dry areas, or may change texture or reactivity with the seasons.

Sensitive skin tends to break out, develop rashes, or burn when you try new products. You may also find that your skin is sensitive to the sun, prone to dryness, and sensitive to temperature changes.

Don't Tackle Too Much at Once

It's tempting to invest in a cleanser that promises to do it all—or to use several different cleansers, alternating throughout the day or week. But too many skincare products or ingredients can irritate even the toughest skin.

Stick with one cleanser, and use it only when your face actually needs to be washed. If you need additional treatments, that's where other products come in handy.


What's the Right Skin Cleanser for Me?


Consider Using Products From the Same Line

Many beauty aficionados happily blend products across skincare lines. Although products from the same line are designed to work well together, it's not mandatory.

But if you have sensitive or reactive skin, using products from the same line may minimise the risk of a reaction for one simple reason. If you find that a specific product doesn't irritate your skin, other products in the line may also be free of the same ingredients.

Cleanse Safely

The way you cleanse can affect your skin almost as much as the cleanser you choose. To cleanse your skin safely and effectively, follow these rules:

  • Only wash your face when you need to remove oil, dirt, or makeup.
  • Use a clean flannel every time you clean your skin.
  • Don't scrub; your cleanser works just fine without force.

Moisturise After Cleansing

Moisturiser is to cleanser as conditioner is to shampoo. Moisturiser restores what the cleanser stripped from your skin and prevents dryness and irritation. asap Moisturising Daily Defence is excellent for most skin types. It contains an SPF to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.

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