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Sigma E75 - Angled Brow Brush

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Sigma E75 - Angled Brow Brush by Sigma Beauty

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With a design that helps you imitate the look of natural brow hairs, Sigma E75 - Angled Brow Brush is a short, stiff angled brush that allows you complete control over how your brows look, from natural to dramatic. Use short, quick sketching movements to fill in your brows where the hair is sparse, or you can use longer drawing motions to map out your ideal brow.


Sigma E75 - Angled Brow Brush is made from a blend of SigmaTech™ Fibers, which are created as a synthetic advancement on traditional animal hair. With high performance filaments and specialised tips to ensure perfect application, your makeup is not absorbed into the brushed but gently placed on the skin.


SigmaTech™ Fibers are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Stronger than animal hair, and created to retain its shape and to maximise durability.

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