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Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment 100ml

4.3 of 85 reviews


4 instalments of $14.23

Or 4 instalments of $14.23 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $14.23

Or 4 instalments of $14.23 with LEARN MORE

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This 3-in-1 miracle worker aims to exfoliate, resurface and detox skin, all in one simple application. Spotlighting their hero ingredient- Australian Pink Clay - this mask is designed as a powerful magnet to draw out impurities, excess oil, toxins and pollution deep within the skin, promoting a clear, bright complexion. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

What customers say

GREAT - 79% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment Reviews

4.3 of 85 reviews

79% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

really nice


really nice and gentle on my skin compared to other exfoliaters

Most Helpful Criticism



It did the job that a $10 exfoliant could do. I couldn't use it more than once a week or I would experience extreme irritation, my skin was always quite soft afterward but I didn't see any change in my texture or scarring.
  1. Quite nice


    A nice scrub if your skin is tougher than normal, if you have fine skin or very sensitive skin, be careful and exfoliate very gently. It is quite gritty, good on oilier areas.
  2. really nice


    really nice and gentle on my skin compared to other exfoliaters
  3. Overhyped


    It did the job that a $10 exfoliant could do. I couldn't use it more than once a week or I would experience extreme irritation, my skin was always quite soft afterward but I didn't see any change in my texture or scarring.
  4. nice but harsh


    Got this as a sample and it definitely is really good. it's a little harsh as it's physical scrub but I still think it's really good. It's not my absolute fave though. If you have a oily skin I think you will love this
  5. Best scrub


    This scrub is my favourite. I like that it’s got natural ingredients. I don’t find this one too grainy or hard on my skin and it keeps it feeling smooth and clean.
  6. Too rough


    I have received a sample of this and I'm so glad I didn't waste money on purchasing a full-size product.
    I found it to rough for my skin, it felt like the granules are scratching me. The result wasn't so great either, definitely nothing like all the ads claim it to be.
    There are much better exfoliators out there.
  7. Lovely face mask


    A great face mask! Love it
  8. My go-to


    I won’t be using any other product now I own this. Both the mask and the exfoliating mask are amazing.
    My skin has been so clear and acne free since using this. I highly recommend this!
  9. Overrated


    This is so expensive for a basic scrub. It leaves the skin feeling smooth (as do all other scrubs) but also irritates my skin and makes it burn slightly. I will not be repurchasing.
  10. Smells and feels great!


    This is definitely an exfoliator worth trying.

    It is packed with great ingredients, feels nice on the skin, and does not feel too harsh or coarse. It leaves my skin feeling clean, but also without the effects of being overly dry.
  11. Good


    Good product, but not my favorite. Got this as a sample and it was nice enough but not as luxurious as I would expect for the price.
  12. Great

    Theresa Green

    I used this exfoliant as a Sample and was very impressed. The small beads were thorough and didn't hurt your face at all. I always apply exfoliant to a damp face but miss eye area completely. Your skin always looks and feels better after rinsing off the exfoliant.
  13. Creamy


    I really enjoyed using this, it's creamy and not to harsh on the skin. Sometimes I do get sore acne, and break out, but didn't find this to rough. The only downfall for me, was getting an overpowering aniseed smell, and I'm not sure why, because there doesn't seem to be anything like that in the ingredients. But, that's probably the only thing preventing me repurchasing
  14. Not drying


    I’m really pleasantly surprised how hydrating this treatment is. The grains are a bit coarse though so if you have sensitive skin, don’t use too much pressure and when rinsing make sure to use lots of water. Overall really lovely. I prefer morning use vs before bedtime because I love how it preps my skin for my morning routine plus gives it a nice bright look that’s too pretty to waste by going...
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  15. A favourite of mine


    Everytime I use this I feel so special. It makes my skin look and feel great, it’s so much more brighter and clearer since I’ve added this into my routine
  16. Will be purchasing !


    Got a sample size for free with my order and fell in love with this. Left my skin feeling amazing and visibly clearer and brighter. Will definitely be purchasing a full size product.
  17. Good but may be harsh for sensitive skin


    My skin is slightly sensitive and I feel disappointed that it did not like this product. It smelt great and fresh and really felt like it cleans my pores but I may have scrubbed too much. If you have sensitive skin try avoiding scrubbing too much.
  18. Perfect combo with the mask


    I have been using the sand and sky mask for a while without the exfoliating treatment, i can't believe how much difference the exfoliating treatment makes. My skin feels soft and glowy immediately after use!


    I do use this with the facial scrub but this alone has my skin feeling fresh and clean. Super amazing product, even works with sensitive skin.
    I have oily aging skin with acne and it helps it all. Skin feels youthful and has settled down the acne, even helped with some scaring. BUY THIS PRODUCT! I wish I bought it sooner.
  20. Love it


    Love this exfoliator. Have bought it a couple of times now along with the mask. My skin feels very soft and smooth after use. Also love the smell :)
  21. LOVE this brand


    This has a really luxurious texture and I looked forward to using it! :) Really great once a week treat and the full sized bottle would last months and months!
  22. Best exfoliator


    This product is one of my favourite exfoliates. My skin feels so soft and looks smooth and glowy after.
  23. Amazing product


    This is one of my favourite exfoliating products. It leaves my skin feeling super fresh, soft and glowy.
  24. Amazing Results


    I won’t be using any other product now I own this. Both the mask and the exfoliating mask are amazing.
    My skin has been so clear and acne free since using this. I highly recommend this!
  25. Best physical exfoliant I’ve ever used


    This is the best (and only) physical exfoliant I would recommend to anyone. I use it gently as my skin is prone to breaking capillaries but the clay formula works wonders for tightening pores and leaving my face as smooth and clean as can be. I apply at the beginning of my shower and leave to set into my skin until rinsing at the end of the shower and always love the results. It also smells lovely...
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  26. Overhyped


    My skin concerns: oily textured skin with active acne, blemishes and scars
    I have been using the product about once a week for 2 months and haven't noticed much difference in preventing breakouts or improvement with texture. I have used cheaper products that got rid of my blackheads better. I wouldn't repurchase due to the price and it didn't make much of a difference to my skin. I do recomm...
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  27. Great for texture


    I had some texture on each side of my cheeks and I felt that this really help with that as well as decongesting my skin overall.
  28. Not great


    Decent but don’t think it’s anything overly special. It’s okay! I don’t use it much because I have some others I like more.
  29. The best think for acne


    I absolutely loved this exfoliating treatment it has seriously changed my skin and reduced the severity of my breakouts and scarring!
  30. Okay, but nothing special


    I was disappointed by this product. It's an okay scrub, and does the job, but it isn't as excellent as I'd been led to believe by the testimonials I'd seen on social media. It's definitely a product that over promises and under delivers.
  31. A no from me


    A little over hyped. I gave this a go a long with the mask and it honestly isn’t that impressive. Super steep price aswell! Not for me unfortunately.
  32. Natural exfoliator


    The product has a clay appearance and the natural bamboo and macadamia seed particles are visible. The scent of the product is very natural and nutty.

    I applied the product to my face and neck, gently massaging it in, when I first hopped in the shower. I left it on my skin while I shampooed my hair etc. I noticed some tingling sensations around sensitive areas like the nose/nostrils. ...
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  33. Incredible!


    Got this as a gift with my purchase and I’m obsessed! Definitely worth the hype!
  34. Once a week treat!


    I received a 10ml sample of this lovely exfoliant! I got 3 uses out of it and it left my skin silky smooth each time! It has a really luxurious texture and I looked forward to using it! :) Really great once a week treat and the full sized bottle would last months and months!
  35. Works Great, but Stinks


    I've had acne flaring up over the last couple of months, and have really been struggling to find something to help. I actually started to see improvement after I started using this, which felt like a miracle. It hasn't been to rough on my skin either. The only thing that has got me questioning whether I want to buy it again, is the smell! It's got a really strong smell of licorice/aniseed, which I...
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  36. Nice but not a stand out


    This is a nice exfoliator, leave skins feeling smooth and I enjoy feeling the exfoliation with the little beads. This is not a stand out for me though - I have oily skin and it didn't do anything out of the ordinary for me, and I would expect for the price that it would be a stand out.
  37. Great weekly exfoliator or for an at home facial


    I received a sample of this when I purchased the clay mask. It was enough to make me purchase the full size. I have combination skin and am prone to hormonal breakouts. This leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed but doesn’t over exfoliate. I have this in rotation of my weekly beauty routine but only use it once a week at night because I use liquid gold too. I find this is especially good as ...
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  38. Okay


    I usually prefer chemical exfoliants over physical ones but this isnt too harsh. I use once a week and it makes my skin feel smooth
  39. Exfoliates well but too pricey


    I found this really deep cleaned my skin and left it feeling super smooth. It is very grainy so may not be suitable for those with very sensitive skin. It is a little overpriced for regular use so i’m not sure i’ll be purchasing this again.
  40. Love it


    Got this as a purchase gift and I really like it. Leaves my mixed skin super clean. I use this and then the clay.
  41. wow, just wow.


    if I could purchase a million of these i would, works perfectly to keep my skin clear and glowing while leaving it still soft and subtle.

    only issue is the price
  42. Great but expensive


    Really good exfoliater! Good for before applying make up
  43. Very good brand


    So far, all that I tried from Sand&Sky is beautiful. I uses once a week as a mask and makes my skin glow for whole week. Since it’s Australian product, easily trustable. I recommend every house should have it. Use any time you like.
  44. Amazing exfoliator!


    This has got to be the best exfoliator I've used! I got a tiny tester tube after I used this face mask and loved it. I was so impressed. I am not normally a face exfoliator person because I always find them to leave my face feeling very greasy, not exfoliating enough, or exfoliating too much and leaving my face very rough and red. This was perfect. It exfoliated so well, and didn't leave my face g...
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  45. Gets rid of impurities and leaves skin glowing


    I love using this in the AM prior to makeup application, it just clears your complexion so your makeup sits better. I have fine lines and post acne marks and this exfoliator is reducing them! It also gets rid of any white heads that pop up on my nose. I haven’t had any break outs since switching to this exfoliator. It’s pricey but you don’t need much. Also works well just leaving it to sit on the ...
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  46. Nice product but expensive


    This is nice for prepping for makeup for a night out but as a regular exfoliater I found it is overpriced for what it is. If you want to see a difference in skin go the sand and sky make and skip this one
  47. Rough exfoliator


    I received a sample size of this product and will not purchase. It's a very gritty exfoliant and felt too rough on my skin. I also felt like it left a residue/coating on my skin which might be why they claim it makes your makeup go on more smoothly.
    I have not used it long enough to comment on it's long term effects.
  48. Disappointing


    I was excited to try this hyped brand but this exfoliator was really underwhelming. It is extremely coarse and grainy, making it very uncomfortable to use. I noticed after using it I still had dry flakes of skin, so overall it's not very effective.
  49. Gentle yet effective. Splurge!


    I'm more of a chemical exfoliant type of gal but this felt pretty nice. It feels gentle, not too abrasive and leaves skin feeling smooth but not dry. It is not a necessity in my regime. If I am going to wash away a product I prefer for it to be cheaper but for those who don't mind this is a nice splurge for your routine.
  50. Not too bad


    I have only used this once, but my skin felt pretty good afterwards and the next day. I have the mask, but haven't tried it yet.
    Not sure if I'd spend the money again, but will see after I have used it a bit more
  51. Pricey but worth it


    If you don't mind splashing out a little bit on your skincare then I would recommend this product! It lives up to the hype, leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and doesn't have a bad smell.
  52. Didn’t agree with my skin


    I really wanted to love this as I’m a huge fan of the mask but something in it just didn’t agree with my skin and it caused a lot of redness and irritation, especially around the nose area.
  53. Not sure it’s worth the hype


    I have almost finished my tube of this, so I’ve definitely used it enough to get the full spectrum of its effectiveness. My partner and I keep it in the shower and both use it every few days, alternating with the Hunter stick cleanser. We both have felt more squeaky clean after the cleanser than after this. While the exfoliant does feel good for the little bumps on our noses, I’m just not sure it’...
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  54. great product!


    I highly recommend this for oily skin! It decongests and dries out the skin while smoothing and removing impurities! Minusing one star as it's expensive with not much product
  55. Lives up to hype


    Was pleasantly surprised how good this scrub is. Lovely texture and makes my skin feel amazing afterwards. Did cause a breakout post use, which means it was doing its job!
  56. Didn't really do anything.


    I am a huge fan of their mask so was excited to try this but found it hugely disappointing. It didn't feel like it had exfoliated my skin, my pores looked the same, my face felt tight and dry afterwards and even a bit flakey in spots. I try not to be a waster and so persevered with it but the more I used it, the drier my skin got. I'm sticking to their original mask which I love love love.
  57. I liked it


    I prefer this exfoliator to the original mask, perfect if you have an event the next day and need a smooth face.
  58. Fantastic product A+


    I love this product so much. This is my third time buying it. I use it more as an exfoliate than an exfoliation mask as I use it when I'm in the shower. My skin feels soft straight after use but after a few minutes, my skins gets a little dry. I use the Antipodes Avocado oil and the combination on my dry skin is fantastic.

    this product means that my makeup goes on much smoother and if...
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  59. Mattified and radiant skin immediately after first use!


    I love this product. I have been a fan of the clay mask for some time now and after trying the exfoliator, I was not disappointed. After applying on wet skin, I could feel the ingredients activate and the smell of the product was fruity and pleasant and not strong an artificial like other products. My skin felt fresh and smooth afterwards, reducing the appearance of my pours and adding a glow to i...
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  60. Great product


    Fantastic exfoliate, I use it twice a week and it really has helped with my breakouts. 100% be buying again
  61. My skin is better for it


    I love an exfoliator and this is one that gets used often by me. My skin feels soft straight after and looks much clearer in the days after. I use it when my skin needs a pick me up and it really works quick.
  62. Smooth skin


    I got this as a sample ages ago and have been dying to buy it ever since.
    I get pimples really really easily so when I find a product that can exfoliate me and not make me break out 2 days later I'm always excited!!
    It smells kind of herbal but you get used to it and it makes my cheeks feel super soft every time I use it. Would recommend.
  63. Overhyped


    I wish I could like this product but I just don't see the hype around it. It is so expensive and it didn't do its job. I have sensitive, dry/dehydrated skin and this didn't do anything for me except sting my skin. It was a little harsh because of the grains.
  64. I can't live without this!


    I LOVE this product! It makes my skin look and feel amazing, soft and glowy! Whenever I use it before applying makeup, I get so many compliments on how great my skin looks! I will forever buy this
  65. Scrub your way to softness


    I have very pale skin, so dullness can become quickly obvious! I also get the occasional breakout now and then, so I was on the lookout for a scrub that could help with a deep cleanse and rejuvenation of my skin. I tried this scrub after falling in love with the Sand&Sky mask, and I was not disappointed! This was quick to clear and soften my skin, while not being at all irritating or overly abrasi...
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  66. Fantastic results but expensive


    I love this product and use it twice a week and will always use it before I apply makeup for an event or party as it makes makeup application a lot smoother. I think that it is probably too expensive for what it is and I think that there are a lot of other masks with the same ingredients for a lot cheaper.
  67. It's good but...


    WAY too expensive guys! There are so many good Australian clay masks out there on the market that are not this pricey but still great quality. Not sure why they are charging so much when the main ingredient (Kaolin clay) is SO cheap to buy.

    Buy it if you want to give it a go, but there are plenty of others on the market that aren't this expensive. I won't repurchase
  68. Works well


    I've used the clay mask and was keen to try this exfoliator - and it didn't disappoint. There was a noticeable difference in my skin afterwards. Will purchase again.
  69. Amazing


    This is seriously amazing. I didn't know what to expect but using this once has already made a difference.
  70. Instant results


    I was so impressed with this mask. As soon as I washed it off I could see my skin was so bright, clear and smooth.
    It's thick but airy and easy to apply over my face.
    I love how I only need to leave this on for 5 minutes. I gently massage my face after wetting my hands so that the exfoliation is not too harsh.
    Immediately I could see the improvement in my skin. It looks and feel...
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  71. Love it


    I love this face mask - such a lovely product. It works well for my skin. I would recommend trying it
  72. Gentle


    Love how gentle on my skin this is but still effective. Leaves my skin feeling amazing.
  73. Glowing skin


    Convenient and works beautifully on the skin. Skin is very soft with refined texture after use. I also own the sand & sky Australian pink clay mask - although that is also a great product, I find myself time short for a mask every day. On days I feel a bit lazy or I have too much to juggle, I use this product in the shower for a easy and quick treatment.
  74. Perfect combination of mask and scrub

    Deborah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have fairly normal but aging skin, having just turned 50 so I’m a bit careful with the clay masks I try as I tend to find them drying.

    Not this one though.

    I put it on cleansed skin 5 minutes before jumping in the shower and then rinsed it off.

    I found that it not only did it clarify my skin but it also left it silky smooth.

    Would definitely...
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  75. Undecided


    I bought this soon after it was released, since I thought the Sand&Sky mask was pretty good (if not spectacular). Once again, it's not a cheap product. It's OK. It's a clay-based scrub with waaaay more fruit oils than necessary. I'm a bit on the fence as to whether it's too harsh for my skin on not. It's probably a better product for hot weather when my skin is oilier and can take a bit more abras...
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  76. Love this Aussie product


    So pleased to see local beauty products that work so well. I am in my 50’s with sensitive skin and this exfoliator always leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother. I use it up to 3 times a week and have not had any breakout issues. It smells and feels lovely and I hope that there will be more new products coming from Sand and Sky soon.
  77. Best exfoliation I've had


    An amazing exfoliator it feels like it polishes the skin not too harsh but not dainty it's mixed with a clay base which feels like it helps bring the impurities to the surface of the skin as well after a while my scan showed a dramatic difference
  78. Amazing!

    Amirah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Loved the Kate Somerville Exfolikate treatment for the longest time but this gives me the same if not better results, for much a cheaper price!! My skin feels immediately smoother and more refreshed without the exfoliating bits being too harsh, highly recommend trying!!
  79. Love it


    I love the texture of it and that it exfoliates but I can leave it on as a mask too
  80. Sand&Sky have done it again!


    This mask is a super fun new product from what is already an exciting brand! Although I was worried the scrub would be too harsh for my very fragile and sensitive skin there was surprisingly no redness following application. I actually made my boyfriend do this treatment with me - and he loved it! It worked perfectly for his skin type (normal/oily) and made it much smoother. For the right skin typ...
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  81. Great product!

    Milly (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I really enjoyed using this product. I found the exfoliate to be the perfect coarseness for my skin and the mask wasn't too drying.

    After washing it off, my skin was instantly smoother and I could feel my moisturiser was absorbed much better. 3 days on and my skin still feels really smooth. A great product I would use weekly and highly recommend.
  82. New addition to my routine

    Yasamin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I was super impressed with the Sand&Sky mask so I had high expectations for this scrub. It's perfect to use in the shower, as you have to leave it on your skin for a few minutes. It had just the right amount of friction - not too harsh but enough to feel like it's scrubbing away impurities. After rinsing it off my skin was super smooth and bright. The next morning I even got a compliment that my s...
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  83. I haven't tried anything like this!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    So you're probably going to notice the star rating before you read ahead - I give it three stars on my skin specifically, or more accurately because it made me purge and I really didn't want that! I probably should have read the ingredients more carefully before plunging in just before my birthday haha.

    In terms of texture, this is a cross between a clay masque that doesn't dry, and a...
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  84. Good for sensitive skin

    Meike (Adore Beauty Buyer)

    I was a fan of the Sand and Sky clay mask already, so was super excited to try the exfoliating treatment/mask.

    This is surprisingly gentle and I had no tingling or sensitivity with this product.

    After a quick scrub, you leave on for 5 mins like a mask.

    My skin was super soft and helped improved overall appearance especially my nose.

  85. Easy to use transforming treatment!

    Elle (AdoreBeauty Staff)

    If you love the Sand&Sky Pink Clay Mask, you're going to love this exfoliating treatment! This product left my skin feeling smooth, bright and clear.

    I was a little concerned because my skin is quite dry and dehydrated, and I wasn't sure if the clay base would leave my skin feeling even more dehydrated, but no! My skin felt perfectly comfortable, and once I applied my serum and moist...
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