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Shhh Silk Oversized Silk Scrunchie

4.6 of 35 reviews


$7.25 x 4

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$7.25 x 4

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Shhh Silk Oversized Silk Scrunchie

Shhh Silk Oversized Silk Scrunchie

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4.6 of 35 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Protects hair
I use this every night great for sleeping in a pineapple style doesn’t crush your hair.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice scrunchie
Feels good in my hair and looks nice
  1. Protects hair

    I use this every night great for sleeping in a pineapple style doesn’t crush your hair.
  2. Obsessed!!!

    I love a good scrunchie and was so excited to try a silk one to see how much of a difference it would make and i am truly obsessed! It is quite large but i love that so i can wrap it around my hair quite a few times. Definitely worth the price!
  3. Nice scrunchie

    Feels good in my hair and looks nice
  4. Lovely and Soft

    Best scrunchie really good material and doesn't leave kinks in my hair. Is very big for thin hair.
  5. Keeps hair soft

    Love this! Wear it all day long at home, it lives on my bedside table and doesn't get stuck of pull at my hair ever. Its quite big but I like that I can wrap my hair around it and only have my hair touching silk. A lot less breakage and I love that it's so big so I don't misplace it l like other hair bands
  6. Great scrunchies!

    Lovely scrunchies! I love the silk and I use mine everyday. I love using it to tie my hair back while I sleep. A little bit expensive but apart from that I would recommend
  7. Good for home

    This is good to put your hair up if you don’t want it to leave any kinks. My hair is quite short so it makes it look very bulky when tied low. I wouldn’t wear it out because it doesn’t look cute on me. But for the purpose of putting back your hair while sleeping or lounging at home, it’s great.
  8. Loving the scrunchie

    Recently I purchased the silk scrunchie and I love it I use it all the time and I have people comment and say my hair looked nicer and it got a more silky look to it so now i love it.
  9. No kinks

    I love the fact I can have this scrunchie in my hair at night and not have my hair in my face. It allows me to sleep with minimal to no kinks... depending how I wear it.
  10. Love it

    I love this scrunchie and how big it is! I can make the perfect bun with this one!
  11. Time saver

    This has saved me so much time in the mornings because I always had to get out kinks with a straightener but this scrunchy gives me no bobble lines!
  12. High quality and great packaging

    This scrunchie feels high quality and arrived in a beautiful packet. It is very large so please go look at the companies photos and decide whether you want a scrunchie that big. I have collarbone length fine hair and this scrunchie wraps around my ponytail 3 times.
  13. Silk Heaven

    Being a silk addict & using a silk pillowcase for years how can you go wrong with a silk scrunchie!The large size is lovely!I bought one for my daughter that has more hair on her head then 3 people!And one for myself I have almost waist length hair & when I put my hair up with this it felt almost weightless!I have since bought 6 more for the girls in my family!They are addictive.Id recommend gentle hand wash & very cool iron to bring back to their fabulous shape!
  14. Not as versatile as I thought

    This silk scrunchie was purchased to tie my long hair back during night time cleansing and to sleep in. I prefer to use a soft fabric hair band for night time make up removal that holds my fringe back and I think my silk pillow is more effective to keep my hair smooth and soft.
    I have given it to my daughter who uses it day and night. She is a satisfied customer. Just not for me Im afraid
  15. Overall good!

    Very large- but good! As long as it lasts and keeps its shape (has so far) then I think it's worth it.
  16. Perfect scrunchie

    Loveee this scrunchie! Had my eye on it for a while and finally decided to buy it. Looks so cute when up in a high pony tail and feels soft and gentle on my hair. Will be buying other colours!!
  17. No more hair tie lines

    Great to tie up hair before bed, so no lines in the morning, but it is HUGE. Found that if I twisted it, it didn't look so volumous but then you ruin the smoothness and overall usefulness of this. I should have ordered the smaller version. Would not wear out as very 1980's look, but hey if that's what you are after......
  18. Luxe Scrunchie

    I love this scrunchie it does what it claims.. No kinks and helps to protect my hair from breakage when I want to have it up and because I have fine hair this is important.. It is large and I have just below shoulder hair and works well on my length or longer hair..I purchased black and will be repurchasing in pink...
  19. Super cute!

    Adorable luxurious scrunchie! Beautiful purple colour! Keeps hair up and snag free!
  20. Beware - very oversized

    Beautiful scrunchie. Very soft and doesn't leave any marks on my hair. BUT... It's massive. I have very fine, short hair. Probably would be better for those with thick, long or curly hair. However, I will still get good use out of it.
  21. Love my new favourite scrunchie!

    This is fantastic! I love using it to tie up my hair into a messy bun when I’m at home or getting washed up.
    I got it in black so I can wear it out also.
    It’s large enough that you can comfortably tie your hair up without it pulling or being uncomfortable.
    The silk stops it from snagging and causing harsh kinks.
    Absolutely worth the money and I can’t wait to buy some more in the colours!
  22. Love the silk, would prefer a smaller scruchie

    Silly me didn’t realise this was an oversized scrunchie so was a bit shocked at how big it was...completely my own fault :). Still comfortable to wear in my hair so happy about that. Just wish it came in a smaller size.
  23. LOVE IT

    I have all four colours and I love every single one
  24. Love it!

    Absolutely love this scrunchie! Since receiving it I have worn it every day I have thin fine hair and am always left with a 'hair tie mark' so thought I'd give this a go, no matter how tight I have the scrunchie I am left with no marks! It's definitely worth the price tag
  25. Cute and Comfy!

    Admittedly, I now own 3 ;) I have rather thick, wavy curl mixed hair that's pretty heat damaged, so it tends to kink very easily with hair ties. These scrunchies are perfect for wearing out and sleeping in! Only thing i'm a little disappointed about is it 'scrunches' up and wrinkled after a couple days, losing its flat oversized look out of the box. Just have to lay it out flat for a couple days and its good again.
  26. It’s HUGE

    Okay, I know it says ‘oversized’ in the description, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this big! I’m surprised none of the other reviewers have mentioned it. I have A LOT of long thick hair and this looks big in it - I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for shorter/fine hair. That said, it is well made and feels comfortable.
  27. So Cute And Soft

    Perfect, keeps my very dry, curly hair soft and I don't wake up with mega frizz.
    And the pink one is so cute, I would happily wear it in the daytime too.
  28. Gorgeous soft scrunchie

    I LOVE this scrunchie.. and it is worth every dollar I paid for it! I bought it in Black and I've been wearing it everyday since I received it.

    It features a beautiful soft and cool silk. It has enough elastic strength to keep my hair up in a ponytail or bun but it's comfortable enough to avoid the dreaded tension I get with regular hair ties.

    The big plus is the beautiful silk. I keep my hair loosely tied and there is hardly any kink noticed. On top of this, my scalp doesn't hurt.

    I wear it to keep my hair up when I shower, I wear it around the house and I've even worn it to work. I've had a lot of positive comments :)

    Highly recommended!
  29. Prevents hair damage and keeps hair under control

    I love this product! I have mid length hair that is easily damaged with heat tools. I try to avoid styling with these as much as possible. Wearing the scrunchie overnight helps to prolong my hair style, and saves my hair from further damage and gives me extra time in the morning. A worthwhile investment.
  30. Good for hair

    Feels amazing, doesn't catch or snag. No creases, great colours.
  31. love!

    I wear this all the time at home but the best part is wearing it t bed as there's no dent or breakage in the morning!!! My only gripe is that it doesn't come in black so I can wear it during the day as well.
  32. So good!

    I use this scunchie constantly at home, if I have my hair done I can just lightly put it up and it doesn't change the shape of my hair at all. Definitely worth the price tag, I've been looking for so long for something that can keep my hair out of my face without damaging it.
  33. luscious

    yes this is expensive for just 1 scrunchie i do agree, BUT it is such nice quality, doesn't rip your hair out, i use when im washing my face morning and night to pull my hair back and just when im going out and cant be bothered doing my hair, very cute
  34. Love!

    Its an expensive scrunchie but the quality is worth it! Doesn't pull or tug on your hair but stays put. I use this morning/night when i wash my face and do my skincare routine and even just around the house when i want my hair out of the way. Highly recommend!
  35. So luxurious

    I love using this when I’m doing my morning and night routine and when I just want to quickly put my hair up. It’s so comfortable and does not pull at all. Very expensive but will last you a long time!
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