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Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

4.7 of 41 reviews


4 instalments of $7.00

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4 instalments of $7.00

Or 4 instalments of $7.00 with LEARN MORE

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With a soft, wide angled head, Real Techniques Sculpting Brush effortlessly sweeps on colour for defined contours and a healthy flush. This brush sculpts and shapes the face to fit in your natural contours, bringing out your most defined look ever - with none of the guesswork.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Real Techniques Sculpting Brush Reviews

4.7 of 41 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Beginner friendly


When I was starting out with contouring I always ended up with lines everywhere even with all the blending until I came across this and this actually made blending easily and didn't leave lines on my face. Amazing.
  1. Beginner friendly


    When I was starting out with contouring I always ended up with lines everywhere even with all the blending until I came across this and this actually made blending easily and didn't leave lines on my face. Amazing.
  2. Great brush!


    verified purchaser
    The brush is densely packed but the synthetic bristles are nice and soft making it blend foundation or contour perfectly. Such a great brush
  3. Good multi-use brush


    This brush is great for applying liquid foundation, but also for applying cheek contour. I personally prefer to use this as a foundation brush as it blends it into the skin flawlessly. The bristles are packed quite densely, giving quite a strong contour when used for contouring.
  4. Obsessed with this!


    This is my favourite makeup brush all of time! It’s the perfect angle to apply bronzer under the cheekbones. It blends product well too. Great value for the price!
  5. Best for cream bronzer


    Looove this brush. The shape is perfect for blending. I use it to apply cream bronzer. The bristles are super soft too and don’t fall out. Real Techniques brushes are an absolute bargain for the quality. I own about 10.
  6. Great affordable brush


    This brush is really great for beginners or if you are on a budget. The bristles are soft and it's easy to use.
  7. Perfect!


    verified purchaser
    This was recommended by one of the staffs at AB. Love that it is so cheap compared to the other expensive brands out there. I was looking for a dense brush for contouring and this is perfect. Haven't noticed any fallout yet. Highly recommend.
  8. Love


    verified purchaser
    I honestly love all the brushes from real technique, they are a cheaper alternative but get the job done!
  9. Amazing


    This Real Techniques Sculpting Brush gives that defined perfect contoured and a healthy flush. This brush sculpts and shapes the face.
  10. Perfect for contouring!


    This brush is perfect for contouring the face or for adding bronzer to finish with. It washes easily, back to brand new. The bristles don't fall out and applies your make up evenly.
  11. Great for contouring


    I really like this brush, great quality and brush life like all Real Techniques brushes, and so easy to create a nice contour as it really fits the contours of the face!
  12. Quality


    I was surprised with the quality of this brush. Very similar to expansive brands & does the same job for a fraction of the price.

    Cute pink design & very happy with purchase.
  13. Works well sometimes


    Great to use for cream products, but I find it too dense to use when going over foundations. I keep this one for when I do a no foundation day and use only creams on my face.
  14. Bronze and contour


    I use this brush for both bronzing and contouring, it's dense and angled well so the color goes where you want it and blends really well.
  15. Perfect for contour


    This brush is the perfect contour brush. The bristles are dense are the shape allows for the perfect application of bronzer under the cheekbone. I tend to use another brush though to buff, as it picks up quite a bit of product. If you blend with remaining bronzer on the brush, it can look muddy.
  16. Great for creams


    Perfect for a fool proof contour blend out, tried to used with powder but it looked quite cakey
  17. Favourite for applying cream products!


    This is my favourite brush for applying my cream blush and bronzer products so smoothly onto my skin!
  18. Great for all types of foundations


    This has got to be one of the best brushes ive used for any type of foundation.
    particularly better with liquids
    but also works really well on the creamy moussy type foundations. blends well foesnt hold too much prosuct so theres minimal waste.
  19. great brush for cream contouring and blush


    best brush to blend in my cream contour and blush. it just looks amazing and seamless
  20. LOVE for cream products


    I love this brush for my cream bronzers and blushes, works best to really melt the products into the skin, definitely always have it on hand.
  21. Great staple in my brush kit


    Love this brush. Especially easy to use when applying contour to cheeks. Easily blends product out and the bristles are not harsh on the face.
  22. Good Dupe


    This brush is very comparable to the Sigma contour brush. Really easy to achieve a chiselled look with this brush.
  23. Easy contour


    Love using this to apply cream contour for a chiselled look
  24. Good for contour


    Better for cream contour than powder as it’s dense
  25. Great


    Amazing for cream contouring or all over base applicator, I like this one!
  26. Good brush


    I'm not a master at laying down a killer contour but this brush def helps. Great shape for getting under the cheek bone and buffs out cream products beautifully. Lost a star because its easy to over do it on powder contour with this brush. Have also used it to buff out my foundation quickly when I couldn't find my foundation brush and it worked well for that too.
  27. Love it


    I love love love this brush for contouring with either cream or powder products. The shape is nice for getting under the cheekbones and around the forehead and it blends beautifully. Good quality- the bristles are soft, easy to clean, and long lasting.
  28. Great brush


    I use this for blending powder contour as the angle really helps me define my cheekbone and get all the angles. Blends really well!
  29. Perfect contour brush


    Love this brush for powder or cream contour as it is the perfect shape and size to blend with
  30. Perfect for cream contour!


    I love love love this brush for blending out cream contour. It fits so perfectly in the cheekbones and blends effortlessly. I have also used this for concealer previously because the shape gets very close to the lash line and blends concealer very well.
  31. Amazing brush!


    I was yet to find a bronzing brush that didn’t leave my cheeks muddy and streaky and I have found it with this brush! It’s amazing, it blends my bronzer out perfectly, and doesn’t leave me looking streaky! A must have in anyone’s brush collection.
  32. blends beautifully


    i love this brush and it lives up to the Real Technique's high standard with all their brushes. This blends my bronzer so well and is the perfect size to get underneath the cheekbone without looking muddy and streaky, it blends both powder and cream products beautifully without leaving lines!

  33. Blush


    This is a good brush for applying blush. I find it so easy to use and apply.

    Very good quality too.
  34. Great


    Excellent brush for contouring or bronzing, although I use it mainly to apply my blush. It's just the right size and doesn't leave any obvious 'lines'.
  35. LOVE this brush


    I use this brush to apply my bronzer and it is amazing! It is so soft, I've washed it multiple times and have been using it for a few months now, it is still good as new. Definitely recommend
  36. Great brush!!


    this is so soft and dense I love it to apply my blush, such good quality will definitely check out more from this brand
  37. In Love.


    I received this as a gift from adore and was totally blown away, I definitely didn't expect a gift to be such high quality ! this brush has amazingly soft bristles and I use it everyday to apply my blush (:
  38. Did not disappoint


    Absolutely love this brush which doesn't surprise me as love all of Real Technique's brushes. This blends my bronzer so well and is the perfect size
  39. Good for cream products


    I love this for blending out my cream contour. Doesn't leave any streaks! Amazing.
  40. Recommend


    I recieved this brush as a bonus gift after spending over $100 and I’m so inlove with it. It’s so soft but also firm enough, it blends my powder and cream contour so well!
  41. Excellent for cream contour


    I love this brush for applying cream contour or bronzer. Since it is angled, its perfect for sculpting the check bones. The bristles are soft, but firm enough to blend.
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