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Redken Extreme Anti-Snap –Leave-in treatment for damaged hair 240ml

4.5 of 44 reviews


4 instalments of $9.00


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4 instalments of $9.00


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Award winning leave-in treatment for damaged hair, split ends and hair breakage.

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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Customer Reviews

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4.5 of 44 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Second Bottle!


I first tried this and really liked it, but for whatever reason when I ran out I didn't restock right away. I noticed a difference in my hair quite quickly and once I bought it again, I remembered how much I love it!

Most Helpful Criticism

I’m on the fence


I have heard good things about this and as I just had a terrible experience at the hair dressers and was left with dry brittle hair I wanted to give it a go. I haven’t seen any results yet but I’ll keep using it.
It feels a little sticky in hair but with the condition my hair is in that’s expected. I’m hoping it just may take awhile to start taking affect.
  1. Second Bottle!


    I first tried this and really liked it, but for whatever reason when I ran out I didn't restock right away. I noticed a difference in my hair quite quickly and once I bought it again, I remembered how much I love it!
  2. Best product for split ends


    I apply daily to my ends before blow drying. I really notice the reduction of split ends. The bottle lasts ages as well.
  3. Reduces split ends, healthier hair


    This is a great product to use if you suffer from split ends and dry ends, especially in colour treated hair. I put this on sparingly on my lengths and my ends after I shower and then blow dry my hair. It has definitely reduced the appearance of split ends and gives a better blow dry finish. Would highly recommend to those looking to grow their hair and prevent split ends
  4. Less hair in hairbrush!


    It does what it says, from day 1 my hair feels stronger just wish it was a little more moisturizing then it would be perfection in a bottle
  5. Damaged, dry hair


    I have recently gone from very dark hair to an ash blonde and have found this an integral part of my hair care regime. This has helped me to maintain my hairs health whilst bleaching.
  6. Good, affordable hair treatment


    Good, affordable hair treatment. I've bought more expensive ones in the past, and I've found that the Redken treatments work just as well and are way more affordable. I recommend giving it a go.
  7. Fantastic product


    I used this product for a long period of time and I found it helped nourish my hair which was damaged from constantly getting ombre. It was a staple in my hair care regime and I used it every time I washed my hair.
    The only reason I changed products was to use another Redken product to help with split ends and growing my hair.
  8. So far so good


    I have the rest of this Redkin line and have found that it works well for my hair that is pretty beaten up by years of bleach damage. It has made my hair stronger and shinier for sure but my thirsty ends still need something.

    I use two pumps and it kind of disappears into your hair immediately on application but I have found that my hair is more protected a few days after my wash.
  9. Excellent


    This works well on my hair and it smells amazing! It helped stop hair breakage, and was a nice leave in treatment for my hair. I have bought this many times over the years!
  10. Healthy locks for good


    This has really helped with my breakage and I felt the difference after one use! I love!
  11. Great product for fried breaking ends


    I truely believe this is helping my hair. I don’t think you need to chop your locks to get it to look healthy again, this with a good mask, and no bleach for a while will do the trick!
  12. Makes your hair so much softer and easier to brush


    Awesome deep conditioner! Makes my hair so much softer and easier to brush after using it. Highly recommend to anyone with long, dry hair.
  13. I’m on the fence


    I have heard good things about this and as I just had a terrible experience at the hair dressers and was left with dry brittle hair I wanted to give it a go. I haven’t seen any results yet but I’ll keep using it.
    It feels a little sticky in hair but with the condition my hair is in that’s expected. I’m hoping it just may take awhile to start taking affect.
  14. Great heat protector


    I have bleached hair for about 2 years now, this is my second bottle of anti-snap Redken Extreme. My hair is a bit more dry from bleaching and I feel that anti snap provides good protection after washing, during styling. It feels creamy but doesn't feel heavy on the hair. I use it after other Redken Extreme products.
  15. Meh, it’s okay


    I’m not sure about it. I don’t see a huge difference in the way my hair feels and looks when I use this. I think it’s a little bit pricey for the little amount that it does. I think that Wella do way better haircare!!
  16. Feels crunchy but getting stronger


    I have been using this for a little while with the Nak leave in moisturiser but it does not have a nice texture. I will usually leave it in overnight then need to rinse in the morning before styling otherwise my hair gets tangled and feels gross. It has helped strengthen my hair but I have been using it with a few other products.
  17. Where has this product been all my life?


    I have dyed blonde hair and as a result it was looking a bit worse for wear. Protein & keratin rich conditioners were making my hair snap. I switched to this product alongside the matching conditioner and WOW my hair has done a complete 180 and is back to a somewhat healthy condition. It also has calmed my frizz down!! Could not love this product more.
  18. Saved my hair


    This product saved my hair from snapping off the ends after I bleached it. I used it once a week until the bottle was finished. made my hair so much stronger. although it doesn't leave the hair feeling soft, I just used an oil with it as well
  19. Good


    I have terrible breakage since growing out a keratin treatment. A google search led me to this product and after one use, I have already recommended it to every friend I have who chemically treats their hair. Drying and flat ironing my hair for the first time with anti-snap has blown my mind. Maybe four ends broke off in the process which is very different from the sink of hair I had been experien...
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  20. Savior for damaged hair


    My hair is very dry and damaged from heat and bleach. I've seen a lot less breakage since using this product. It's also easily absorbed and doesn't feel greasy or leave a residue.
  21. Not sure if it’s helping hair


    This product leaves me hair feeling a bit ‘crunchy’ and dry so I get a little scared when applying this, but I also have noticed more splits ends than usual so not sure if it’s making it worse cause it doesn’t seem to help. Will continue to use and see how I go.
  22. Great product


    Redeem definitely don’t disappoint, this leave in treatment has really helped my over bleached hair and is great because it soaks in and doesn’t feel heavy or oily!
  23. Unsure if it makes a difference


    I was recommended this one by my hairdresser but I’m unsure if it has really made a difference for my hair. My hair is extremely brittle on the ends and very oily on the scalp. I felt I was washing my hair more when using this causing more damage
  24. Helpful


    Helped rebuild my hair and strengthening my hair but don’t expect softness or shine. Recommend using in conjunction with moisturising conditioner
  25. Best EVER!


    This product makes my hair feel healthy and conditioned. I can't recommend this product highly enough.
  26. Great product


    I used to straighten my hair every day for years and it made my hair incredibly damaged. This treatment really helped to get my hair back to looking silky and soft! I'm so happy with it, it smells amazing too! Great product.
  27. Great treatment for your hair


    This treatment provides a little bit of extra TLC for your dry hair. Great to leave in, and provides that extra moisture that you need. Would recommend, as with all Redken products.
  28. Lifesaver for constantly coloured hair


    As per my title my hair has been bleached to hell and back and damaged beyond belief. Lifesaver for your hair that’s quite affordable too! I use this every other week with another leave in conditioner and I am seeing much healthier hair.
  29. Good leave in treatment


    Good leave in treatment for dry or damaged hair. Give it a go!
  30. (curly, thick, bleached hair)


    I like this product but i prefer to mix it in with a hair oil and apply to wet and dry hair. By itself i find it more on the drying side and if applied too much, can leave my hair feeling crunchy, but when its mixed with an oil i find it a good combo.
  31. Life saver!


    I have over-processed hair from bleaching and this product has helped immensely. Before my hair would snap off whenever I brushed it or ran my fingers through it and you could see where my hair was going to break off next if you looked at the strands, but using this has decreased the amount of snapping and breakage.

    Will definitely purchase again!
  32. I would buy this product again


    Definitely recommend this item. My hair is completely bleached and over processed over the past few years. I was in search of a product to help my hair not fall overtime i would wash my hair. found out of this product last year and noticed a huge difference. I recently purchased this product again along with the whole Redken Extreme line. Again, I highly recommend this product- definitely worth it...
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  33. Makes a difference!


    Use this product daily and have witness a huge reduction in spilt ends and breakage. I have used this for years and don't think I will ever stop. Even my hairstylist noticed a difference in the health of my hair when I started using antisnap!
  34. Good


    Being a spray it’s kind of hard to determine if you’re getting the product evenly on your hair but you get used to it other than that it’s an amazing product, no regrets in my purchase
  35. Redkens best product


    This is a lovely light weight product that actually works! It saved my hair, I use it daily and I feel like it doesn’t hold my fine thin hair down. Love it
  36. Excellent Product!


    Such a great product, saved my hair when it was in dyer need! Helps split ends and general health of hair. Definitely restored my hair from years of chemical damage. Would recommend to anyone, but especially if you suffer from dry damaged ends.
  37. Helped Heal my Hair!


    I had severely damaged hair due to tape extensions and constant bleaching. I used this product every time I washed my hair and it helped to heal it. Now my hair doesn't split and it actually grows!
  38. Restoring hair for more than 20 years!!


    My mum used to use this very same product when I was a child. Just recently it came up in conversation when we were talking about my hair and damaged ends. She boasted about redken cat extreme and how often she used it and it's what's saved her from losing all of her hair because of us kids. She also said she'd been told that after 3 uses, damaged hair was restored by up to 80%. Well I went home ...
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  39. Best leave in protein treatment


    I have used this for about 5 years and it repairs all the damage that colouring causes. My hair is really fine and prone to frizziness and this helps keep it shiny and smooth and stops the ends from splitting. It smells like berries and doesn't make your hair greasy like some leave in treatments so I use every 2-3 washes and notice the difference when I stop using it.
  40. Brilliant product


    I have used this for years. Only a tiny bit is needed to help seal the hair cuticle and add strength to damaged hair. If you add too much, your hair can feel a bit stiff, so I add only a small amount (around a 20 cent piece size) to the ends and mid-length of my hair. Highly recommended.
  41. Amazing for damaged blonde hair


    My hair went from strength to strength using this!!
  42. puts the elasticity back into your hair


    I have recently been struggling with my hair from snapping from being over processed. It continually snapped, definitely got worse before it got better until I started using this range. This stuff is some good stuff. I purchased the entire range from Adore and I must say it has helped my hair since first wash. I helped it get its strength back without feeling crunchy. I used an oil based condition...
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  43. Soft ends


    This product is generally recommended for hair that has been bleached, however I have been using it for years on my non-bleached hair with great results. I use it on the ends of my hair only (around the last few inches) after every wash, before blow drying.

    I have found it prevents a lot of breakage and split ends, and importantly doesn't leave a noticeable residue or leave my hair f...
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  44. Fantastic product!!


    Can leave my hair slightly stiff when it dries but apart from that it is perfect!!!
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