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SALT BY HENDRIX Eye Babe Oil Treatment 15ml 15ml

4.3 of 90 reviews


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4 instalments of $8.74

Or 4 instalments of $8.74 with LEARN MORE

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The SALT BY HENDRIX Eye Babe Oil Treatment works to promote fresh, hydrated and youthful eyes. Created with a beautiful cocktail of plant-based oils, this lightweight beauty elixir absorbs easily into skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines while preventing premature aging. 

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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SALT BY HENDRIX Eye Babe Oil Treatment 15ml

SALT BY HENDRIX Eye Babe Oil Treatment 15ml

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SALT BY HENDRIX Eye Babe Oil Treatment 15ml Reviews

4.3 of 90 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Pleasantly surprised


A lot of eye creams/products tend to cause milia in my undereye area. That is why I was sceptical of this eye treatment oil at first, but I was pleasantly surprisingly by how absorbent and gentle it is. It doesn’t feel heavy and, so far, my undereye area has not only reacted well to it, but seems to look more plump! I also like the dropper – it’s more hygienic.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing special


This oil has a light texture and a little definitely goes a long way. I haven’t noticed any difference after using it for a few weeks. I’m now using it for eye/face massage. I like it enough to use the bottle up but probably won’t be repurchasing. It may be good if your only concern is dehydrated skin around the eyes, but not if you have other concerns.
  1. Irritating

    Olivia Giombanco

    Not for sensitive skin! Made my skin red and puffy.
  2. Reasonable eye oil


    Received the sample to try this eye oil , not bad as it is not oily and it hydrated my eye area.
  3. Pleasantly surprised


    A lot of eye creams/products tend to cause milia in my undereye area. That is why I was sceptical of this eye treatment oil at first, but I was pleasantly surprisingly by how absorbent and gentle it is. It doesn’t feel heavy and, so far, my undereye area has not only reacted well to it, but seems to look more plump! I also like the dropper – it’s more hygienic.
  4. Nothing special, nice for a facial roller massage though!


    This was my first time trying an eye oil and I am on the fence about it. I have been using this nightly for a few months as haven't really noticed any difference to when I wasn't using this. I have been using a facial roller and it is nice for a little eye area massage but after I am finished I won't be repurchasing
  5. no more puffy eyes


    Before this product my eyes were really puffy and dry, but this product has made the skin surrounding my eyes hydrated and taken away the puffy look
    smells good too
  6. So far so good


    A beautiful natural fragrance and you only need a drop in the evening to suffice! This bottle will probably last me 6-12 months honestly. I love the oil, very hydrating and gentle. It's not mind blowing if your eye area needs a lot of attention but for fine lines and only a little dryness it's lovely.


    This is the best product I’ve used for my eyes in a LONG time, it sits so well under make up, doesn’t feel too heavy, does take a few minutes to sink into the skin but is so worth it ! Love love love !
  8. Lovely hydration


    verified purchaser
    Love the fact this is an oil and therefore delivers great hydration. I use it in the day and allow it to sink in a few minutes before applying make up. I use a more active retinol based eye cream at night so this balances and soothes my skin. Lovely smell as well.
  9. Relaxing Smell


    I got this as a sample freebie through Adore. I love the aesthetic and idea of the brand Salt by Hendrix. This product smells really nice and natural and I like the routine of putting it on before bed, its very relaxing - but I'm not sure it makes any difference on my undereyes, but it sure does make a difference on my relaxation!
  10. Neroli scented oil

    Tea Sommelier

    verified purchaser
    I'd been eyeing the Eye Babe for half a year, it was out of stock for awhile but I finally bit the bullet during National Lipstick Day. This product from Salt By Hendrix is a comfortable eye cream alternative that smells like a dupe for Goop's favourite oil: Rodin Olio Lusso's luxury facial oil. It comes in the cutest UV protective glass bottle and isn't too heavy or light.
  11. Good Value, Dry Skin Only


    For me, who has normal-to dry skin, this is a holy grail - it's so hydrating. I've noticed great results over a month - my eyes were super puffy and dry a month ago, and now I can say that they look lifted and definitely hydrated. I would warn away anyone with oily skin though, even combo skin, as this is a really oily oil, and takes a while to soak in even on dehydrated skin. Even though the pric...
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  12. Nothing special


    This oil has a light texture and a little definitely goes a long way. I haven’t noticed any difference after using it for a few weeks. I’m now using it for eye/face massage. I like it enough to use the bottle up but probably won’t be repurchasing. It may be good if your only concern is dehydrated skin around the eyes, but not if you have other concerns.
  13. Gorgeous packaging


    This brand is always so beautifully presented and smells gorgeous. This is very light and nourishing. I have sensitive eyes and this is one of the very few eye products I can use daily. The price is greaf too. A little goes a long way
  14. Ok


    I’ve used more than half the bottle but this unfortunately doesn’t work that well for me. It is a light oil consistency, which is good, but it doesn’t do much for my under eye wrinkles and sometimes I get a dry patch from using this so I have to alternate with another eye cream. It’s not a bad eye cream but not the best I’ve used.
  15. So hydrating


    I received this as a sample, but will definitely purchase. This is the most hydrating eye product `i have ever used, as a woman in my 40s. Has smoothed out fine lines, glides on so beautifully and absorbs quickly. A little goes a long way, so this is exceptional value. I use it in the morning before makeup as well as at night.
  16. A little goes a long way


    I purchased this product a few weeks back and use it most nights a week, this product smells exactly like their Mermaid Oil, and I questioned if this product is much different from their normal face oil? You only need a tiny bit. Not sure if it does much for fine lines from dehydration. Probably wouldn’t buy again.
  17. super nourishing for dry skin


    i love this for my dry skin, it really helps with fine line
  18. Smells nice, and feels good


    This oil smells nice and natural. The area around my eyes felt really dry probably because of my facial cleanser, so I bought this. have used it for a week so not sure about anti-wrinkle effects but for dry under eyes like mine they do a great job!
  19. Good for dry undereye area


    Got this as a free gift from Adore. Use very sparingly - as in the tiniest little drop from the dropper is more than enough for both under eye areas together. Have replaced my eye cream with this and while I can't see any improvement I think it has been a suitable replacement for keeping my under eye area moisturised.
  20. Long lasting and hydrating


    The most hydrating eye treatment I've used to far - you only need the tiniest amount and it just goes such a long way. The first few times of using it I ended up with very oily skin around my eyes. I love the smell too.
  21. Very nourishing


    I received this as a sample product. I really liked it, however, I found that even when i put the tiniest amount on it managed to get in my eye and i could feel it. Would be alright to put on right before bed but wouldn't recommend it for daytime. Very nourishing.
  22. Less is more


    I have been using this product for just over a month and I am loving the results. It is incorporated into my evening skincare routine, leaving my under eyes feeling hydrated and smooth when I wake up the following morning. You do not need a lot, use sparingly as it can sting a little if you use too much. I can see this bottle lasting me a long time!
  23. Good for price but not amazing


    This eye oil does do a good job of making my eye area feel moisturised, however it didn't do much for my fine lines or dark circles. Only need a very small amount so the bottle lasts forever which is great. I'd recommend for people looking for their first eye product, who just need moisture and not something with active ingredients.
  24. Oil fanatic found another love!


    I got this as a deluxe sample/mini (which is still going, despite daily use and has lasted ages) and I am on the wait list for the full size. I'm a big oil fan. This honestly competes with my holy grail oil, Face Hero by Go To. Dry, fragile, stretchy skin and a wheelchair user means I have a very high requirements to meet. I'm also 33 so preventing aging is becoming more important. My eyes are the...
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  25. A little goes a long way


    I don't have wrinkles around my eyes yet so though this would be a good choice because it's more of a hydrating oil. I've been using it for about 2 months and it has kept my eye are hydrated. I've only been using 1-2 small drops for both eyes and that's plenty! This small bottle will last a very long time.
  26. Very hydrating


    This product is super hydrating and has significantly improved the dark circles under my eyes. I would advise putting it on at night as it does take a while to soak in. I find putting it in half an hour before bed has made my eyes feel less tired when I wake up in the morning as well. However I have seen no change in helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines which the product says to do so.
  27. Will repurchase


    Received this as a free sample and its got me hooked, I think this is a product I'll be purchasing again and again. Love the herbaceous scent and hydration
  28. fabulous formula


    feels amazing on the skin, not at all oily.
  29. Perfect for extremely dry under eye area


    I usually have very dry under-eye areas and need a good eye cream (e.g. Kiehl's avocado eye cream) every day of the year. Recently on a trip when it was very cold the dryness became a lot worse and it was red, flaky and irritated despite all the moisturisation I used. In desperation I bought this because of the reviews.

    It fixed my problem within a few days and I absolutely love it! R...
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  30. Not a fan


    Ok this is my first eye oil and I'm not sold. I'm mid twenties and I am fighting the first signs of ageing. This smells nice and is hydrating, but no matter how carefully I apply it, it always migrates to the outer corner of my eyes and stings! I really think an eye oil shouldn't irritate the eye, so this was really disappointing.
  31. Nourishing eye oil


    This eye treatment oil is a lovely light consistency and is very hydrating, without feeling overly oily or heavy on the delicate eye area. Unfortunately hasn't done anything for my dark circles but I will keep using it to see if there is an improvement.
  32. Glorious!

    Elle H

    I had never used an eye oil before this but had been intrigued for a long time. This doesn’t irritate, or creep into your eyes, but instead leaves a lovely hydrated under eye area. Even under makeup this is a winner!
  33. So far so good

    Nik the Greek

    I have only purchased this product recently as I was told I have dehydrated eyes! This has definitely helped my eyes look more awake! The smell is a bit strong but nothing you can’t deal with!
  34. Incredibly Hydrating!!


    I am in love with this oil!! I suffer from dark circles and puffiness and from the moment I started using this oil it has made a massive improvement on this. It's incredibly hydrating and quick absorbing!!
  35. Smells Divine


    I have Ned to dry skin & found this works perfectly around my eye area, it’s not too oily & smells divine
  36. instant uplift


    Light eye oil leaving the area feeling instantly refreshed & uplifted. I apply morning, night & late afternoon when needing an uplift. Soothes & reduced puffiness.
  37. cute packaging design


    i put it on after i cleaned my face, toner, moisturizer and then this eye babe oil.
    is a little oily, but i guess then is good to spend more time to do the circulation motion massaging the eye.
  38. Moisturising & smells amazing


    Received as a freebie with my last order and am very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful fragrant scent and moisturising capability. As the other reviews have already pointed out, a little goes a long way, so when I do run out, I will come back for another one! Also the packaging/bottle is really cute.
  39. Lovely eye oil


    Nice before bed, my eyes felt smooth in the morning. Worth it for the price
  40. Lasts forever!


    This oil is SUPER hydrating!! Since using it the skin around my eyes feels softer and less parched. I use it mostly as part of my night-time routine before bed as it is quite heavy and takes a while to sink into my skin. Another huge bonus to this product is that I literally only use ONE small drop per day because it spreads so well, meaning this product lasts for soooo long.
  41. Eye Oil


    This eye oil is a breath of freshness to put on! feels cool and not a sticky formula! great to put on before bed!
  42. Nice product for young skin


    It's a nice product, but not what I was after. It is hydrating but it doesn't do much for fine lines. Probably best suited to someone in their early 20's.
  43. moisturising!


    Super moisturising around my eyes and adds hydration. It has really helped with wrinkles and dry skin around eyes that I usually get every summer.
  44. Feels different to other eye serums


    Feels different from other eye serums, I love the heavy texture. It really hydrates the skin around my eyes.
  45. Nice!


    A little goes a long way! Although the bottle is tiny, I've had mine for months- it lasts forever! Really nice scent, and super luxurious and hydrating.
  46. Not bad


    Nice oil, smells good. Haven’t finished the bottle yet- it seems to last forever. I would repurchase.
  47. Super hydrating


    I love this oil, its super easy to apply and you only need a very small amount, so I know that I won't run out of this product very quickly! Its super hydrating and has a nice scent that isn't overpowering. I have only been using this oil for a month and haven't seen too much of a difference yet but my fine lines under my eyes haven't got worse so thats a bonus! I love this product.
  48. So far so good


    I havent been using this long but it adds the perfect amount of hydration and moisture! perfect for dry months!
  49. Cute and Effective


    Love this product! was on the hunt for an "eye cream" and stumbled upon this product! it has lasted forever and I have noticed an evening out of my complexion under my eyes. This product sparks my joy in so many ways and has caused a love affair with SALT by HENDRIX.
  50. there's a reason you don't see many eye oils


    This is a really nice skin oil, but putting oil near your eyes doesn't really work. Unless you're as dry as a desert, it migrates inward and you end up with watering, pink eyes :(

    Happily it doubles as a really good nipple oil, so silver linings.
  51. Essential oils for eye puffiness


    I have been using this for a couple of weeks now, and it has taken the place of much more expensive eye creams! I like to use it in the evenings, and use by roller to roll around the areas of my eyes before bed to help with any puffiness. You certainly don't need much! Literally one drop is enough for both eyes, it is nice and lightweight and helps with any skin dryness around that area. Would rec...
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  52. Great for dry skin


    Love this oil! It goes on really well and soak into the dry skin under my eyes. I like how it feels and that it's natural. It doesn't seem to help with dark bags but does help with dryness. Would recommend if you have dry skin!
  53. Great blend


    I’m a huge fan of facial oils, my cupboard is full of them, particularly the ordinary’s. But I know that rounded skin care should have a mix of things so I bought this on a recent trip to Sydney when I saw it in a shop window- admittedly the super cute packaging drew my eye but i’m Super impressed with the actual oil too! Great blend which soaks in well and leaves skin looking super glowy and plum...
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  54. Lovely product


    This is such a lovely eye oil with a divine fragrance. But beware -only use a drop or two at the most. I slathered it on just before bed the first time I used it and I could have packed for an overseas trip in my eye bags! I now put it on early in the evening and them wipe any excess off before going to bed.
  55. Feels lovely


    I have been using this for a few months. I like the product, it feels nice on the skin. Being an oil based product in soaks into the skin well. I haven't noticed any great different in fine lines or anything, but is definitely hydrating.
  56. Wow


    I only use this at night as it obviously makes my eyes oily but I do think I see my eyes look differently! Great!!
  57. Nice oil!


    I use this nightly before bed and I think it's really great for some slight wrinkles and/or dehydration under my eyes.

    It does not absorb into the skin and is an oil product, so can only use it before bed. It has a strong oily smell but you get used to it after a while.

    Really nourishing!
  58. Hydrating but less absorbent & bit messy


    I tried this eye oil as I was looking for an affordable and hydrating eye-cream. As it's an oil only a very small amount (one drop) is needed, however, it was tricky to apply and i found I would often accidentally apply too much, leaving my eye area really oily. It was less absorbent than creams I have used in the past, and at times it was difficult to apply under makeup, especially under eye conc...
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  59. Imediate results


    Fantastic product, saw a difference under my eyes after only a few uses and no bad reactions to my slightly sensitive skin. I use it in the mornings but at night I use a cream. You only need to use a few drops.
  60. Lubricating, great for bed time


    I really like this product. The skin around my eye is quite dry with fine lines.
    It does provide a nice sheen under the eye.
    I’ve never tried it under make up, as it’s an oil so I use it before bed.
    It’s very lubricating and feels like it’s hydrating.
  61. Great but messy


    I decided to try this instead of an eye cream and while I find it works well and is super hydrating, it's quite messy. You only need a tiny amount and it's really hard not to use too much. I find it quite difficult to apply, it doesn't absorb as quickly as a normal eye cream so your eye area is left quite oily.
    I probably won't purchase again, I'll go back to an eye cream.
  62. Small but mighty


    The size is small but it'll last a while because you only need a drop per eye. its hydrating and the smell doesn't affect me. Definitely on the repurchase list.
  63. Hydrating


    This is great for sensitive skin and provides a good amount of hydration. i would repurchase.
  64. Silky smooth


    I just ordered my second bottle of this. I generally find a lot of eye products to be too strong for the skin around my eyes but this one is great. Goes on smooth and perfect before makeup and before bed!
  65. hydrating & nourishing


    This product is beautiful to dab underneath my eyes. i use it in my nighttime routine and am loving it. my skin feels soft and hydrated and it smells delish! Bottle was smaller than i imagined though. but still good value for price- a little goes a long way!
  66. Ok but smells unpleasant.


    I don't understand all the people saying these products smell amazing. The smell is unpleasant. Thank god it's only used around the eye area so I don't have to smell it on my entire face. It feel nice enough and good for night use especially but unfortunately for me I can't get past the scent of it. I won't be buying again.
  67. Bags be gone!


    Cute eye babe oil feels nice and light under the eyes! smells good!
  68. Love love love


    Loving this bottle of goodness! So light and hydrating.
  69. Super hydrating


    I have particularly dry skin on my eyelids and I use this treatment at night time. I have found this works much better for my eyes than some other creams I have used (such as the Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye Cream).

    You only have to use a tiny drop for each eye and spend a while patting it in. As it is an oil I avoid using it during the day, unless I have heaps of time to let it sink in ...
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  70. A nice oil


    The oil leaves my eyes feeling rejuvenated come morning, it feels like a bit of pampering before I go to bed each night with it’s scent.

    I purchased this as a preventative product rather than in hopes of treating a particular under eye issue. So I can’t vouch for weather it helps lighten dark under eyes or plump fine lines but I definitely recommend as an inexpensive preventative pro...
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  71. A little goes a long way


    I use eyeliner daily and remove it with make up wipes. I noticed a tiny dry patch near my eyelid which led me to looking at an eye cream or oil. This stuff is great and a little goes a long way. I pat a drop in around the eye area and it sinks in after a few seconds. The dryness is gone. Not sure if it actually did anything else as I didn't really have major concerns around the eye area but it did...
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  72. Holiday in a bottle

    Deborah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I adore the scent of this oil, it just makes me feel like I’m holidaying in a tropical resort.
    I never used to use oils on my face, fearing I’d break out, but this eye treatment oil is divine! No break outs!
    I love how it sinks into my skin and my crepey under eye skin has slowly improved in appearance.
    Love, love, love the scent!
  73. Pretty nice eye oil


    My last eyecream did absolutely nothing, but I think this one actually brightened my undereyes. Can’t say it did a lot for wrinkles but my eyes are always wrinkled. But the day after I first used it I definitely looked very fresh and awake in the morning!
  74. Perfect night time ritual addition


    I love the packaging, I love the scent (natural!) and the dropped to keep everything hygienic.

    I have combo skin that often gets a bit dry in winter and a handful of spots at the change or weather and time of month. My problem issues aren't really around my eyes so I wasn't concerned. I put it on right before bed and let the oils sink in overnight. I've found it helps hydrate and ap...
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  75. soothing


    Tried this due to the good reviews & I cant say I'm disappointed. For the price point I'm finding it just as effective as my Kiel avo eye cream. Applies quickly & soaks in well, a little goes a long way. I am 25 so I haven't noticed a change in terms of elasticity however as a shift worker I am finding my eye area is brighter.
  76. A must have


    Luv Luv Luv
    A richly moisturising and pleasant smelling eye treatment.
    I use it with the Hendrix Rose Quartz Crystal roller.
    I've noticed an amazing diference in my eye area, plumper and less darkness.
    The experience is so relaxing using these two together.
  77. Great gentle oil


    Great product that quickly makes the under eyes feel so plump and nourished! It’s like a spa experience!
  78. Average


    I found this eye oil too greasy and left my skin looking oily. It also made my mascara smear when I used it during the day so I leave it only for night use now. I purchased it because of the great reviews but wouldn't buy it again
  79. Lovely


    I use this with the rose quartz roller and it feels so lovely
  80. Feels like drug store rose hip oil


    This product doesn't feel like it does a huge amount more than rosehip oil I've brought from Priceline or other retailers. Its smell is similar and while it feels nice on my skin, I haven't noticed any difference in fine lines or dark circles. I wanted to try it because the reviews were overall pretty good but I wouldn't buy it again.
  81. Nice oil


    I've only just started to use this oil, but I love it already! I use the oil with my rose quartz roller (after it's been in the fridge) and it's pure heaven. Applying the oil with the roller is like a mini day spa treatment, so cooling and soothing around my eye area. A little goes a long way. The only thing I didn't like about this product is the extra packaging of the box, I think that's unneces...
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  82. Light & refreshing, great packaging


    I have only just started using this product but I like it a lot so far. It's light on the skin & really seems to refresh the under eye area. It has a really mild, pleasant scent & lovely texture.
    You only need a very small amount of product so even though the bottle seems small I suspect it will last a long time. Good value for money.
    While we're on the subject of the bottle: so cute...
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  83. Worth giving it a go


    I purchased this after reading the reviews and thought it would be a nice change to the traditional eye creams. I’ve been using for about a week so far and don’t mind it. The oil is light and doesn’t go on heavy, however not a fan of the oil’s fragrance. Will keep using to see if there’s a positive difference to the dark circles under my eyes.


    I have very thin skin around my eye area and suffer from dark circles. I've tried so many eye creams with little or no success. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if there was an oil for the eye area, then I stumbled across this little baby. It provides great moisture without feeling heavy and soaks into the eye area so nicely.
  85. Love this product


    The eye oil is lighter then expected and absorbs really well. I have allergies and it helps sooth the skin around my eyes :)
  86. beauty cabinet staple


    I am a fan of facial oils and serums and was looking for an eye oil. (I am mainly a PM beauty routine person). This is my first eye oil and I love it! It has a luxe herbal scent, soaks in, does not irritate my eyes, and is made in Australia. Oh - the results - within a fortnight there's been a marked reduction in puffiness and dark circles. I'm also hoping it's holding the wrinkles at bay!
  87. Even Better than expected.


    I'd had heard good thing about this product but it even better that I thought. I saw results after first use, as my under-eyes look smoother and lighter. I have a oily T-zone so I had some concerns about that, but once applied its absorbed its so hydrating.

    Packaging is so cute. xx
  88. beautiful eye oil


    I bought this eye oil for a girlfriend who is 35. She loves it.. It's the first eye oil she has used and she said she was surprised how well it soaked in. She loves it and will be purchasing after she has finished this bottle.
  89. Actually works & smells amazing :)


    I heard such good things about this product (plus I love the packaging) so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm so glad I did - as it actually works! I feel like the area under my eyes is less dark, and the skin is smoother and glowing. I LOVE the smell too! It's so beautiful. Highly recommend!
  90. Super Gentle & Moisturising


    I have always struggled with eye products but I'm so happy with this one! It is very gentle and doesn't irritate my eyes. I've been able to wear it under my makeup with no issues - I do let it sink in a bit before I start to apply mascara or eyeshadow.

    You only need a tiny drop to do the whole eye area, so I suspect that the bottle will last a long time. The design of the bottle is go...
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  91. Plump & Hydrated Looking Eyes!


    I have only been using this for about a week but I can FEEL & SEE the difference! It has made all around my eyes feel and look Plumper!
    I WAS using a different eye serum but EYE BABE has completely blown my mind!
    Those that are worried about it being Oily and not soaking in, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!
    I even use it under makeup and I have had no problems ( I h...
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  92. Hydrating

    Taylah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I found this eye serum super hydrating, it absorbs well and doesn't feel like most oil based eye products which can often sit on the surface! I would probably suggest it more for the PM use- As it did interfere with my mascara on the bottom lashes, but other than that- Love it!
  93. Super Hydrating!

    Courtney (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I found this eye oil perfect to use at night time! I wake up with smoother, hydrated and plumper eye area! When applying this before make up it helps my eye primer glide on with ease <3
  94. Rich and silky!

    Olivia (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This eye serum is a rich oil however, when applied to the skin is absorbs nicely. I love using rich serums around my eyes at night as I find I wake up feeling really fresh and I love how rich in antioxidants it is, I think using this consistently will help so much as I find alot of my concerns start at my eyes. Very gentle, doesn't irritate and I think this would suit all skin types (if you are mo...
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