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Schmidt's Deodorant - Fragrance Free by Schmidt's Natural Deodorants


Schmidt's Deodorant - Fragrance Free allows you to enjoy the best-selling, gentle and effective formula of Schmidt's Deodorant without any scent.  Perfect if you prefer to wear deodorant in conjunction to another scent, or for those with sensitivities.


Schmidt's Deodorant is an all natural formula that is both effective and good for you! Underarm odour is neutralised, with the natural antiseptic properties of Schmidt's Deodorant. Free from aluminium, free from crystals, yet keeps you fresh and does not block your sweat glands.

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Schmidt's Deodorant - Fragrance Free Review - 21-06-2016 by

Let me just say that I generally alternate between anti-perspirant deodorant and more natural ones – mostly throughout the week I use a natural roll on. I wasn't too sure about how I felt about this product being in a pot, I found it helps a lot and reduces mess and waste ifyou use a little cosmetic spatula.

It’s freezing in Melbourne at the moment so I did find it a bit tough to get it warmed up enough to use, but on skin contact it warmed up and became easy to apply.

This fragrance free version has a vague scent but nothing strong or lingering, just of natural oils. It was a balmy texture, slightly grainy – but it didn’t feel like anything throughout the day. Definitely different to the roll on I’m used to but it was comfortable.

How embarassing - this weekend I had a study binge and accidentally wore it without reapplying for nearly two days straight…. oops! Just as well though it meant I got to give Schmidt’s a good run. Happily though there was no problem at all – to be honest, I wasn’t confident that it would last the two days but it really did.

Great product but after 3 weeks had a skin reaction - 04-01-2016 by

This is a great product, fragrance free, easy to apply, and no BO. However, after using for 3 weeks, I developed skin reaction to the deodorant, probably the bicarb soda in the ingredients.. Such a shame, as I thought I had finally found a good natural deodorant. However, if you do not react to bicarb soda, give it a go, as it is very effective.

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