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Real Techniques Powder Brush

4.7 of 87 reviews


4 instalments of $7.00

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4 instalments of $7.00

Or 4 instalments of $7.00 with LEARN MORE

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Evenly and seamlessly apply powders and mineral foundations, for smooth, lightweight results. Real Techniques Powder Brush gives a pixel-perfect finish and prevents a cakey effect.

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Real Techniques Powder Brush Reviews

4.7 of 87 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Big and fluffy


This brush is fantastic for finishing powders, it's big enough so that you don't have to keep dabbing into your pan to cover your whole face.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good brush


This brush is very soft and fluffly. I like using this when applying powders.
  1. Big and fluffy


    This brush is fantastic for finishing powders, it's big enough so that you don't have to keep dabbing into your pan to cover your whole face.
  2. Yes


    I like how this brush give me a very soft look. It’s big and fluffy so I won’t over powder myself.
  3. Fluffy!


    This brush is nice and big and fluffy. It’s perfect for all over powder application. It doesn’t shed either. Excellent quality for the price.
  4. Top quality, but why... ?


    Why do all RT brushes have to be different widths, colours etc - especially in one category (ie all the face brushes are different). I wish they could be a bit more consistent lol as it doesn't make for a useable large collection. Otherwise excellent quality.
  5. Great quality powder brush


    verified purchaser
    Beautifully soft and fluffy powder brush that is perfect for applying my powder foundation. I really like that the end of the bristles are a lighter colour so it's easy to tell when you need to clean it too. Love it!
  6. Great!


    verified purchaser
    I use this brush to apply my powdered foundation and I love it, It applies evenly and quickly. No fall out from the brush and easy to clean as well!
  7. Speeds things up


    So fast and easy to use for powder. Super soft bristles that keep things seamlessly blended. A must-have.
  8. Lovely


    Lovely and soft, doesn't shed and easy to clean. I like that the top of the brush isn't black, it makes it easy to tell I've washed all of the product off the brush properly
  9. Quick and easy brush


    I love this for dusting a light layer of powder all over. Very soft and durable.
  10. Such good quality


    I love all the real techniques brushes they're such great quality and last really well! This brush is no different. It doesn't lose hairs and it perfect for setting powders. If I ever need to I definitely would repurchase.
  11. Best fluffy brush!


    This is such a great fluffy brush - perfect for applying pressed powders and gives a lovely even finish. No loose hairs with this brush, no complaints.
  12. Fave new brush


    New favourite brush. So full and fluffy, no loose hairs falling out during use. I use this for my pressed mineral powder and it gives such a lovely sheer finish.
  13. My number one


    Okay, so I own a million brushes. From $$$ brands to $ brands. And this baby is my number one brush I reach for. It is such an amazing all rounder powder brush.
  14. So soft and fluffy


    This is a great face powder brush! It is so big and fluffy. i love how it feels on the face!
  15. The perfect powder brush!


    I love this brush! It is super soft and applies powder to the face evenly. I have used quite a few brands but this is definitely my favourite powder brush.
  16. Great


    This is the great Fluffy powder brush. This applies my powders so perfectly.
  17. Great for full coverage


    This brush is great for a full coverage finish. It hold onto a lot of power so you need to make sure your blend your makeup well.
    Very soft and large, but if you want a sheerer finish, try another brush.
  18. Great!


    Very nice brush for powder, Love using this to bronze the perimeter of my face.
  19. Good for full coverage


    Big soft brush but the bristles are a bit tighter then my other brushes. It packs the powder on a bit more so I find I get a more full coverage finish. Not bad if that's what you want.
  20. Flawless finsih


    This Real Techniques brush allows you to apply your powder so easily and d blends really well. I always purchase Real Techniques brushes as they last a long time, clean easily and apply your make up effortlessly!
  21. Love this as a powder brush


    I use this brush everyday to apply my loose powder to set my face. It is big, soft and fluffy. Exactly what I want in a powder brush, as I don’t like too look cakey. Still one of my favourite powder brushes, and I have tried a few!
  22. Lovely brush


    This is a very lovely and soft brush. I love it as an all over powder brush! It is very big and fluffy.
  23. Best powder brush I have used


    I love and definitely recommend this. It's a great large brush and really fluffy, and stays lovely and fluffy if washed regularly. Mine has lasted such a long time and I wouldn't stray from this one.
  24. Amazing


    This allows me to cover my whole face with powder really quickly in the morning.
  25. Recommend


    Good powder brush to pick up powder and apply on the whole face easily


    Amazing brush,
    you can cover your whole face with one easy swipe! I find it awesome for baking as it picks up a lot of product and disperses it evenly and beautiful

    its like a buffering brush I love it!
  27. Powder brush


    Lovely soft bristles, that pick up product easily and covers a large surface area of my face.
  28. So good


    I've had this brush for years and it is still one of my favourites. Washes well, no shedding and the handle is nice to hold. Good size and nice and fluffy!
  29. Fuss free brushing .


    Large soft and fluffy head that is perfect for applying an even spread of powders (especially bronzing powders).
    No malting. !
    Perfectly constructed handle !
    A highly recommended brush for sure !!
  30. Good brush


    This brush is very soft and fluffly. I like using this when applying powders.
  31. Fluffy, full brush!


    This powder brush is big and in this case bigger is better! Applied powder beautifully and lightly for a natural finish!
  32. Great fluffy brush


    This brush is very soft. Feels nice on face. It is quite a large brush. I use it to set my whole face using translucent powder. It picks up powder well and distributes it on the face really fast. Withstands washing; no bristle fallout. I have also used it to apply my bronzer which works well.
  33. Great brush value for money


    This brush is fantastic more than happy and the price is great
  34. Great brush and good value


    Great brush and is very soft on the skin also great price
  35. Great brush and good value


    Great brush and is very soft on the skin also great price
  36. Soft and Lasts forever


    This brush has lasted me such a long time. Its the perfect size for powder application.
    One of those products I certainly take for granted.
  37. love


    soft brush. large size which is perfect. picks up a lot of product. i feel like it could be softer but thats just my personal preference. would continue to buy
  38. Great powder brush


    This brush has very soft synthetic bristles. It applies any pressed or loose mineral powder flawlessly and can be used to build up coverage. It does not cake the product on. It is easy to clean, and regains the exact same shape after washing time and time again.
  39. Always reaching for this brush!


    This brush is a staple for me. It does the most AMAZING bronzer application no matter the brand. It seamlessly dusts off translucent powders and applies things exactly the way you want. It has the softest bristles of all my brushes. Absolutely in love.
  40. Don't understand the hype!


    I have bought around 5-10 real techniques brushed over the past few years and wanted to love them! Unfortunately, I don't see the hype in them at all. They're quite rough and the bristles leave streaks. There are much better quality brushes out there for this price.
  41. Great Product


    Greta powder brush and does exactly what I need it for. The bristles are so soft. Highly recommend.
  42. Favourite all over face brush!


    This is my favourite all over face brush! I use it to apply both my compact and loose powders to set my face, and the bristles are incredibly soft so it applies like a dream!
  43. great for powder


    great for using powder products with, sets the face so quickly and super fluffy
  44. Feels so soft


    This brush is massive on my face so I purely use it for powder (at least it applies it quickly!) and to quickly blend out any harsh bronzer/blush lines. Apart from that, it’s so soft and affordable!
  45. Has its pros, also come cons


    Definitely a fantastic brush, not doubt about that. But it's quite big, so depending on how you plan to use it/the size of your face, it can be a bit overwhelming. I really only use it to powder my entire face, or if I want to bronze up my chest and shoulder area.
  46. Mixed feelings


    Very fluffy brush, but not lash extension friendly - it ripped a few out as i went over my eye area with it! Applying powder foundation to cheeks and forehead was quick and easy, but this brush isn’t good for the nose/eye area at all.. Way too big!
  47. Great powder brush


    This is quite a large brush and it helps me apply my powder foundation so quickly. It is not too dense and covers a large area very quickly. It is just a tiny bit scratchy but still great quality!
  48. lovely bronzer brush


    even though this is a powder brush, i love to use this as bronzer brush and able to bronze my face beautifully.
  49. excellent quality great price


    it is so useful to apply powder on all over my face i am totally in love with this brush. it cleans very easily and it has been a long time that i have owned it and it is still like new. very soft too
  50. Best for applying powder


    One of the best brushes I’ve ever used to apply powder - it is extremely wide so covers a big area with each application.
    The bristles are so soft and are excellent after washing and hold their shape.
    I’ve had my brush for years and it’s in excellent condition - the price point is more expensive than other brands but it is so worth it .
  51. Perfect for all over


    This brush is soooooo fluffy! I use it for all over setting powder. It’s so light and feels gorgeous on the skin
  52. Good Quality Powder Brush


    I love the softness of the bristles!! It blends powders and creams really well and it's super affordable in my opinion.
  53. does the good


    could get cheaper and better brushes from morphe but that’s just my opinion.
  54. Big and fluffy


    I am normally huge RT fan and own most of their brushes. I use powder foundation most of the time but this brush is a bit big for that. I mostly use it to apply foundation on my neck as it covers a large area quickly. I found the bristles on this brush to be a little rougher than the other brushes and it is therefore my least favourite of the collection, a good brush nonetheless!
  55. Soft and durable


    Really lovely and soft, have been using to apply blush and setting powder and very pleased with the results
  56. Nice big fluffy brush


    The bristles are very soft and the brush is quite big which makes application of powder quick and easy. No shedding so far, definitely a great brush.
  57. great all over prowder brush

    perfecting skin

    very soft and professional all over powder brush. never disappoints me. the bristles are long and effective to apply the powder evenly on the face. i have tried it with pressed powders it works perfectly.
  58. Great!


    Great for applying powder products, such as setting powder, bronzer or blush. I love it.
  59. Great


    This brush is big and soft and fluffy, perfect for setting foundation with loose powder or dusting off excess powder after baking. Washes well and bristles stay nice and soft.
  60. Perfect for powder


    I use this for finishing powder and it's amazing. Very soft.
  61. Great brush


    I love how lightweight and fluffy this brush is. I use this brush for both loose powder to set my liquid foundation and also use it for mineral powder foundation if I'm in a hurry. It evenly distributes product and applies it nicely, while also being nice and soft on the skin!
  62. Everyday use


    I use this brush most days to apply my powder. It gives a good full and even coverage. I regularly wash this brush to ensure the coverage stays even as it does pick up a lot of powder very quickly.
  63. Use it everyday!


    I love this brush and use it for applying powder products everyday. It is the perfect size - holds the right amount of product.
  64. Good value high quality


    This brush is super soft and allows to create a diffused look. Really lovely brush and comparable to the expensive powder brushes.
  65. Really good for finishing powder


    This product is amazing for applying finishing powder - its large, fluffy and soft on the skin. Holds up really well after multiple washes as well, none of the bristles have fallen out - no complaints!
  66. Great brush!


    I love this powder brush. I use it almost every day and have had it for a couple of years. It's still big and fluffy and has not lost any hairs. It is a bit more on the pricey side, however for the time that you get out of the brush - it's definitely worth it!
  67. Love


    This is one of the best powder brushes to date, literally blends all my makeup and is great for setting.
  68. Love it!


    I use it daily to apply my translucent powder, blush or bronzer. It is comfortable to hold, applies the right amount of product and is such a great price!
  69. SO GOOD


    Love this powder brush!!! Real techniques brushes are always amazing especially for the price and this is so soft and fluffy and picks up powder like no other. So good for fast application of powder and can even use for an all over wash of bronzer or blush for a softer, more diffused look. Love this.
  70. Applies powder quickly


    Best affordable brush for setting your foundation! It is so soft and quickly applies powder all over the face as it’s quite large. I also found that it washes well and dries quicker than all of my other brushes. Great for girls that need to save time in the morning getting ready. The only downside to these brushes is that the matte black base always gets dirty and it’s hard to remove.
  71. So big and fluffy


    Great powder brush as it is big and fluffy and feels soft on your skin. Sometimes I also use this to apply bronzer and the fluffy bristles blend it out so nicely


    Such a huge brush and i love it for powder application all over the face very quickly. sometimes if i am in a rush i pinch the bottom of the bristles and bunch them together to apply blush and contour specifically! It is so multipurpose and i love it! highly recommend
  73. Great Powder Brush


    Personally I prefer 'bigger' powder brushes but this is great for concentrated areas such as setting the concealer under the eyes. As the same with all Real Technique products it doesn't shed and is of a high grade quality.
  74. Lovely soft big brush


    This is a terrific brush it doesn't shed, applies perfectly and is so soft. I use it for blending blush out. Such a good price can't go wrong.
  75. So easy


    This is so easy to use and I find that I am able to apply the perfect amount of powder.

    Great quality brushes.
  76. Love the size


    I always apply a setting powder all over so this size is fantastic for fast application.
    It picks up and deposits the right amount of powder evenly all over my face.
    I do a quick few swipes and my makeup is all set.
    The brush is soft and great quality.
    It washes and dries well with minimal shedding and always goes back into shape.
    The handle is very sturdy and comfort...
    Read More
  77. Applies powder evenly and gently- must-have


    Purchased this to apply finishing powder/ translucent powder on with. It does wonders to create that perfect finish- the brush is just as important as the product and I've seen a visible difference in the appearance and lasting powder of my makeup after using this. I have combination skin which tends to get oily in the T-zones so a good brush to set my makeup with is a must. This is affordable and...
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  78. Can't Go Wrong


    You can't go wrong with a Real Techniques brush; the bristles are so soft, spread product very evenly and are easy to clean/dry. I bought this brush to apply translucent setting powder and it does the job perfectly - much better than the stiff, cheap bristled options I have experienced before. Would definitely recommend.


    This is by far the best powder brush I have ever used. It is super soft and does not leave bristles all over my face like my previous one did and it is also half the price.
  80. Beautiful soft powder brush


    I love this powder brush. It is so huge and soft, the entire face is powdered so easily and quickly. It really Smith’s the skin and give a beautiful, natural airbrushed finish to your makeup. This is my favoutprite powder brush I’ve tried!
  81. Powder brushes are not all made equal


    This is the softest powder brush ever. Buffs powder perfectly and no shedding.
  82. YESSSSS!


    Absolutely LOVE this powder brush! way better and I mean WAY better than my MAC one! Super soft, big and fluffy but also nice and dense
  83. Perfect brush


    Cant fault this brush. The bristles are so soft and applies my powder flawlessly! Not much else i can really add! Highly recommend!
  84. "Another one to add to the Collection"

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have many Real Tech Brushes and this one is another favourite!
    The synthetic bristles are super soft to sweep over face & metal like handle make them easy to clean without damaging them, As some of the brushes I've used previously-not from RT. Have shredded paint on the handle due to it being wooden & coated).
    I'll have the full collection soon!
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