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Real Techniques Stippling Brush

4.3 of 53 reviews


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4 instalments of $6.25

Or 4 instalments of $6.25 with LEARN MORE

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The trade secret is out. Real Techniques Stippling Brush can be used to buff and stipple foundation, blush and bronzer for an airbrushed, poreless appearance. Even in harsh natural or photographic light, your makeup can look professionally done.

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GREAT - 87% recommend

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Real Techniques Stippling Brush Reviews

4.3 of 53 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This is the best foundation brush I have ever used. Love it.

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn’t love this brush, better out there


I didn’t love this brush, I found the bristles were not dense enough, so no good for application of liquid foundation, for example. A better stippling brush I would recommend is the Sigma f80 - much denser and gives a proper application of liquid foundation.
  1. Good


    This works really well for bronzers and sometimes I use it for contouring as well.
  2. great for bronzer


    this is really good for bronzer, it really blends it in well
  3. Perfect


    This is the best foundation brush I have ever used. Love it.
  4. Nice, airbrushed finish


    Stippling brushes are such an underrated way of applying liquid foundation. This brush is pretty durable over time, and looks brand new again every time I clean it.
  5. Nice


    This brush is good for both cream and powder. I’ve use it for foundation and powder. It’s multi task.
  6. Good for blush


    I like this brush but definitely not for foundation. You have to spend a lot of time buffing and blending away the streaks it leaves. I do however really like this for blush! Because it's not as dense, it applies a nice lightly diffused wash of colour to the cheeks! So nice
  7. Base on point


    Great foundation brush, I love this for a long west foundation as it is so buildable and the stippling brush covers each surface evenly.
  8. Buy it!


    I have been using this brush since I was 21! I am now 30! I love it. It makes my foundation look absolutely flawless. I have bought many of the years and will never stop. So afordable as well!
  9. Great for liquid and creams


    I used to use this exclusively to apply liquid foundation which gave a fab, flawless finish but have found that it is just as effective as offering applying cream blush. Ice taken to using cream blushes and I found this definitely helps with giving a nice, natural 'lit from within' look.
  10. Good starter foundation brush


    This was my first foundation brush and I loved it. It's reasonably soft and nice to use. I would go over afterwards with a sponge to smooth over. I have since come across much nicer foundation brushes but this was great to start off with. Also ok for cream cheek products.
  11. Holy Grail Brush


    I have been purchasing this brush for years now. It's excellent for cream products and leaves a seamless blend for foundation. It doesn't shed, and lasts for a long time with proper care. I will continue to use this brush forever!
  12. Beautiful!


    Super easy to use even for novices like me! Highly recommend. This stippling brush really gives you an airbrushed finish when used with liquid foundations.
  13. Love this brush!


    I wouldn't apply foundation without this brush EVER AGAIN. What was I even thinking before. I use it to apply a small amount of Yves Saint Laurent All in one Glow and it gives a flawless finish, even coverage and after a few weeks my boss found out I wore makeup everyday and she was gobsmacked because it looked so natural.
  14. Great!


    These days I tend to use brushes for cream bronzers and blushes as I feel I get a better outcome for a soft finish. This was one of the first brushes I bought and I love it.
  15. Amazing


    The Real Techniques Stippling Brush is great at buffing in foundation, blush and bronzers. It gives an airbrushed, poreless appearance.
  16. versatile brush


    Works so well for both liquid and powder products.
  17. Didn’t love this brush, better out there


    I didn’t love this brush, I found the bristles were not dense enough, so no good for application of liquid foundation, for example. A better stippling brush I would recommend is the Sigma f80 - much denser and gives a proper application of liquid foundation.
  18. Multipurpose and a great all-round problem-solver.


    I was surprised to see another reviewer say they don't use this brush much. Like a lot of RT brushes, this one has so many applications, and I use it almost daily.

    It's great for solving problems like softening the edges of too-harsh blush. It's good for contouring, especially if you're using a cream-based product. It works as a foundation brush, it blends mineral makeup beautifully,...
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  19. Like but don’t love


    I don’t mind this brush but personally struggle to blend with this as flawlessly as it says it should. It is great quality like all of Real Techniques brushes, but I didn’t find it as easy to use as others and don’t reach for it as often as my other ones.
  20. My cream bronzer brush!


    I use this to apply my cream bronzer and love it. I bought a back up, as this brush is hard to find! Not sure if they are discontinuing it? Recommend this, I was originally looking for the Elf one, but couldn’t find it! These brushes are so versatile!
  21. Love it!


    I use this every single day. It blends quite nicely, is dense and brilliant value. I have two, so I always have a clean one. At this price, it is easy to have a back up


    I love this brush It works to well to buff and blend foundation, and larger concealer areas of the face.
  23. Great Range


    I love the real techniques brushes! My skin is often weirdly sensitive to brushes and I'll break out in a bumpy rash but these have never done it to me. This particular brush I don't use often purely for preference of a denser brush but it is beautiful and soft and would be great for loose powders
  24. great for cream blush


    I actually use this brush for cream blushes for the cheeks and find it effectively disperses it all over where i want it
  25. Flawless foundation


    This stippling brush really gives you an airbrushed finish when used with liquid foundations. Super easy to use even for novices like me! Highly recommend.
  26. First and only stippling brush I own


    This was one of the first brushes I bought when I got into makeup and used it for my foundation. These days I tend to use it for cream bronzers and blushes now that I go for a more 'no-makeup makeup' look every day.
  27. Does the job and great price!


    I love this brush so much! I have two Mac Stippling Brushes and this one is so much better - and cheaper!!

    It does what you need a stippling brush to do and it does not lose hairs. Who doesn't hate when a brush loses hair!!

    I also like it is smaller and more compact than the MAC stippling brush.
  28. unsure


    I use this brush to gently buff and smooth my liquid foundation. It does a good job, however I have found after a few washes, the bristles have lost their softness even though I wash with care. I am unsure how I feel about the quality of this brush.
  29. Only fountain brush I use


    I’ve bought 2 of these brushes in the past and have been using it for 5 years! Still in amazing condition as well

    For liquid fountain I find it works the best, it glides on super smooth and the handle of the brush is a nice shape so it’s comfortable to hold! It’s worth paying that little bit extra for a great brush :)
  30. great for cream products


    great brush to apply primers and cream products with. barely sheds and works a dream. only downside is that as the bristles are white they can look dirty if you use cream bronzers etc. but worth every penny
  31. Favourite Brush to apply Foundation!


    This is my favourite brush to apply foundation, it gives an airbrushed look.
    However, I only use this to apply liquid foundations. Its best for applying quite runny foundations. For cream, powder or any thicker foundations - this is not the brush.
  32. Not crazy about this


    I own a lot of RT brushes and this stippling brush is one of my least used. I find it a bit scratchy and it takes some effort to blend out product, be it liquid or powder. It is a good quality brush though and lasted me years.
  33. love it


    really really good foundation brush for an effortless application that looks stunning, it doesnt leave brush marks and doesn't waste alot of the product, ive also had this for ages, would defs recommend
  34. great for natural looks


    I love going for more natural looks and this applies my foundation lightly by still blends evenly and leaves no streaks. I feel like I use less products since the brush doesn't really take up a lot of product unlike sponges. I do like to use it for applying blushes from time to time just to mix it up a little bit.
  35. Not real techniques best


    This stippling brush applies bb creams and foundations very nicely if you're looking for that sheer natural coverage, however as an owner of so many real techniques brushes - I have to say that this is the only one that I have found to shed so far.

    The quality and longevity for some reason isn't as good.
  36. Awesome brush


    This brush is awesome if you want a fully flawless smooth baby bottom looking face!! It gets foundation in every little crack and makes the skin look so flawless! It’s a must have, I bought my first nearly 10 years ago and I’m still re purchasing it to use.
  37. Love


    This brush is amazing to apply foundation with! I am an avid beauty blender girl though I also love applying with this brush.
  38. Light touch


    Good if you need to gently apply make up
  39. Yes


    I have loved this brush for years. I use it to apply liquid foundation to my face and love the look it gives. it is easy to hold and doesnt shed.
  40. A very good brush indeed

    perfecting skin

    i have dry skin, but this brush blends in my foundation and serums very evenly and without streaks. i am absolutely in love with this brush. it can also be used for blush
  41. Natural


    Good for light coverage and a natural look
  42. Amazing


    Great for foundation and blush application, highly recommend this one!
  43. A good brush


    I have rebought this brush many times over the years. I use it daily to apply my cream blush or bronzer. You can also use it for applying foundation evenly and streak free. It is fail safe and a great way to blend makeup into the hair and jaw line.
  44. Perfect for Blush


    I really love this brush to use with my powder blush. It is definitely better than my other blush brush as it gives a soft yet noticeable coverage on my cheeks. I do not need to use a lot of product to get the desired look.
  45. Versatile, good quality


    This can be used for lots of different things like foundation, powder blush or bronzer etc.Quality is great and the hairs don't ever fall out and it is easy to wash. Love real techniques brushes especially for the price.
  46. my fave for liquid bronzer


    this is my favourite brush to use with my liquid bronzer (nars liquid laguna, or cover fx custom enhancer drops) as it disperses the product nicely but is small enough to give you the precision to place the product, without getting too sloppy. i tend to dot the product first, then buff into the skin and this works really well. i do use it for cc cream from time to time and find it applies quicker ...
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  47. great for foundation


    This is a great brush for foundation! I love the coverage and finish i get with this brush and it is fairly decent price
  48. not dense enough but still works


    this is a soft synthetic brush. I bought it for applying my foundation, but find that it is very sparse and moves product around on my skin too much leaving streaks. I prefer the dome topped brush in the orange face collection but this brush is nice for stippling on blush

  49. A bit disappointing


    I've never been a big fan of stippling brushes as I like my foundation quite full coverage and find stippling brushes can leave my foundation a bit streaky. I would use this brush when wanting a more natural looking foundation and found it to be okay - a bit stiff and scratchy at times. Unfortunately the bristles in my brush became unglued and fell out of the barrel so I had to throw mine away. I ...
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  50. works well for cream products


    I like using this for applying cream blush and cream bronzer. It is not the best strippling brush I have. It works well for the price and I keep this as a backup brush in my collection.
  51. Great brush


    I really like this brush, I use it for cream products like foundation and my chanel bronze universal
  52. Great brush for cream products


    I love this brush for applying cream blush to my cheeks. It applies only a little at a time which is great when using blush too avoid putting too much on. It's very soft and washes and keeps its shape well.
  53. Very Soft but Sparse

    Beauty Bee

    Again, this is an incredibly soft synthetic brush from Real Techniques. I bought it for the purpose of applying liquid foundation, but I just never reach for it. It's so very sparse that it moves product around on my skin to much leaving small streaks. It's ok for applying cream blush or liquid bronzer, but again, I just don't reach for it because other brushes do a better job.
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