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Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Authentic

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Roberto Cavalli, an Italian fashion designer known for his sexy clothing and animal prints, has released several fragrances over the years. His memorable perfumes truly capture the essence of femininity. The extensive fragrance collection from Roberto Cavalli is as diverse as womanhood itself.

Robert Cavalli’s newer signature fragrance, Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum, is a must-have for the sensual woman. Exotic pink peppercorn, orange flower, and tonka bean blend perfectly to create this intoxicating scent. The beautifully curved bottle features a tiara-shaped stopper to make you feel like a queen. This fabulous fragrance has become an instant staff favourite!

The sophisticated and utterly feminine fragrance of Roberto Cavalli Exotica captures attention with its intoxicating floral tones. This unforgettable scent layers tropical notes of mango and frangipani flower over sensual sandalwood. Exotica is a fragrance to wear with confidence.

Free-spirited Roberto Cavalli Acqua, in an elegant blue bottle, gets its inspiration from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and clear blue skies. This light, fresh fragrance is the perfect scent to wear on a warm summer night. Lily of the valley, musk, and jasmine make this a delicate scent that you’ll want to wear every day.

The deeply exotic perfumes of the Oud Collection capture the regal aromas of leather and saffron — perfect for adding an air of mystery to your aura.

Roberto Cavalli fragrances embody all the complexities of the modern woman.

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Roberto Cavalli

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