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Shhh Silk Silk Lined Shower Cap

4.3 of 36 reviews


4 instalments of $16.25

Or 4 instalments of $16.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $16.25

Or 4 instalments of $16.25 with LEARN MORE

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The smoothness of silk, even when you shower. Shhh Silk Silk Lined Shower Cap helps to reduce the effect of hot showers on your hair, keeping it looking smooth and frizz-free for as long as possible.

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Shhh Silk Silk Lined Shower Cap Reviews

4.3 of 36 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I was a little apprehensive about the price of this shower cap, but its fantastic, a year on and still looks fabulous, and keeps my hair super dry

Most Helpful Criticism

Crazy expensive but awesome!


This is the best shower cap EVER. No doubt whatsoever. It’s just super crazy expensive. At the end, it’s just a shower cap.
I love mine anyway and I am happy for being crazy enough to have spent $60 for it!!


    I was a little apprehensive about the price of this shower cap, but its fantastic, a year on and still looks fabulous, and keeps my hair super dry
  2. Pretty good not great


    verified purchaser
    I like how big this shower cap is - definitely fits all my hair! Also the silk lines rim is really comfortable and much nice than plain elastic...not sure how well this maintains my blow out, but it is nice to use.
  3. Very Disappointed


    I had very high hopes with this product as the reviews seemed to be mostly positive and the price tag was high which I assumed was for good reason. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the best experience with this shower cap - I put it on as instructed (over the ears) and have tried behind the ears, but I still get a pool of water in the back of the shower cap and the edges of the cap get saturated which...
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  4. usefull but boring


    It is huge so if you have a long hair it will fit in it easily, the downside is it is too bland black with no color, when my partner saw it he didnt think I had paid a lot for such an ugly thing, lol. I dont mind inside to be black which means my grey hair coverage sprays wont stain it, however the exterior looks like a thick plastic which is not luxurious. maybe a bit of color or design would mak...
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  5. Brilliant for long hair!


    Easily covers my waist length hair! Can even wear my hair in a bun and it still be covered! Good quality, highly recommend.
  6. Too big


    verified purchaser
    I'd been eyeing this off for ages, and finally decided to purchased it. It's a beautiful shower cap, and much better at keeping my hair dry that my previous cap, but it seems unnecessarily large which takes some of the luxury of the item away.
  7. Fabulous Hair Everyday


    I was a little hesitant initially as the cost seemed quite high for something I just wear in the shower but I am so glad I ordered this as it has changed my mornings!

    I have hair which is particularly prone to frizzing at the slightest hint of moisture and went flat and lank when I used other shower caps but this cap protects it and means my hair is still silky and largely frizz free ...
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  8. Best showercap yet


    My hair has gotten thinner and more fuzzy as I've gotten older (I'm 30), and I was gifted a Shh! Silk pilowcase last year that made a huge difference to the sleekness of my hair. When my Louvelle shower turban went missing after I moved house, I went back to the $2 version. Neither were great actually. My Louvelle looked a lot more stylish but always got water into my hair around my forehead & the...
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  9. Worth it!


    Was a bit hesitant about buying a shower cap for $65 but I am glad I went through with it! It fits all my hair and no water gets in, keeping my hair dry! Leaves my hair feeling soft afterwards, I am obsessed! Will never look back!
  10. Feels luxe but lets water in everytime


    I lusted after this for so long after all the reviews and finally purchased one. I don't know if I'm doing this right but everytime, without fail.. water seeps in to the point where the shower cap feels super damp on the inside, not to mention that my hair is wet and defeats the purpose of it. Maybe I got a faulty one? Maybe I don't know how to wear it properly (how many different ways can you po...
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  11. Best Shower Cap


    This is the best shower cap I've used. Keeps water out. Keeps hair soft and oil free, without humidity. Only negative is the cap part is really huge, not designed for short hair. They should 2 sizes.
  12. Spoil yourself!


    Beautiful, good quality product. Large size so can fit all your hair even if clipped up etc. Soft elastic edges. Has bee lovely to use so far
  13. Silk shower cap


    Expensive for a shower cap but luxurious to use, keeps water out when showering and keeps hair dry. Soft luxurious silk.
  14. Reduces frizz but too big for me


    I definitely love the way this shower cap leaves my hair feeling, soft and without frizz. My only complaint would be that although it fits okay around my face, the cap itself is way too big for my hair. Would suit someone with voluminous hair or protecting an up-do!
  15. WOW


    I love putting a serum in my hair, putting this cap on and when i take it off, my hair feels like silk
  16. Kinda worth it


    I love my silk wrap. Yes it’s crazy expensive and yes you probably don’t need it! But I feel so luxurious and pampered when I wear mine, it feels beautiful against my hair and skin and most of all it protects my hair from getting wet! Lol
  17. Awesome way to keep your hair dry


    Very pricey but seriously worth it. Keeps all of your hair in and really stops it from getting wet.
  18. Absolutely best shower cap I have ever used!


    I have used a Louvelle shower turban for years however while it looks pretty, I found that it sits too low on my forehead so I couldn't cleanse my face up to my hairline easily and that it leaves an indentation on my forehead. The Shhh silk lined shower cap is completely water tight however can be easily moved so you are able to cleanse your whole face to hairline and leaves no indentation at all!...
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  19. Did I just pay $64 for a shower cap?


    Yes, I did and I don't regret it. My fear of using shower caps comes from those yucky plastic ones that AREN'T waterproof and have terrible coverage (particularly if you have long hair), leaving your hair soggy or squashed and curls forever ruined. This one is a game changer. My curls are the same before and after using it and absolutely no water gets in! Perfect!
  20. A new must have that I never knew I needed!


    Being a big Shhh Silk Pillowcase fan, I came across the shower cap whilst browsing the pillowcases yet again. After reading numerous positive reviews, mainly entailing the lack of frizzy dampness of your hair after use, I had to try it. Given my super fine hair, and how quickly it loses its style post blow wave, and particularly after showering with a normal shower cap, I am seriously blown away! ...
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  21. Boujee BFF


    Best on the market! Worth the price cost per wear no doubt about it
  22. Effective


    This shower cap really helps to keep my hair dry during shower. Definitely amazing.
  23. Good at stopping frizz


    After using this shower cap you can see the water spray on it, which normally would be getting on my hair, which is how it stops the frizz. It is much better quality that a plastic cap that you end up ripping a hole in and this one actually makes you want to bother to use it.
  24. A great product!


    Such a good shower cap to protect your hair from the heat and keep your hair nice if you’ve just styled it!
  25. Not Life Changing


    Was hopeful to try this after reviews and the featured blog post but after using it for a few weeks I didn’t find it helped with reducing frizz or prolonging my hairstyle after showering any more than a regular shower cap. It is decently sized and feels luxe but would I repurchase it? Probably not
  26. Still waiting for results but good coverage of my hair


    Bought this a week ago and still waiting to see any change on my hair as it's probably too early to tell. However it's a good size and quite durable. Seems to dry fairly quickly and stay in shape even in the wash. Possibly slightly overpriced but it is silk... will keep using to see if there are any improvements on my hair


    I washed my hair yesterday and received my shower cap today, so I tried it out in the shower straight away, I must say I am very pleased with the cap, my hair was the same after the shower, it wasn’t damp like it would be with a normal shower cap, I would highly recommend this shower cap, it’s worth paying the extra for it.
  28. Crazy expensive but awesome!


    This is the best shower cap EVER. No doubt whatsoever. It’s just super crazy expensive. At the end, it’s just a shower cap.
    I love mine anyway and I am happy for being crazy enough to have spent $60 for it!!
  29. works great


    This really helps keep my hair away from water and steam which is great particularly after getting it styled. I wish it came in more colours though!
  30. Never using a normal shower cap again


    Omg I can’t believe I didn’t start using this sooner! I sleep on a silk pillow case which prevents frizz overnight, but when paired with the shower cap...my blow dried hair looks the same the entire week! I used to dampen my hair every morning and blow dry the frizziness down before I came across both of these.
  31. I can’t imagine going back!


    I bought this after my friends raved about it and it such a great idea. It makes my blow outs look amazing for much longer. Once you buy you will never go back
  32. Must have.


    This is so good! I have super long hair and hate clipping it up to have a shower if I don’t want my hair to get wet it goes frizzy by the time I get out! This cap is so gentle and protects my hair from any water, my hair is still super straight and smooth when I get out of the shower.
  33. Such an innovative idea!!


    Absolutely love this shower cap! So much nicer on your hair than the standard ones you can buy from the dollar stores! If you love silk masks and their silk scrunchies - you will love this!
  34. Didn’t know I needed this until I bought it!


    So glad I bought this shower cap and a little annoyed at myself that I didn’t buy it sooner to be honest! I didn’t even realize shower caps were still a think until my hair dresser told me to get one. I have long and very frizzy hair and this has done wonders for me! So much less frizz in between washes and keeps away any accidental spray from the shower. My 6 year old daughter has even tried to c...
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  35. Game changer!


    My hair isn't super oily so I can get away with a few days without washing - unfortunately though, I find my hair goes super frizzy if I shower without a cap. I LOVE this shower cap - not only is it made to last, but the silk inside also protects my hair from going frizzy so it's still perfectly in place when I step out of the shower. This cap is well worth the investment, and it's much better tha...
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