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2 Free Samples

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2 Free Samples by Samples

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excellent - 23-08-2012 by


Great value, fantastic idea! - 21-08-2012 by

Loved the packaging of this product and each of the samples had the right amount of product for about a weeks use of all. It has inspired me to buy some of the products contained in the sample pack!

sample pack of serums - 19-09-2012 by

great products - great to try before you buy

Loved the cherry ripe - 06-09-2012 by


chocolate a great idea! - 05-10-2012 by

liked the chocolate surprise! Not enough information on samples. Have bought shampoo for 'natural' product. Would prefer samples that promote 'natural' or less chemical ingredients

awesome idea - 05-09-2012 by

i love the free samples and i got a nice little chocolate too lovely suprise

Great samples to entice a new order - 24-09-2012 by

Samples are always great and tempt me to try new products knowing that I have tried them and like them.

always excellent value - 23-09-2012 by

Love these samples - never fails to live up to high quality

Samples - 24-09-2012 by

Nice little extra

Lovely to try new scents - 18-10-2012 by

Do I have to share it!!!!!!

Good Value - 24-09-2012 by

The samples are great value and loved the surprise chocy !
I placed a couple of orders within a couple of days of each other and got the same perfume sample in both and its a lil stinky.. but otherwise I am happy :)

Nice surprise - 02-10-2012 by

Love the samples. One of mine was the Jurlique herbal recovery gel. Had never used the brand before but love it so much I will definitely buy it.

Love the lotion - 21-10-2012 by

LOVE the L'Occitane lotion.. I would buy it myself!

lovely perfum really fresh smell, love it.... - 15-10-2012 by

Will be getting my husband to buy the large bottle for Christmas....

Great surprise - 21-11-2012 by

Would not have thought abt Chloe fragrance before this.
It smells divine! Definitely on my next fragrance shopping list

Nice little bonus! - 19-11-2012 by

Really liked the two samples that I received with my order :) They were a nice little surprise. I carry the mini-perfume vial in my handbag! :)

Chloe Love Perfume - 21-10-2012 by

It's new and I love it
People have told me it smells good and it smells good on me
Good to get a free sample that lasts more than one use and is portable

Extra bonus! - 21-11-2012 by

Thalgo exceptional eyes sample.great sample!
Awesome for eyes.but don't think it it for my age group

Excellent! - 29-11-2012 by

Love them.

Wonderful Brands! - 05-11-2012 by

Pleasantly surprised with a sachet sample of dermalogica facial cleanser.. It was so amazing I went and bought a bottle of the product! Only wish the samples were bigger I don't like the tiny sachets..
I also got a fragrance sample which I always enjoy trying! Thank you :)

Great extras! - 02-12-2012 by

Was delighted to try some new products! Will be making more orders for sure!

Great product - 04-12-2012 by

The Benefit cleanser and moisturiser were just great for my skin. The cleanser goes such a long way (-even in a sample!) and thoroughly cleans. The moisturiser is not heavy or sticky.

Try before you Buy - 13-12-2012 by

Love samples, it gives you the experience of trying before you buy and I have found my favourite products by trying samples

Love samples - 02-01-2013 by

I love getting samples. You can try before you buy!

Wow! - 03-01-2013 by

Free samples! Hardly anyone does that these days. It's like Christmas, getting a package, opening it, and finding a bonus inside. I'll definitely be ordering more stuff so I can get more samples.

Treats!! - 06-01-2013 by

I continue to enjoy the samples included with my orders!! In the last order I loved the perfume sample. A fresh, clean scent for summer..... Will consider it for my next perfume purchase ( Philosophy:Amazing Grace)

great xmas gift - 14-01-2013 by

I was tempted to keep these for myself but added them to the christmas hamper for my sister. She was delighted

Love the free samples - 04-04-2013 by

always good to receive some nice samples especially if they are new products and in this case I was just looking at that brand and bam - they sent me some samples! Thanks AdoreBeauty and please continue this little nice touch :)

Nice touch :) - 26-02-2013 by

One of the best things about Adore Beauty is the free samples. It is a lovely surprise to see what you get and a fabulous way to try new products. I have since gone on to purchase some full size items since getting the freebies and hope it's a tradition they keep up! Oh and thanks for the Tim-Tams when my order is delayed!! - Love them too :)

Good Old Fashioned Service - 25-03-2013 by

The 2 free samples are a great touch to Adore's online store. It's always exciting to see which new and wonderful products I will get to try after each purchase. I will keep shopping at Adore not only because their product selection is great with low prices, but because they make the effort to add a little something extra in for their customers.

Cant wait to see what i get - 24-02-2013 by

The free products are great to try, not many do this now. Thank you

Free samples equate good old fashioned service - 13-04-2013 by

I was very thrilled to receive free samples which I can add to my skincare regime. Furthermore, it is a great way of getting to know about new products and wanting to know more about them.

I love samples - 26-05-2013 by

Samples are a wonderful way to try new products. I love them to for travelling, an often save them and they come in so handy.

Who dosen't love a freebie? - 25-05-2013 by

I love getting samples, it enables you to try a product without spending any money. In the past I would purchase skincare that didn't suit my skin then try to give it away or throw it out. I have purchased several full size products because of the samples.

Surprises! - 02-05-2013 by

It's always nice to get surprises! Brings out the little girl in me to get them! Thank you Adore Beauty for including the 2 Free Samples.

Surprise Gift! - 14-05-2013 by

Free samples were greatly appreciated! Loved both products and now want them both! just more products to add to my wish list! thanks adorebeauty

samples - 11-07-2013 by

loved the samples, will definitely be ordering them soon. what a great way to try things that you would not normally order

FREE SAMPLES - 09-07-2013 by

I believe that the best way to try any new products is to try the sample first. I love these opportunities and will continue to try them at every opportunity.

Sample junkie - 30-07-2013 by

I will try almost every product on the Planet so I always love every sample I receive and the Tim Tam is a very cute addition .. Thank you Adore Beauty :)

On the wish list! - 17-07-2013 by

Yahoo! Free samples. What a great way to try new products. They're definitely on the wish list now. Thanks adore beauty!

Love free samples. These were great. - 18-07-2013 by

The balenciaga perfume is lovely.l will definitely buy this. The l'occitane conditioning shampoo was great on my fine hair.a lot of conditioners are too heavy on my hair. Thank you!

yummy - 16-07-2013 by

I'm not really a fan of random make-up samples but I loved the tim tam, thank you!

good opportunity - 22-07-2013 by

Very happy to have an opportunity to try these lovely samples! Have never received anything that I did not like and have gone on to change my 'trusted' products after sampling Adore free samples. I am very slow to change once I like something.

I'm into a new product - 27-08-2013 by

Is Avery important to give away new products to someone like me who didn't even know what is it until I try it out. Is very important to give a generous amount so that we can try it longer, and decide whether the effect is really what we expected.

I am sorry I only use cruelty free and vegan products - 24-09-2013 by

I am sorry to tell that I won't recommend these products to friend because the brand of samples this time were not cruelty free or vegan. As I am a vegan, I won't support any products that do animal testing or having animal ingredients.
I hope more choices or brands of cruelty free, vegan and organic will be appeared in Adorebeauty! And will let the cutomers to choose this kind of samples!
Thanks for the samples and the chance to put comments anyway!

Definately going to try - 04-09-2013 by

What a great idea the samples - Love the Jurlique eye gel and the TIM TAM - I'll be tring those too.

a lovely gift - 03-09-2013 by

Love the free samples I think its a lovely way for the company to thank its buyers

And may I say I got a sample of l'occitane angelica hydration cream and it was amazing!! I will definitely be buying the full size .. it didnt clog up my pores , smells great and leaves your skin feeling fantastic !! I was so sad when my sample ran out :(

Thanks again adore !!

Great idea - 14-08-2013 by

The samples are a great way to try a new product. In the past I have spent loads of money on a product to try and have not enjoyed it. Now I dont do that!! Many thanks Adore

Love the samples! - 22-07-2014 by

Adore Beauty sends great samples.

Love the free samples! - 14-07-2014 by

With my latest Adore Beauty order I was sent Aesop's Camellia Nut Moisturiser & a Jurlique Cleanser. Both smelled great and were extremely hydrating and plumping. Very, very happy and I will be purchasing these gorgeous products in my next order!

Love being spoilt! - 04-10-2013 by

I adore Adore! Thanks for the free samples and Tim Tam...

THankyou - 23-09-2013 by

Love free samples.

Love the samples! - 23-08-2013 by

Who doesn't love getting freebie samples to try out stuff you wouldn't usually? Great marketing idea - we try the samples, love it, buy more! No wonder I love Adore so much!

Fun - 26-09-2014 by

Great surprise

Who doesn't love freebies! - 11-09-2014 by

I love getting something free, who doesn't! I get to try new beauty products I might be interested in trying without having to spend mega money on the full product. I also like the fact that each time I get something different so I am always suprised.

Samples make me want to buy - 07-09-2014 by

Loved my free samples and now planning to purchase the products. It is a good way to get to know new products and try them out!

A perfect touch! - 06-09-2014 by

Everyone loves a little surprise! Free samples are awesome and well received! I guess sometimes id like to be able to SELECT a sampler to try, especially if I've found something different but don't wanna splash out on buying without trying first! Perhaps pick one and lucky dip the other??

Free Samples - 02-09-2014 by

I loved receiving the free samples, just like getting a present in the post!

All 3 samples I can use, and especially the sample of Lancome face cream I actually needed so I saved money.

The Tim Tam was a nice surprise, thanks.

Samples - 01-09-2014 by

Love a sample to try.

Not for me - 24-08-2014 by

Sadly the products I received are not for me or my skin type, but I think the idea to provide these is a great one. For most people it gives them the opportunity to try somehting new, but at my age I want products that work for me, so an option to select my samples from the range would be much more attactive to me.

Thanks - 18-08-2014 by

Receiving sample freebies to try is a great idea! Makeup is so expensive & this way you get to sample different products to see what works best for you, and if not for you, then you can pass it on to friends to try & share the love. Thanks to everyone at Adore Beauty - these were such lovely extra gifts to receive. More companies should treat their customers with your level of service & appreciation - after all it makes us come back for more great products & great service.

Free samples are great! - 13-08-2014 by

The free samples are a wonderful idea! Great to be able to try a product before I commit to buy - and they have resulted in numerous purchases of full sized products. I'm happy to spend money on products that deliver results and the free samples make these decisions much easier. Adore Beauty has such a great selection of quality brands and products that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Transactions are easy, delivery is always quick and I feel like a valued customer. Your brilliant customer service has ensured I will be a long term customer!

Thank you Adore! - 10-08-2014 by

I received a Dermalogica Redness Reducing Cream with my recent Adore Beauty order and it worked really well! Thanks Adore!

Overall - 05-08-2014 by

I love trying products before you buy.
After all, what works on someone else, may not work so great for you. I have found many great products through Adore Beauty's free samples, and therefore gone ahead and purchased them. I'm always reluctant to buy expensive skincare or make up items that I haven't tried in fear of not liking them. This solves that problem!

Great samples - 30-07-2014 by

Love getting samples as I find products that I like and end up buying.

Love the samples ...and the TimTam! - 26-07-2014 by

What a great way to introduce new products. Thanks Adore !!

very nice sample products - 21-07-2014 by

All the samples that I've received I've loved. Great for using on those short trips away instead of taking a full size container especially when we go camping.

Something special - 18-07-2014 by

How nice to have something special included for making a purchase. It certainly differentiates the company from others and makes me feel like a valued customer. The added bonus is the samples are excellent and I have purchased full price items after being introduced to these samples...thank you adore !

great sized samples - 05-07-2014 by

I was sent the asap daily facial cleanser, perhaps because I buy other products so that makes me think that Adore is thinking of me personally and choosing something they think I would like and that is fantastic.

I also received the La Roche Posay 50+ sunscreen which was great to try.

I love samples, especially ones that contain enough product for you to actually give something a go!

Everyone loves a freebie - 29-06-2014 by

Great way to try out products you've never heard of or even thought to try. And the Tim Tam is a great little surprise treat for the afternoon! Thanks Adore Beauty! Always a quick easy transaction!

I adore Adore! - 26-06-2014 by

Adore Beauty is such an excellent site: I recommend it to everyone!

I love the samples & have ordered products as a result of trying new things. Thank you!

Loved my samples! - 26-06-2014 by

Aesop sample was excellent, I will buy this product when I finish my existing range! Husband liked the Tim Tam, haha

Samples are awesome! - 03-06-2014 by

Any sample is awesome. Thank you. Would recommend this site to anyone.

Little Luxuries - 27-05-2014 by

iIliked the bag of goodies. Will be great for holidays. All the items will be of use.

Free Samples a grea way to try a new product! - 26-05-2014 by

Thank you adore for the free samples with every purchase. There is enough product in the samples to try them and see how your skin feel and reacts to the product/ Th eTim Tam goes down well too!

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