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Silver Bullet Heat Resistant Glove One Size - Black

4.7 of 35 reviews


4 instalments of $1.63


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4 instalments of $1.63


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Protect hands with the Silver Bullet Heat Resistant Glove. This glove is designed to be worn when working with heat styling tools, including hair straighteners, flat irons, hot rollers and curling irons and tongs. Designed to protect hands for a longer amount of time than bare skin, this glove is not intended for directly touching the source of heat, such as straightening plates.

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4.7 of 35 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I no longer burn my hands when typing my hair so I would call this a win

Most Helpful Criticism



I always use this glove when i use my hair straightener, it protects my hand when the tool gets hot.
  1. Nice


    verified purchaser
    It's a little expensive for just one glove but the material is nice and it's useful.
  2. perfect


    I no longer burn my hands when typing my hair so I would call this a win
  3. Does the job


    verified purchaser
    Fits my hand and stops me from burning myself. Does exactly what it is supposed to, so I'm happy!
  4. Great


    What a great idea. Stops me burning my hands, but it doesn't restrict movement. Such a good price too.
  5. Can't go wrong


    this has saved me for burning so many times, can't go wrong with this one.
  6. A must!!!


    I can't live without these - I burn myself so easily while curling my hair (I'm very clumsy lol) so after first using these I learnt this is the only way for me now. I only wish they were slightly longer as I still sometimes burn my arms
  7. Awesome


    Great for handling hair straighteners that have extreme heat. Has saved me from burning my hands numerous times. I'm very happy with this purchase :)
  8. Useful


    verified purchaser
    Very useful when using hot tools so you don't burn yourself.
  9. Stops me burning myself while curling


    verified purchaser
    So good, I used to always end up with little burns. Not anymore!!
  10. A must have for anyone a little awkward at curling hair


    verified purchaser
    A must have for anyone a little awkward at curling hair. Makes curling a lot faster with confidence you wont burn yourself
  11. too big


    if you have small hands this doesnt work the best as the glove is super loose so makes it harder to grab onto hair. super heat resistant but annoying to use
  12. Heat protection


    Great heat resistant glove, helps keep me protected from the heat when using my curing iron. It does what it claims! Great value.
  13. A must have


    This makes curling hair so much better and less painful lol
  14. Excellent!


    How did I survive all these years without this glove? It makes curling my hair soooo much easier. It's also much better for my small hands than the big glove that comes with the Silver Bullet wand.
  15. Protects you from burnt fingers


    An absolute must for anyone using a curling wand without a clip. It protects your fingers from the heat and you are able to wrap your hair much closer to the styling barrel without worrying. Would definitely recommend
  16. Great for straightening or curling


    It’s a no brainer - this glove stops your hand from burning and is a good fit, easy to wash, love it
  17. heat protective


    it comes in handy when doing your hair especially curls. i used to burn my hands several times while curling but my life became easy after getting this. it protects your hand from the heat coming from strengtheners as well as the curling wands.
  18. For the girls who accidentally burn their hands with the curling iron


    Good for all those girls who continuously burn their hands on the curling iron! Its perfect to use for people with short hair also as the risk of burning your hands is even higher! Great little tool to keep from getting burns before going out.
  19. Very handy


    As someone who’s really bad at doing my own hair I find this so helpful when curling. Burning myself is one less thing I have to worry about when trying to figure out what i’m doing haha
  20. Must have!


    This is a must have and does exactly what it says it does! Great quality and good price!
  21. Does exactly what it should


    Great if you burn your fingers, I bought mine as a precaution but it turns out I don't tend to burn myself snd I find this a bit hard to use when curling. If you are prone to burning your fingers than definitely get this!
  22. Great


    I always tend to burn myself whenever I curl my hair and I am so happy that I invested in this glove because ever since I started using this, I have not burnt myself. So happy!
  23. Recommend for those new to hair curling


    I'm useless at curling my hair and always burning myself so I decided to finally buy myself a heat resistant glove. I would recommend this product for anyone else who burns themselves on their curler or is new to curling their hair
  24. Great product


    Great product that lets me get my hair done faster as I'm not freaked out that I"m going to burn myself. Holds up well under heat, I use it to both curl and straighten and also use it to take out heated curlers
  25. Get the job done quicker


    This glove helps me curl my hair quicker as my hand is protected from the heat of the curler. Still need to be careful not to hold the barrel though.
  26. Life saver (well, hand saver at least!)


    I am completely uncoordinated. I couldn't count on my hands (well, I probably could by the burn scars) how many times I have scorched myself with straightening irons over the years. This magical glove has fixed that problem! So simple an idea, yet very effective.
  27. ok


    I always use this glove when i use my hair straightener, it protects my hand when the tool gets hot.
  28. Great!


    Great for using heated tools, especially a curling wand, makes it easier to grip the tip when it gets too hot
  29. Great idea!


    Life saver, especially when youre in a rush! Perfect for curling your hair, makes it so much easier
  30. Work well for what I need


    These are exactly what I needed to use with a curling iron. They do exactly what they need to.
  31. Great product


    The best when using a curling wand or tongs. Allows you to style without suffering any nasty burns and 100% protects from the heat for short periods.
  32. Great


    Really helps when curling your hair, as your hand does not feel the heat at all - makes the result a lot easier to get!
  33. Fabulous product


    Great heat protecting glove! I have tried a few in my time and this one seems to stay cool the longest. Can touch the wand and hair without burns!

    Highly recommend purchasing with curling irons/ hair straightners
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