Redken No Blow Dry Styling Cream - Fine Hair

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Redken No Blow Dry Styling Cream - Fine Hair by Redken


This air dry styling cream for fine hair provides a quick air-dry, effortless texture and volume with a no-product feel for the days you don't want to or can't blow dry your hair.


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The lazy mane's best friend - 29-03-2018 by

I have been bleaching my hair white for the last four years, and I care about keeping it looking healthy, so naturally, I avoid heated styling tools like the plague. But even before that, I could never be having with blow-drying; it's so time and energy consuming, and I'm honestly just far too lazy.
This product is a G_dsend. Whether scrunched through, followed by gentle twisting with the fingers to help curls form, or smoothed through between flat hands from root to tip, followed by a thorough combing to help the hair dry as straight as possible, this nice little cream ensures that your air-dried hair will be silky, shiny and ready for any style you wish to put it into in the days to come.
I personally like to twist it through casually, while concentrating on the ends, then hang my head upside down and give it a good shake, so that it dries with texture and volume, and leaves me looking like I've been driving in a convertible with the top down; that is to say, tousled and effortless and just a little bit "bedroom-y".
I rarely spend much on haircare products, when there are so many chemist brands that offer genuinely great care, but this little miracle in a tube is a one-of-a-kind, and for it, I make an exception.
Lifts my first-day hair game out of the transitional, and into the extraordinary.

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