Cate Blanchett's Secret to Luminous Skin: SK-II Bestsellers and Reviews

SK-II is loved by models, beauty therapists and Hollywood stars. When you make an income out of your appearance, it makes sense to use only the best skincare!

SK-II is loved by models, beauty therapists and Hollywood stars. When you make an income out of your appearance, it makes sense to use only the best skincare! But what about regular people? Thousands of women in both the brand’s native Asia and around the world turn to SK-II to keep their complexion looking flawless.
Join us, as we take a look at what Adore Beauty customers have to say about their top Japanese skincare picks.

SK-II Stempower

SK-II Stempower Reviews


Containing pitera and Siberian ginseng, SK-II Stempower not only moisturises but makes skin more resilient to wrinkles, and firm, too.
Love SK-II – Five stars

“I saw a positive difference in my skin within three days of starting to use this product” – Maggie
Fantastic – Five stars

“I love this whole product range. It is expensive but I think it is worth it. The cream is light and fresh-feeling, non-sticky, and makes my skin feel very soft and smooth.” – Mary
Luxurious – Five stars

“Wow, this cream is amazing; made me feel younger instantly. Beautiful to apply. Very happy with this product and would definitely buy again.” – ddlite
Absolutely love it – Five stars

“This product is amazing; noticeable results in just one week! Skin is even-toned and youthful. Absolutely love it!” – Adore SK-II


SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge Ex


SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge Ex Reviews


When your skin needs daily hydration, make SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX your go-to.
Amazing product – Five stars

“I never liked the stickiness of lotions, but this is great. It makes my skin soooo smooth and jelly-like with just a tiny portion; approximately a grain of rice. It is not oily or sticky. Love it so much.” – Nadia
So amazing – Five stars

“I’ve always had great skin, but it has never looked so fantastic! I have been using this for about a week now and the difference is highly visible. It’s one of the most interesting products I’ve used because it’s like a gel/cream that looks really radiant itself, so it would have to have some amazing effect on the skin. But I’m much more impressed than I thought I would be. I’ve noticed gradual results – irritation has been soothed, skin is hydrated and more luminous… But this morning I noticed that my skin looks much more plump and smooth than it did a week ago. Dare I say it – like a baby’s bottom! I’m convinced it’s worth every dollar. It’s a truly amazing beauty product and a real ‘must have’ for me now.” – Lucrecia
Gorgeous – Five stars

“This product is amazing. It melts into your skin and feels very luxurious. SK-II continues to develop their gorgeous range of products that do what they say they will do. I’m a fan for life.” – Abby


SK-II Clear Lotion Reviews Image

SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion Reviews


Need to fast-track your way to a clean, glowing complexion? Then SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, with its alcohol-free, wipe-off formulation, is for you!
Great product, miracle worker – Five stars

“I have pretty good skin but get a few little break-outs when stressed that are never full blown pimples – just little red spots around my chin area. I hate them and never have been able to fully get rid of them. My skin is normal/dry and any normal breakout creams just dry the area out rather than clearing it up. This product is genius! Within two days, most of the redness had vanished and I now just use two or three times a week to keep break-outs at bay. I barely have any problems and just get so many compliments on my ‘glowing’ skin. Although expensive, a little goes a long way, and it really works! I am now converted to the rest of the SK II range and would recommend using with the cleanser and using the SK II Facial Treatment Essence during the day.”– Courtney
My only product that I use – Five stars

“This is my fourth bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. Yes, although is expensive, it is all worth it. I like how it can improve my skin. I feel so ‘clean’ after using this.” – Cat
Great product for everyone – Five stars

“Great product that clears your pores, keeps them clean and your skin looking fresh and smooth. Definitely very gentle, so great for everyone. I like it because it just takes off any bit of grime or leftover make-up even cleansing. I’ve noticed my skin looking brighter, smoother and clearer. Price is quite expensive but considering how long it lasts (I used a small 30ml bottle for 4 months) then it’s very worth it. I think when it comes to skincare it’s worth investing and this product is really great. You won’t be disappointed with the splurge.” – Chochips
Excellent toner – Five stars

This toner is just excellent. It really helps to keep your skin looking clear and radiant. I had congested, oily skin, but the SK-II range has really improved it. I like to experiment with different brands, but I find I always come back to this one.” – LoveBeauty
This is an excellent toner – Five stars

“I use this toner after cleansing, as it provides a further cleansing action to my skin. I have been using SK-II products for 6 weeks now and have noticed the improvement to my skin tone and texture. I would say about 20% improvement, which is really good, considering I have oily, acne-scarred skin.” – Diana V
Best toner – Five stars

“This is the best toner I’ve used. It’s alcohol-free so it definitely won’t strip your skin and it contains exfoliating ingredients to keep skin looking clear and fresh. It’s expensive but I think it’s worth it; I am loving the whole SK-II range more than I thought possible, and don’t think I can go back from here!” – Celeste


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Reviews


With its unique Pitera essence SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is the key to a luminous, healthy-looking visage.
Love it – Five stars

“Left my skin looking bright and clear. I love this product, my skin feels and looks great.” – Facial Essence
Believe the hype – Five stars

“I’ve wanted to try SK-II for a long time and finally decided to try this product. While it’s definitely expensive, you use 1-2 drops (on the palm of your hand and pressed into your skin) at a time, so it lasts a lot longer than many products out there. In that sense, it’s great value for money, especially when I add up all the products I’ve tried and thrown out after finding they didn’t work with my skin or I didn’t like them!
Using the Facial Treatment Essence on its own has made my skin noticeably softer to the touch and the texture looks finer. This came about after a week or so, but you feel the softness in your skin earlier than that!” – Cat_Lockley
Great product – Five stars

“I love this product. You use it after cleansing and toning your face, and before your moisturiser. Pour a few drops onto your palm and spread over your face, then pat it in. It has an odd smell, not the most pleasant, but you get used to it, and more importantly it works wonders on your skin. Basically it gives my skin a nice, clear, even looking tone. If you’re going to use just one or two products from the SK-II range I would recommend using this one.” – LoveBeauty


SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence



For skin that looks as though it’s lit from within, choose SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence.
Love this – Five stars

“This product is just beautiful! I use this after cleansing, toning, FTE… then I follow with my moisturiser. This serum soaks into my skin very quickly and leaves it feeling silky smooth. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky like some serums do.  In combination with Cellumination Deep Surge Ex, and other SK-II products, my skin is truly becoming luminous, and in the best condition it has probably ever been in my life. Will continue to purchase.” –  LoveBeauty



I would definitely suggest the SK-II Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream:

It's very moisturising but doesn't sit on top of the skin - it absorbs beautifully, so it's suitable for both day and night use.

Alternatively, if you're more on the oily/combination side, I'd recommend the SK-II Facial Lift Emulsion

Which is a very lightweight, fluid type moisturiser.



SK-II don't have any scrubs, however they do have an exfoliating cream. SK-II Skin Refining Treatment is specially formulated to reveal your skin's natural radiance and vitality. Skin Refining Treatment works by softening and lifting away dead skin cells for a fresher, cleaner, more radiant complexion. To be used regularly at night.

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