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SALT BY HENDRIX Mini Mermaid Facial Oil 9ml


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4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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Glow like the babes in the sea with the SALT BY HENDRIX Mini Mermaid Facial Oil. This highly moisturising formula is rich in Omega’s 6 and 9 to help support skin health, lock in moisture and stimulate cell regeneration, while Vitamins A and E fight free radical damage, preventing and reducing premature ageing.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

What customers say

GREAT - 75% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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SALT BY HENDRIX Mini Mermaid Facial Oil Reviews

75% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Lightweight, only need two drops to cover face


I love this oil and use it immediately after getting out of the shower and before my makeup routine. Smells great and lasts ages!

Most Helpful Criticism

Good to try the tester - definitely not good for dry skin!


Love the packaging unfortunately this dried my skin out though but it's good to use on hair at least!
  1. Not great for sensitive skin


    I reacted to this with my sensitive skin, and found the smell of it way too intense. In saying that, I gave it to my sister who has a completely different skin type to me & she loved it and said it made her face glow.
  2. Lightweight, only need two drops to cover face


    I love this oil and use it immediately after getting out of the shower and before my makeup routine. Smells great and lasts ages!
  3. Nice ocean-y oil


    I purchased this on a bit of a whim. This year I've started experimenting with oils and they're my new favourite thing. I'll be honest - what drew me to the mermaid oil was mostly the name, it just sounded fun and the reviews were good. I actually love this. It feels nice and smoothing on the skin and it leaves a nice glow (probably too glowy if you have oil skin, mine is normal/combo). As someone...
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  4. Luscious with a lovely smell


    I received this as part of the gift pack with Gua Sha tool, and really liked it. The smell was lovely, and I found the oil to be dewy and hydrating. I see a few reviews saying it didn't hydrate their dry skin - I wondering if people are ensuring their skin is spritzed with a hydrating mist before any oil application? That's the most effective way to press oil into the skin. Anyway, this felt like ...
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  5. Nice present


    This is a nice light oil which would be nice for a present with a salt face roller.
  6. Ineffective Facial Oil

    Facial Oil

    I received the 9ml sample of this product. I have really dry eczema/acne prone skin and hydrating oils and serums are usually really effective. However, this oil was really thick (similar to olive oil) and didn't absorb into the skin. It ended up being really greasy and not hydrating my skin. I ended up throwing the sample in the bin.
  7. Super hydrating


    This formula is super light weight and hydrating and smells great.
  8. Really moisturising


    I got the small size of this to try first and loved it. A little goes a long way and it is really hydrating. The only thing I will say is it has a pleasant but STRONG smell and it does take a little while to fully absorb.
  9. Nice Product


    This product is nice and nourishing for ur face like it a lot
  10. Daily glow


    I received this as a gift with with purchase and I’ve just finished the bottle. I’ve tried to give my skin a break from makeup during the week so I wore this each day with a light moisturizer on top.
    After a few days my skin felt hydrated and dewy.
    I like an oil so this wasn’t heavy at all for me. It also made me feel a little beachy rocking my natural curl and make up free!
  11. smell good


    Smells amazing and my skin feels gorgeous after using it!! Lovvveeee it!!

  12. Heavy


    I really love the idea of this oil when I received it as a sample, it’s ok for night time but I found it didn’t soak into my skin and I definitely couldn’t wear it during the day it’s so shiny.
  13. They have better


    For my acne prone, sensitive, VERY combustion skin, I find this product fine, in that it’s hydrating and doesn’t break me out, but we’ll prefer the SALT BY HENDRIX hemp oil. This oil I feel kind of just sits on top of my skin and doesn’t do any from the inside out. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, just not amazing!
  14. Would be great for plane trips/ long haul. Nice little oil.


    Has quite a strong fragrance (a nice herbyish smell) which worried me that it would cause a reaction- which it didn't. I have sensitive skin so was a nice surprise.
    Have used it in quite extreme weather- heat / hard water conditions and grown to quite like it. ( got it as a sample) will repurchase. Did not break me out. Gave me glowy skin.
    Bottle is super cute too- greaaat for traveli...
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  15. Nice & natural


    Nice, natural facial oil. Love that it contains natural-based ingredients!
  16. Not sure


    Every time I use this I break out. Its just too heavy or thick for my skin.
  17. Weird scent and oily residue


    I love the mini size, I am a fan of products available in mini - great to pack mini products when travelling. But I do not like the smell - It is a strange smell, maybe of old men's cologne? By a stretch it could be reminiscent of the ocean, hence the mermaid name? but not quite. The mermaid facial oil does leave quite an oily residue for me, so I only need to apply a small amount. I apply at nigh...
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  18. So lovely


    I received this as a sample and really like it. I don't find it too heavy and it sits well under makeup. It really gives me a beautiful glow and makes my skin so soft and supple the next morning. It has a distinct smell but I actually really like it, it gives me beachy vibes and smells fresh and earthy.

    I do think my 100% hemp seed oil has a better balance of Omega acids and vitamins ...
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  19. light oil


    it is a light facial oil but i did not like it too much. it has some kind of smell to it too. it is hydrating though and good travel size.
  20. Glow me up


    This mermaid oil, had a pleasant smell to it, I have been using it for a couple of days now, I have noticed a slight different to the texture of my skin, it leaves a nice glow to my skin, but not a oily residue which is great my skin just soaks it up, so far so good.
  21. magical green bottle


    this oil is PURE MAGIC! I bought this, with relatively low expectations despite the hype around this product. However, this oil has worked miracles with improving the elasticity of my skin, and has worked wonders on my dry skin. The compact size of the bottle has made it super handy to take with me on travel and is an easy bottle to simply throw into a handbag - the packaging is definitely leak pr...
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  22. Part of my evening routine


    I really enjoyed using this face oil followed by a face roller. It made my skin feel very soft and didn't have an overpowering smell. The size is perfect if you are trying it out for the first time and lasted me over a month using it most nights.
  23. Beautiful scent


    I received this as a sample when I purchase the rose quartz roller.

    It was too rich on my skin and I think the Rosehip or sea buckthorn are what caused some breakouts which I rarely experience.

    I loved the scent - neroli is one of my favourite essential oils. So rather than wasting it, I mixed a few drops with a bronze shimmer cream and some other balms/moisturizes and ...
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  24. Great size


    This is a nice blend of oils and this trial size is great for when travelling. Four stars because I love my usual brand.
  25. Eh


    It’s a bit sticky and has a unique smell. I got this as a free gift and don’t really like using oils on my face so I am going to use on my decolletage :)
  26. Really brightens skin!


    I'm glad there was smaller size to try of this magic elixir first. It's so hydrating! My skin is on the dry side and is beginning to show signs of ageing (I'm 29) and after using this oil in the evenings I wake up to a very fresh-faced glow! Definitely will be purchasing the full size!
  27. worth trying, I loved it


    I tried this size first and loved it. it didn't make me break out and my skin looked super hydrated in the mornings after I'd applied this before bed.
  28. Not for me


    I am not fond of the smell it’s quite bad and unfortunately has prevented me from using this .
  29. Lovely serum


    This serum gives a beautiful glow!! Makes my skin so soft and also helps my make up glide on so nicely would definitely recommend!
  30. Very good and i


    I got this as a free gift and you can feel your skin is soft and glowing. From the very first use
  31. great tester


    If youre not familiar with this oil, this is a great size. I have this in my purse and always use it through the day!
  32. Glad I just got a sample


    I got this as a sample with another product I bought and honestly I was a little disappointed – with a name like Mermaid oil I thought it was going to be super hydrating and amazing! But unfortunately I found it was more drying than hydrating and overall didn't make much difference to my skin's elasticity – however I do have very dry skin at the moment so maybe it would be good for people with nor...
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  33. Good, organic oil


    Good, organic oil. It really helps nourish and hydrate the skin on my face.
  34. like it


    everything mermaid fans here. This is a really nice oil for combination skin. It is not greasy and sticky. I use it before bed.
  35. Mini!!!


    this mini size mermaid oil is super cute! feels really nice on the skin!
  36. Good to try the tester - definitely not good for dry skin!


    Love the packaging unfortunately this dried my skin out though but it's good to use on hair at least!
  37. FRESH


    I have this in the full size as well as this mini size. It smells fresh and works beautifully. I recommend this smaller size as a gift or to carry around with you everywhere like I do!
  38. Delicious!


    I received this product as a GWP and loved it! The smell is gorgeous and I love that it’s organic, natural and Aussie! Keeps my skin glowing and hydrated and didn’t break me out or clog my pores. Fantastic!
  39. Mini mermaid!


    i love this little mermaid oil! its in a very cute bottle! feels so nice on your face!
  40. Shine


    Works well for dry spots. A little goes a long way with this product.
  41. It’s ok


    Got this as a sample. I’m not usually sensitive to smell but I really didn’t like the scent of this. It’s an ok face oil, does an ok job, but I think there are better ones out there.
  42. Love this product


    Cute packaging. Not sure about the smell, but the product works really well. Gives me a nice glow without leaving a weird residue as it soaks right in. A little bit goes a long way, so the little bottle is a great way to try it out before repurchasing the big one!
  43. Beautiful product


    This was a gift with purchase that I will buy the full size of. It’s such a treat, smells delicious and goes on beautifully over my serums. So pretty in the green bottle. I hope to try more Salt by Hendrix soon!
  44. Sleep with Mermaids


    I received this as a gift when purchasing other products and was immediately hooked! I don't know if it's the scent, the silky feel of it on my face or the gorgeous packaging, or all three, but I'm addicted. I don't normally go for face oils as I don't like a greasy feel but this oil is absorbed very quickly and leaves skin feeling supple and well nourished. It's good for day or night but I partic...
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  45. Cute package, dry oil


    I tried this out after getting a free gift with purchase. On my oily skin I found it went on dry and didn't add any extra oil to my face. I've been mixing a little in with moisturiser in the morning but haven't noticed anything happening with my face. Was hoping it would boost the moisture in my skin without getting too oily underneath SPF.
  46. Oily mess


    Hate the smell of this and hated the way it made my skin feel. Just felt like a big oily mess
  47. very cute green oil


    The name is so tempting. I received this small 10ml trial size. It is not too sticky or watery. The smell is ok. I apply this all over my face and neck and leave the leftover on arms to massage.


    I got a sample of this as a gift from Adore Beauty when I was purchasing other products. What can I say....WOW. I immediately felt my skin soaking up the oil and instantly made it feel like silk. Put it on last night and woke this morning with my skin STILL feeling amazing
  49. So cute!


    The small bottle goes a long way and works really well with a roller! Felt my complexion was really evened out using this!
  50. Really cute!


    Such a cute little bottle! The formula is really nice and I love the size - perfect for travel.
  51. Worth the try!


    Tried this 9ml facial oil before grabbing the big one. I should say, it's awesome! Worth the try and would get the big one after this. Really hydrates my skin and don't have that oily feeling. partner it with the face roller, it's PERFECT!
  52. Liking it so far


    I love the colour, packaging and size of this product. A little goes a long way, so I think even this mini size will last a while. I am using two drops on my face at night, massaged in with the quartz roller. It does take a little while to settle in, so for me I prefer to use it at night. It makes my skin feel soft and silky. I have seen other reviews complaining about the scent, but I really ...
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  53. Lovely and sinks well into skin


    Received a sample of this with an order and it sinks well onto skin - skin feeling smooth and supple!
  54. Green with Envy


    Cute sized bottle. Colour makes it fun. Definitely hydrating for my skin. Used with the Spiked Jade Roller.
  55. Hydration


    This is a great oil for dryer skin types. a great size for on the go!
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