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SALT BY HENDRIX Luminance Spiked Jade Face Roller

4.1 of 20 reviews


4 instalments of $7.49


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4 instalments of $7.49


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Enhance the effectiveness of your beauty routine with the SALT BY HENDRIX Luminance Spiked Jade Face Roller. Designed to be used as a tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, this face roller will also work to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention.

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4.1 of 20 reviews

65% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

great for circulation


an amazing tool for helping with circulation in the face. de-puffs the face and reduces redness with visible results

Most Helpful Criticism

cool in theory


feels so good on face however no immediate results
  1. great for circulation


    an amazing tool for helping with circulation in the face. de-puffs the face and reduces redness with visible results
  2. Broke after 10 uses


    The tip (the metal bit holding the roller) broke off after about 10 uses. Will attempt to super-glue it back on. It was a decent roller while it lasted (a grand total of about 10 uses, which comes to about $3 per use, given the price of the product). I'd suggested investing in a more expensive (but longer-lasting) product. By a different brand.
  3. cool in theory


    verified purchaser
    feels so good on face however no immediate results
  4. Enhances efficiency of products


    I love how this helps my products absorb and produces a nice glow. The spikes take a little getting used to so be very gentle and don't apply too much pressure. Roll gently in an upward motion.

    I took off a star as I think it should come with both spiked and smooth rollers.
  5. Great for stimulating blood flow


    I've been using this on my forehead when I get headaches, I find it really helps release tension.
  6. Lovely


    I use this when i want to give my face a nice massage. I own multiple jade face rollers and like to use different ones depending on my mood. I love using this particular one when I want more energy in my face.
  7. My own massage


    verified purchaser
    I really love the Luminance Spiked Jade Face Roller it’s like a at home face massage I find it very relaxing.
  8. Love the Salt rollers


    verified purchaser
    Yes this is a little more prickly that the other variety but I don't find it uncomfortable. I put a sheet mask on and use this roller over the top.
  9. Im awake!


    i love a jade roller and I love this spiked jade roller! The spikes are not for everybody but I love them, it really wakes me up in the morning! My new routine.
  10. Spike-a-thon!


    verified purchaser
    The spikes take a bit of getting used to, but once you’re over that stage, this is a great compact face roller - it’s lovely and cool and easy to manipulate.
  11. Awesome


    Feels lovely when I put it in the freezer before I use it. Helps to perk up my skin in the mornings and I love how my skin feels.
  12. Jumpstart for the skin


    Expected the jade roller head to be a smoother finish, so it is a little rough to the touch. Great for the mornings when you need to give skin a bit of a jump-start. I use the brand’s other rollers, with two heads, which feel lovely but don’t give a particularly visible effect. This one feels like it’s working harder for you than their other rollers. Must be applied gently though.
  13. Strange feeling


    I have this and the smooth one, the smooth is more relaxing but I feel like this does better to push serums into my skin
  14. must like it rough


    Reading the reviews prior to the purchase everyone said they didn't like how it felt on their face as the smooth one was better, but for me using the spiky roller feels like a little face massage and i actually didn't find it rough at all, as long as you keep away from the eye areas as they are the most fragile... as stated in the directions that comes in the box. Also, make sure you keep this ite...
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  15. interesting


    The spikes are certainly something you have to get used to - but once you do, this roller is great for waking up your skin and reducing any puffiness!
  16. Not sure


    I love a jade roller but I'm not sure about the spikes. They feel borderline a little too harsh on the skin.

    Quality is not great either- handle had come off before it was even out of the package.
  17. Not a huge fan


    I really like their rise quartz roller so was hoping to like this too but honestly it feels a bit pointless. It looks pretty but the mechanism isn't as smooth. The spikes on it are quite blunt which is not what i was expecting. It may still boost circulation and it functions as advertised but I think the sensation is just not to my personal taste.
  18. the perfect balance between facial roller and dermaroller!


    the spiked sensation is one to get used to at first but when you are getting old like me....you need the lift and the willpower to do these routines religously and i've cometo love it! it is so calming
  19. In Between


    i didn't mind the massage from the texture of the spiked roller. I began alternating between this and my smooth jade roller. i find that the spikes allow a littler further penetration of my oils.Whereas the smooth jade rollers feels cool and soothing on m skin. I always wanted to try a dermal roller but was a little wary of the needle. I think this is half way between the smooth jade roller and ...
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  20. Hmm


    Im not sure if i like this yet. I think i like the texture of the smooth rollers instead as they are more relaxing.
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