Riffi Original Exfoliating Mitt

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Riffi Original Exfoliating Mitt


Widely considered by beauty professionals to be the best exfoliating mitts available, Riffi Original Exfoliating Mitts are a must-have in every shower. Use every day in the shower to apply your shower gel: the exfoliating massage action keeps the skin smooth and soft, as well as stimulating circulation. Regular use can even help combat the appearance of cellulite.


Ideal for use prior to applying self-tanner, and to keep your Brazilian wax well maintained and ingrown-free. The mitt shape makes the Riffi Original Exfoliating Mitt much easier to put on and use than loofah gloves, and Riffis unique blend of fibres is durable and hygienic.



Please note: Riffi mitts come in a random selection of colours and patterns. The mitts pictured are an example only.


50% polyethylene, 50% polyester


How to use Riffi Original Exfoliating Mitt

  • Use in the shower or bath. 
  • Can be used alone, or combined with a shower gel or body scrub. 
  • For Brazilian waxing after-care, do not use immediately after waxing - wait 2-3 days, then use daily.

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Reviews (40)
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Too Rough - 17-04-2018 by

I'm not sure if it's my skin being too sensitive but this mitt honestly feels like I'm using steel wool! I'm sure it does the job but I can hardly bring myself to use it.

Rougher than expected - 05-04-2018 by

The Riffi Mitt is certainly an exfoliator... it's a lot rougher than expected but seems to do the job. I purchased it to improve circulation and to help get rid of fake tan before reapplying. I'm not sure I would repurchase but it's early days...

Best Exfoiiation Glove I've used - 20-06-2017 by

We’ve all bought products that end up being permanent fixtures in our routine.. You know the ones you use a few times then buy a backup of just in case. The product that you buy for friends… The Riffi Mitt is one of those products.

This Riffi Mitt has been the best product I have used that has reduced and in some places completely cleared the Keratosis Pilaris KP (chicken skin) that was all over my arms.

Too harsh - 17-06-2017 by

When I got this in the mail I was soo excited however when I felt it I did think it felt too rough. I did read from other reviews you need to wet it before using however even when I did thoroughly wet it with hot water it was still too rough and harsh on my skin. I really wanted to love this mitt but alas it' not for me.

Fantastic product - 07-10-2016 by

Fantastic exfoliating mitt, leaves skin silky smooth

The best shower mitt ever - 17-07-2016 by

I've been using Riffi Exfoliating Mitts for at least 20 years and think they're fantastic. They keep my skin in great condition and stop any ingrown hairs or bumps in their tracks and are excellent for helping with blood circulation. I love the slightly abrasive feel when using it... I only ever use one with water and soap/gel. I don't think it's made to be used dry. They're so easy to take travelling so I'm never without it. They may be expensive compared to other mitts, but nothing else comes near them in my opinion. I don't feel I've had a proper shower if I can't use my Riffi Exfoliating Mitt every day!!!

Way too harsh - 09-08-2015 by

This mitt is harsh. So harsh as to be almost unusable on my skin. I can't use any pressure and even then it scratches rather than exfoliates. I'm tempted to try scrubbing pots and pans with it - it's not getting any other use.

Great exfoliator - can be harsh - 10-01-2015 by

This mitt really does a great job. Got small bumps on the backs of your arms and legs? This mitt will work away at them for you! I bought it after noticing my scaly winter skin was out of control. The glove whipped my skin into gear with the added bonus of exfoliating away those annoying little bumps. My only gripe is that it can be a little harsh. I only use it wet as it is way to harsh dry.

Amazing! - 29-08-2014 by

I don't usually leave reviews, but this mitt is just amazing. It's the scrubbiest thing I've ever used, very heavy duty! I'm just about to purchase another for my mum, who shares my love of using those standard glove exfoliators, but I'm going to write a warning for her to be careful with it as it's just so, so exfoliating! The only negative for me is that I wish it were a tiny bit shorter, as it's quite a bit taller than my hand, but the band is very well made and snug on my wrist so it's still easy to use. Awesome!

Unexpectedly good! - 16-02-2014 by

Well I was never expecting to enjoy this but after seeing all the rave reviews here I gave it a go. I used to get really stubborn ingrown hairs on my legs and now, using the Riffi Mitt daily, it's no longer a problem for me! Plus the amount of scrubbiness is perfect - you'll never need to buy a scrub again!

2 in 1 exfoliating glove - 01-10-2013 by

I really like using this mitt as a dry exfoliating brush, which gets the blood circulation going, and helps to drain any blockages in the lymph glands. Then I use it in the shower to scrub any ingrowns away! its a great dual purpose exfoliator!
A little painful to use at the start, but once it softens with use it is fine.

Industrial strength exfoliator - 16-07-2013 by

This is a heavy duty exfoliating glove; does a tremendous job, with less effort required.
Made from good quality material, I expect this to last for quite a while. Have only been using it for the last few weeks, but it definitely performs as described.

The boyfriend even tried to steal it! - 21-05-2013 by

I didn't expect to fall in love with this product as much as I did - Nor did I expect my boyfriend to try to steal it from me numerous times!

I did expect it to be super rough when I received it due to the other reviews, but as they also discovered, it became a little softer after use. SO SO SO exfoliating. Moisturising afterwards is like a dream. Ingrowns are a thing of the past, they just wont even stand a chance with this baby.

My boyfriend is a Mechanic, and he finds it difficult to find products that remove all the grease and grottiness at the end of the day in the shower and this does the trick. So, adorables, if your boyfriend needs to get clean... Get one of these magical items! Haha.

Excellent value for money! - 02-05-2013 by

Great product, mine is a multi coloured stripe one. It is very stiff and harsh at first but then settles down, softens up and is wonderful in the shower with my favourite body wash. No need to buy sugar scrubs anymore, this does a far better job! I've also taken to putting a bar of goatsmilk soap inside which lathers beautifully and then scrubs away the dead flaky skin easily. Thoroughly recommend it! Pricey at first but well worth it considering how long it will last. I hang mine up after use, just so all the water drips out and doesn't go mouldy.

Skin feels smooth - 19-03-2013 by

I have beem using this for a week and my skin feels nice and smooth.

Amazing exfoliator - 28-11-2012 by

I uhm'd and ah'd about this product for a while, but after reading all the other comments I decided to take the plunge.
I've been using this mitt for a week now and despite the initial roughness on the first couple of uses, I persisted. It's been amazing! My skin, especially around the stubborn elbow and knee areas is so smooth, that I find it difficult to believe that it's all due to one little mitt. I now look forward to exfoliating.

Worth the money - 07-11-2012 by

It's a little pricy but once you use this hard working exfoliator you will be happy about spending the bucks. It won't run out like lotion exfoliators, either so I think it's really great value. It's a gutsy mit that feels a bit abrasive at first then settles down to getting the job done. My skin feels silky smooth after each use and ready to soak up some body lotion. It's fantastic for dry-skin brushing, too.

Invigorating! - 29-10-2012 by

My name is Jodie and I'm an exfolaholic. If exfoliating was a sport, I would be an Olympian. I have tried all sorts of scrubs, loofahs, creams, gels and homemade concoctions to keep my skin soft, smooth and glowing. This is the best exfoliator I have used. Firstly, it does the job. After using it each day my skin is radiant (even if I do say so). Secondly, you can use it with your favourite soap/shower gel so you can have any fragrance you choose each time you use it. Finally, it's so inexpensive. Over the years I have spent a small fortune on scrubs. This ticks all the boxes for me.

Great product - 08-10-2012 by

This is a fantastic product which does a great job at exfoliating. Easy to use. I swear by it!!

Very good product - 04-10-2012 by

I love the mit, It is the best exfoliation product around

It feels harsh but keep up with it on a regular basis and you will not be disappointed

HG exfoliating tool - 03-10-2012 by

I am a little obsessed with exfoliating, and this mitt really takes it to the next level. It is the scrubbiest product I've ever used. I have not had any ingrown hairs since starting to use this, and my legs are fantastically smooth. Love.

Love this exfoliator! - 30-09-2012 by

I used to use the St.Ives apricot body scrub on my legs ages ago, and it was the only scrub that actually worked to keep the skin smooth and soft. When that got discontinued 2 years ago I thought I'd never find anything to replace it until I purchased the riffi 2 weeks ago. This mitt is amazing - it's a little rough at first but once you get used to the texture it's fine, and it works so well to keep the skin looking radiant and smooth. Best exfoliator on the market, despite the $$$.

Great glove - 25-09-2012 by

I brought this MIT on an impulse buy and I love it!! Skin feels soft, the bumpiness is reducing! Remeber to be gentle when using the mitt at first and work up to using more pressure - best exfoliating MIT I've ever used! Lucky I brought on for my housemate at the same time as she lived it too - ill be purchasing one for my sister next time I'm online shopping!

Fantastic! Can't live without it now! - 10-09-2012 by

This is a great product. Don't get me wrong, it can sometimes be a little uncomfortable to use (it's a VERY hard exfoliation) but it certainly gets results - I have no small bumps on my thighs like I used to, and use it about 3 times a week. It's great! Highly recommended.

AMAZEBALLS!! - 06-09-2012 by

At first I was thinking EXPENSIVE but seriously this is the BEST exfoliating mitt ever. I use this dry with dry skin & glove and give a good buff all over (especially dry, spiky legs as my wax to stop growns) and the WET in the shower and repeat 2-3x/week. Amazing! It's a very stimulating Mitt but soo good for lymphatic drainage. I don't use my body brush anymore. <3 LOVE <3

The best exfoliating mitt - 15-08-2012 by

I love this mitt so very much! I don't feel clean if I don't use this mitt.

- 17-06-2011 by

Best exfoliator ever! I always seem to have stubbly legs no matter how often I shave however I can maximise my smooth-leg-time by scubbing my legs with this before shaving. It's very harsh and takes some getting used to and leaves my skin all red for up to an hour after my shower however nothing makes my skin smoother. There is no going back!

- 04-04-2010 by

this is fabulous. when im using it, it feels stimulating, i love the feel. and afterwards- my fiance has always said that my skin is soft, but now, super soft. better than any loofah ive ever used. everyone should use this!

- 02-11-2009 by

I don't know how I ever lived without this! I have been using the same glove for well over a year and it's still going strong.

- 25-08-2009 by

This is a great cheap simple body exfoliator. Lasts ages and is washable. It really does work without any serious scrub work required but it can be harsh so go easy.

- 02-05-2009 by

This is serious exfoliation. Very rough mitt however works better than anything else Ive tried. Doesnt miss any bits and can be washed in the machine. Perfect for legs and bum. Wish it came in a more attractive colour, obviously doesnt affect its performance.

- 14-04-2009 by

this is one fab product . It feels almost too rough initially & i therefore used a light hand but after a handful of uses, i found that i was really scrubbing , you do get used to it very quickly [not for red/inflamed or sensitive skins] I use mine weekly as i still like to use a body scrub once a week. The riffi rinses clean & helps foam up your body wash beautifully . My skin is now the smoothest it has ever been

- 08-02-2009 by

This is the best exfoliating tool I've ever used, I just Love this mitt!!The Riffi takes no prisoners and gets the job done quickly and extremely effectively. Since using this, my skin feels so smooth and silky, I've not had any issues with ingrown hairs, my fake tan looks even and non-patchy and my little lumps and bumps are visibly improving. In my opinion, no woman should be without one and I highly recommend it.

- 24-10-2008 by

Love, love, love this body mitt! Eliminates the need to ever buy a body scrub again and I am saving alot of money! Feels harsh the first couple of times you use it, so I found a light scrubbing motion the best. Coupled with a lovely body wash and moisturiser after, my skin was so soft and smooth.

- 23-10-2008 by

This mitt is amazing!! After the first use my skin felt so soft and smooth, I use it daily as I am 48 so I figure that my skin can do with a bit of help to turnover a bit quicker!! Highly recommended!

- 16-09-2008 by

Just tried this - a great, practical and simple product. Feels very rough but using a light stroke with lots of lather it is fine. Easy to wash too.

- 28-08-2008 by

I love this thing. It is so great for helping ingrown hairs, and minimising the bumps on my upper arms caused by the dreaded KP. It feels a little harsh the first couple of uses, but now I can scrub my whole body with no issue. A must-have for summery, smooth skin - and great for use before fake-tanning. Just chuck it in the washing machine once a week or so to keep it in tip-top shape.

- 28-08-2008 by

Great exfoliating product. As others have said it is harsh at first but your skin will feel so soft afterwards. Easy to use and wash out. Fab!

- 18-08-2008 by

I have been looking for this product for 3 years, It's the best mitt for a deep exfoliation. This mitt is not for the faint hearted, it can seem a bit harsh the first couple of times you use it. But if you have problems with course hair this is the best mitt to use. I'm in shower heaven now I've found a supplier of my favourite shower mitt. Thanks Adore, I'm stoked.

- 14-07-2008 by

Holy Crap! This mitt is hardcore but boy does it work. It's very harsh at first but once you get used to it it's an absolutely fabulous exfoliating tool. Just use a nice shower gel with it, in order to lubricate a little, and you will love it. I used it pre-tan and my skin is very smooth today. Is also great on feet, bumpy upper arms, and your bum!

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