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Body & Bath

Luxe Body & Bath
In your fast-paced life, it can be easy to forget to schedule a little me time. Spoil yourself with your very own at-home spa experience, and get ready to relax whilst nourishing and hydrating your skin. Why not go for the full spa experience and escape from reality, setting all your worries at ease? Enjoy a pampering tub soak in the evening, complete with luxurious body cleansers, massage oils, and your favourite bubble bath. Be kind to your skin, cleansing and smoothing it with fragrant soaps and exfoliating scrubs. Then light a fragrant candle for the ultimate relaxation. It's the perfect way to enjoy an hour or two by yourself. Alternatively, add a bit of pampering into your everyday life with divinely scented shower gels and moisturising hand creams. Our Luxe body and bath range offers everything you could possibly want for a bit of indulgence in your life. Treat your skin with the kindest ingredients, and relax your mind with the softest scents. Take both your me time and your everyday life to the next level. Shop our Luxe range to find the most extraordinary products for your bath and body.
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Professional Body & Bath
Create the ultimate pampering spa experience with products from our Professional body and bath range. Using the finest ingredients and classiest scents, our line of full-body skincare not only helps nourish your skin but also relaxes and indulges the mind. Our Professional products can help deliver the perfect manicure and pedicure, with everything you need for precision and efficiency. Start off with one of our hand or foot creams, turning to SPF and shea butter for both protection and nourishment. Prep the nails with scrubs, filing, and cuticle treatments. Then choose from our variety of strengthening base coats. Once the nails are painted, we have a variety of top coats to keep the look in place and give that perfect professional finish. We also offer a wide range of body products, including massage oils, body butters, and scrubs, so you can have the perfect spa experience. Choose one of our fragrant candles for the ultimate indulgence. If you're after a salon-finish self-tanner, we've got some great professional tanners available. You can enjoy flawless results and gorgeous bronze colour without having to go to the salon every time. Our Professionals range of bath and body items is perfect for those who want salon-quality products readily available.
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Essentials Body & Bath
Adding a bit of pampering to your life doesn't have to break the bank. It's more important than anything to indulge in a little me time when you've been working hard. Even switching up some of your everyday essentials will help you enjoy the finer things in life as you bring the spa experience home. Our Essentials range include everything you need to upgrade your bath and body products, so you can pamper yourself whilst sticking to a budget. Switch up your basic shower gels in favour of ones that have deliciously beautiful scents and are kind to the skin. Or change your SPF formula to something a little more soothing. Our Essentials range has you covered. Little changes like changing your hand soap, toothpaste, and body washes can make a huge difference, not only to the nourishment and health of your skin but also to your spirit. Unclutter your mind with some new luxuries. Indulgence doesn't have to be a rare experience that's difficult to afford. Shop our Essentials range to bring a bit of luxury to your everyday life.
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