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They make at-home IPL machines, you see, and they’re keen to help you throw out your razors and cancel your wax appointments. The convenience factor is high, and so is the reward. We’re talking permanent hair removal without salon appointments. Great stuff.


What is IPL?


Honestly, great place to start. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it’s a process by which hair growth can be permanently reduced. If you’ve ever had laser hair removal, it’s along the same lines. Essentially, light waves are directed at the hair, where the dark pigment absorbs them. This damages the follicle, and over time, means each individual hair stops growing.


Because you’ll have hairs at different stages of the growth cycle, repeat treatments are necessary, but over time, you’ll see a real reduction. Think of it as a long game - you’ll be done with waxing appointments before you know it.


The other thing to note is that because IPL works by targeting dark pigment cells, it won’t work for people with very deep skin tones, or for people with very fair hair.


How do I use the Selfie Skin At-Home IPL Handset?


The first thing you want to do is read all the safety instructions in the packaging. This handset is safe to use, but you need to use it correctly to avoid any risk to your delicate skin. It’s also a good idea to do a patch test, before you commit to a whole treatment, so you can see how your skin reacts.


You’ll also want to avoid any dark freckles or moles, and make sure you’re not sunburned or tanned. Fake tan will need to be removed.


If you’ve ever had laser hair removal in a salon, the process is a little bit like that (but less painful). Start by shaving the area you’re looking to work on, and make sure your skin is clean and dry.


Then, using a lower setting to start with, place the handset flat on your skin and press the button to activate the light. Repeat until you’ve treated the whole area, and apply a nice calming moisturiser. Be sure to gently but thoroughly exfoliate the treatment area, but not on the days before or after you use the device.


Repeat weekly for 12 weeks to get the full result, and then monthly for three months. After this, you should have a pretty hairless situation going on, and can just use the handset every few months to top up. Easy.


Can you use home IPL for a Brazilian?


You sure can. Home IPL machines like the Selfie Skin are ideal for dealing with pubic hair in the privacy of your own bathroom. Just make sure you follow all the safety instructions.


Can you use IPL on tattoos?


This one’s a no, unfortunately. Tattoo removal lasers don’t work exactly the same as IPL machines, but they’re not miles away, so you’ll want to give any tattoos a wide berth. We repeat: do not attempt to remove your own tattoos at home.


Does IPL get rid of hair permanently?


Will you hate us if we say ‘it depends’? Different people react differently to IPL, with some finding it extremely effective right away and some needing a little bit more persistence. It does work, but you need to stick with it. Selfie Skin recommends carrying on using their handset once a month or so in order to keep on top of any growth that might be determined to come back. One thing is clear: you will see results.

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Everything You Need to Know About IPL Hair Removal at Home

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