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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge with Case

4.8 of 100 reviews


4 instalments of $4.25

Or 4 instalments of $4.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $4.25

Or 4 instalments of $4.25 with LEARN MORE

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Take your routine anywhere! Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is now available with a protective travel case to keep your sponge clean and hygenic. This cult classic blending sponge gives a flawless base with none of the complicated blending work.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge with Case Reviews

4.8 of 100 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for blending

Masha Sudareva

Love this product it blends foundation into my skin so well. The protective case is the winner for me though.

Most Helpful Criticism

Decent sponge


Expands nicely with water and the case is helpful, but I will still always prefer brushes.
  1. Great for blending

    Masha Sudareva

    Love this product it blends foundation into my skin so well. The protective case is the winner for me though.
  2. Great sponge, case didn't last


    Love the sponge, my foundation comes out evenly and blends well with concealers. Also perfect for touch ups, creating a natural looking finish. Unfortunately, the locking mechanism for the case cracked and so I couldn't use it so just be careful not to force!
  3. Great blender!


    I love how this applies my makeup. It leaves my foundation looking even and seamless. The case is great, it keeps all the bacteria off the sponge! Loving this!
  4. Favourite Makeup Sponge


    Applies foundation flawlessly. Great price. I've repurchased multiple times - Definitely recommend!
  5. gives a great finish


    this gives my foundation a great finish, nice and smooth and easy to use
  6. I love this!


    Just purchased this and am in love! The sponge is so soft and blends so nicely. The case also makes it so much easier to carry around with you!
  7. This sponge case is so handy!


    I love the Real Techniques brand in general and having a make up sponge that comes with a case greatly improves the life of the sponge as its not rolling about in my make up bag or draw. Its also more sanitary which is a big plus as I am prone to nasty pimples.
  8. Beauty bag essential


    A must have tool- really good for bouncing foundation into the skin without making it look cakey. I’ve had mine for more than 2 years, so they last really well too.
  9. The case is EVERYTHING!


    verified purchaser
    Okay so I never bought sponges before because they just roll around in my drawer I know gross but I’m lazy!

    This case is bomb! I just rinse my sponge after use and pop in the little aired case and let it dry Ready for the next day with no germs!

    Worth the buy, the sponge is also really nice if you don’t like to wet your sponges it’s perfect.
  10. Amazing


    This sponge is amazing and makes makeup so easy. The case is amazing so it can breathe and doesnt produce mold
  11. Love this!


    I will only use this to apply my foundation. I never feel I can get my foundation to look at good with a brush. I have used about 10 in my life and will continue to use these sponges
  12. Good


    This is incredibly soft sponge and I love using this for my concealer as it gives a flawless finish. It can stain overtime but I think it is really good value for money.
  13. great


    this is a great little sponge that blends my makeup in well and the travel case is handy
  14. Handy Case


    I love this sponge! it comes with a case which is really handy for travelling or just simply storing the sponge keeping dirt and dust off it. It applied my make up well and leaves it looking smooth. I gave it 4 and half stars because it didn't seem to last as long as other sponges.
  15. LOVE


    Love these sponges so much. They are such high quality and blend out so well, especially when damp. So affordable too. Will never purchase any other sponge.
  16. always have one aroung


    i always have these blenders with me that are so great at applying foundation and the case makes it so easy to keep clean
  17. Dupe for beauty blender


    Such a good dupe for the beauty blender, and it is SO much more affordable. I also love the fact that it comes with a case, making it much more hygienic.
  18. favourite sponge


    just as effective as the original beautyblender at a much more affordable price, will definitely repurchase
  19. My favourite beauty sponge


    I prefer this sponge over Beauty Blender as I find it blends really well and is softer. I love that it has a case so that it provides a hygienic storage.
  20. Decent sponge


    Expands nicely with water and the case is helpful, but I will still always prefer brushes.
  21. Love this sponge


    Easy to apply the foundation. Good for travelling(having a case)
  22. great sponge


    this is a pretty good quality sponge for the price and the case is super handy for travel
  23. perfect


    love that this has a case, very handy. Also love the sponge, for me, it is the best brand of beauty sponge
  24. Case is so good!


    Real techniques sponges are the best, and the little case keeps it nice and clean after it's been cleaned. Solved my "where to keep it" problem!
  25. softest thing you will ever touch


    This sponge is literally the absolute most amazing at blending out foundation.
    It feels good and looks good on your skin when applying.
    Also, the fact that it comes with a case it's super good to spend the extra money especially for all of the germaphobes and clean freaks out there!!
  26. My favourite


    The best sponge I've tried for blending liquid foundation and setting powder. Case is so convenient too.
  27. Great case


    Great case for your sponge if you travel a lot. I put this in my travel makeup bag when I do my makeup on the go. Really keeps my sponge clean.
  28. Amazing


    this sponge is literally amazing at blending out foundation and baking your face, it leaves you looking FLAWLESS. Also LOVE that it comes with a case so it's so nice and easy to put in my makeup bag when travelling.
  29. Spongey goodness


    I use this sponge everyday, It is perfect. It is affordable, soft but not too soft, spreads makeup easily and evenly and is a great shape to fit in all the little creases of the face. I used the case when travelling for 2 months and was perfect to keep my sponge clean while in my makeup bag.
  30. Not a good product


    The silicon sponge is not very helpful and I don’t like it at all
  31. Average


    This sponge honestly didn't wow me. I know it gets rave reviews but for me it just wasn't that impressive. I found it to be kind of stiff and not as soft as I'd prefer. I also tried to wash it after most uses to keep it clean but it would stain so easily and no matter how thoroughly I tried to clean it, I still felt like there was product left in the sponge. I ended up throwing it out after a few ...
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  32. perfect for travel


    wonderful sponge, blends my liquid foundation perfectly.
    love the ability to stick in my make up bag without causing a mess
  33. Fave make up sponge!


    The best make up sponge! I love the flat edge and the case is great for storage/travel.
  34. Amazing


    Have been using this sponge for years now and won’t buy anything else. It applies my make up so beautifully and evenly and I absolutely love the little case it comes with, saves it from so much dust, germs etc. recommend to everyone just make sure you wet it before applying foundation :)
  35. Perfect!


    This is exactly what I was looking for in a sponge. A case for my sponge. I used to put mine in a freezer bag when I traveled. Now I use the case. So handy.
  36. Haleigh’s best friend


    I will never stop purchasing these sponges. The case is very handy too! I like that my sponge doesn’t roll around in my make up bag and stays nice and clean!
  37. Soft and bouncy


    Very nice soft blender. It really helps with blending my foundation and concealer. The flat side is also nice for putting on my setting powder. Cheaper alternative for the original beauty blender.
  38. Super Easy!


    This is the first sponge I have used and I loved it! I have always been a brush girl, but wanted to start learning to use a sponge as I know it can bring a flawless look to makeup. I was super hesitant, especially because I didn't understand the difference between wet and dry sponges. However, this sponge can be used wet AND dry - I opted for the dry and immediately I didn't know why I hadn't trie...
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  39. favourite sponge


    This is my favourite sponge and the case is a great addition for if you want to keep one in a bag but don't want it to pick up dirt. Great option for travel!
  40. Innovative


    I have always been worried about chucking my makeup sponge in my handbag or in my makeup bag with my clean products. Either when its clean or yet to be cleaned, I just don't like it. Now my problems have been entirely fixed with this case! it is super handy and has answered all my dreams. The price is really good too.
  41. Must have beauty sponge


    I prefer this over the pricier beauty blender.

    I use this to bake and it creates a more defined line and also works well for blending. The case keeps the sponge clean and keep its shape while travelling.

    If you are a frequent traveller I recommend purchasing this over the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge without a case, which is the same price.
  42. Essential!


    Wish I got this case earlier! I’ve been using this sponge forever.. and recently came across the matching case. It’s awsome because it stays super clean and fresh in between not using it. Wish I bought it sooner.
  43. Perfect for travel


    This is perfect for travel- the case means the sponge doesn't get squashed out of shape and also keeps it clean and hygienic. The sponge worked well for me as a blending tool.
  44. Love it and the case!!


    It's so good for travel it won't crush my sponge and also for hygiene purpose ! Not to forget that the sponge itself is fantastic too!!
  45. wow


    so good, love how it blends in the makeup! I love it and applying it onto the face is not hard at all, with some beauty blenders I had to literally force to blend but with this, the application is so smooth and great I would definitely recommend 10/10 for me
  46. amazing


    Also comes with a case which great for travelling. this particular sponge is a dupe for the beauty blender. But I feel like this feels softer and a little bigger. I love the little curve. Blends like dream

  47. my go-to


    This works better for me than a beauty blender as it's soft and doesn't absorb product, rather it blends well, giving a much more natural finish without streaks.
  48. Best sponge and even better that it comes with case


    This sponge is my absolute favourite, perfectly buffs and blends skin for a flawless finish, I find it works especially good when wet, it gives a nicer finish and doesn't absorb as much product. Love it even more now that it comes with a case! Great for travel and also for hygiene, which is something I worry up with sponges as they are obviously harder to store than brushes.
  49. Works so well


    This is a high performing product at a lower price. I am very impressed and will definitely purchase again. 10 out of 10. Extra bonus points with the case for hygiene.
  50. amazing


    this particular sponge is a dupe for the beauty blender. But I feel like this feels softer and a little bigger. I love the little curve. IT also comes with a traveling case.
  51. Nice case


    I got this purely because of the case, it's so good for travel it won't crush my sponge also for hygiene purpose !
  52. Great Sponge


    this sponge is literally amazing at blending out foundation and baking your face, it leaves you looking FLAWLESS. It also comes with a case. good for travling
  53. best beauty blender


    this is such good beauty blender and its a dupe for beauty blender. great for the price
  54. Best ever


    So amazing, it ages well. So easy to work with blending and baking. Love this brand and their products
  55. In love


    Such a great sponge, absolute wow! I would definitely re purchase these ! Love how easily it is to blend in my foundation ! Thank you
  56. THE BEST


    This is the best sponge ever! makes your foundation flawless
  57. WOW


    Was extremely surprised at how well this product works!! The different sides give you total control over applying your makeup products and I really enjoy using the rounded flat end to spread foundation and concealer under the eyes. The sponge is also super soft so is great with more aged skin as well. Absolutely love it!!
  58. Amazing


    Cant believe I did not use this earlier. The case really helps keep the sponge clean in your travel make up kit!
  59. Great sponge


    On the very rare occasions where I wear foundation, I use this sponge to put on a light layer. It's super squishy and blends product really well. I use to use a foundation brush but realised it was too harsh on my skin so this is perfect and I LOVE the case. I always get worried my sponge is catching dust and bacteria from being exposed so after I wash my blender and let it completely dry, I pop i...
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  60. LOVE


    This is just as good if not better than a beauty blender. And half the price. Won't be buying beauty blenders anymore.
  61. Must be the only one who this doesn’t work for!


    I know this gets rave reviews, but I just cannot get a good finish. I use (and have) so many foundation brushes without issue, but the sponge really frustrates me. I’ve tried using it dozens of ways, and watched lots of tutorials but always end up with a mediocre finish.
  62. Cute and easy to use


    I love the travel case it’s so cute, I’ve been using the brand sponge for a few years now and the travel case is great because it stops the other make up getting on it.
  63. Great but not amazing


    I love this sponge and it applies foundation beautifully, however I find the texture of the sponge to be almost too soft that it breaks easier than my beauty blender. However, if you look at the price difference this is definitely worth it in the long run.
  64. Fav sponge


    My favorite sponge I've used, especially for the price, and so handy to have the travel case with it
  65. Easy storage!


    Best make up sponge I have used by far! Great storage case saves it getting wrecked in my make up case
  66. Amazing value


    I bought one of these about four months ago and I am now a convert! Blends foundation and concealer amazingly. I love the case too because I can take it with me for touch ups during the day. Real Techniques have become one of my favourite brands!
  67. one and only


    the only make up sponge i use for foundation
  68. As good as a BB!


    I find the performance of the RT sponges equal to Beauty Blenders and at this cost these are far better value.
    Also have the flat end if you want that option.
  69. Broke


    The sponge is my favorite, but not the case. It is very fragile and broke in the first weeks of use.
  70. Very nice


    Doesn't absorb too much of my liquid foundation, goes on very smoothly and naturally, easy to use. Case is very handy to keep the makeup bag clean. Fairly priced, very happy with my purchase
  71. Wonderful blender


    This is a wonderful and durable sponge which doesn't soak up and waste product. It has a very nice texture and provides very even coverage. Plus it costs half the price of a Beauty Blender sponge!
  72. My HG beauty sponge


    I have repurchased this beauty sponge many times due to its ability to seamlessly blend foundation & longevity. This is the only brand sponge I have used that doesn’t tear it develop cracks which become hone to bacteria that causes break outs.
    The case is a genius addition, now it will be so much easier to take the sponge travelling. I would recommend allowing the sponge to dry before storin...
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  73. Easy to clean!!


    Very easy to clean which is important to me and doesn’t soak up foundation like a sponge like a lot of others do! Perfection!
  74. Love!


    I purchased this sponge after reading great reviews, and I love how easy it makes it to apply my makeup each morning! So easy to use and my make up looks so natural. The case is also great for keeping it clean and will be useful for when we travel. Highly recommend.
  75. Great


    Easy to use and blends make up nicely when damp. I love the case that it comes with for easy to use when travelling.
  76. Good for travel!


    I have been using the Real Techniques sponges for a long time (I usually buy the 4 packs) but was going travelling and liked that I could still dry out my sponges without waiting before packing.

    I have travelled domestically and internationally and the case has made such a big difference, particularly with allowing the sponges to dry out.

    Would definitely recommend, parti...
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  77. Great value for money


    I find this sponge applies my make up beautifully when used damp. When used dry, it leaves me a bit cakey as the day wears on. Highly recommend.
  78. They just made ‘Perfect’ better


    I love love love RT’s sponge but the fact that now they have it in a case, just made life so much better. Keeps it hygienic.

    About the sponge- Anyone who wears foundation should buy this sponge. RT is amazing as a brand and this product is no exception. It is the only thing that blends my foundation the way it does- making it look like a second skin. I totally love it and can’t recomm...
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  79. Great beauty blender + case is so useful


    Love this case it is perfect for travel
  80. Reliable


    I’ve tried cheaper makeup sponges but keep go back to this one because it works so much better. The case is a nice idea but I’m surprised it doesn’t have more holes for aeration
  81. Favourite


    These are my favourite beauty blenders you can wash them in baby shampoo a few times and they come out good as new. Not sure if the case is really necessary and I would rather let mine air but could be good for travelling
  82. Love, love, love!


    LOVE this make up sponge. I have tried multiple, including the O.G. beauty blender but this one wins. It doesn't absorb the products and the flat side to it makes foundation application smooth and takes less time. The case is also fantastic to keep it in when it's not being used due to hygiene reasons.
  83. OK, but not the best


    Does the job, is soft, but does not last long
  84. Hygienic


    At first I picked this up only for the sponge thinking its the same price buying it separately so why not get the one with the case. It seemed quite funny and gimmicky at first but I soon found it very practical and useful. After washing the sponge I would place it back inside the case and I realise that doing this is a lot more hygienic than letting them air dry in the bathroom.
  85. Travelling Gem


    This case is a game changer! I used to travel with my sponge in a zip-lock bag, which I would forget to take the sponge out of to dry, leading to a sponge smelling of damp. This case has ventilation holes so the sponge can dry! Great product.
  86. Love it!


    Fantastic sponge for the price. I really love the case, awesome for traveling.
  87. Free case


    Great that this one comes with a free case for the same price which is more hygienic. This sponge is great!
  88. Fantastic!!


    Love this set!! The case is great for both storage and travel and the sponge works well. Very soft, great value for money!!
  89. Great


    Blends really well and comes with free case
  90. Love


    I love my beauty blender best way to apply foundation
  91. Love it


    I’ve got really dry skin and this is perfect for me! I use it to apply foundation, tinted moisturiser, liquid blush and highlight and it makes my skin look so fresh and dewy! The sponge is super soft and easy to use and I love that it comes with a case for no extra cost. It’s great for storage and keeping it clean. Would definitely recommend especially for dry skin
  92. Good sponge


    Overall, this is a pretty good makeup sponge. I like how soft this is compared to other blending sponges I've used.

    The only thing is that it needs to squeezed thoroughly after wetting it, because it retains a lot more water than other sponges. I learned this the hard way after my foundation became thin and shifted a lot during blending.
  93. Good makeup sponge


    It's a good makeup sponge that blends makeup well. I like how soft it is compared to other blending sponges I've used.

    The only thing is that it needs more pressure because it's so soft. Also, it needs to be squeezed quite a bit to get rid of excess water. I learned that the hard way when my foundation pretty much rubbed off because the sponge was too damp.
  94. Must Have!


    This is one of the best sponges I have used and is even softer than the original beauty blender!! It blends foundation flawlessly and is the perfect size and has made applying my makeup so much easier. Be careful when washing as it is very soft and therefore very easy to rip!

  95. Problems solved!


    I love my miracle complexion sponge and had been thinking it would be great to have a case so that my makeup bag was saved from residue and mess. Perfect! The plastic doesn't last forever (some bits have chipped off) but it's the same price to buy a sponge as it is to buy the sponge and case so I'll keep buying this!
  96. Really nice!


    For someone that is looking closer to the affordable side this is a great choice! Blends foundation flawlessly and the case gets really handy to keep the sponge away from all the other makeup products
  97. Great!


    Prefer the texture/density of the Beauty blender but this is a great alternative and i actually prefer the shape of the real techniques. Love that this comes in a case, great for travelling!

    I always wet my sponges before use to prevent it from absorbing all my liquid foundation.
  98. Cute Case


    the sponge is perfect for my foundation, and the case is so cute hahahaha.
  99. The best beauty sponge I have found


    I absolutely love the sponge and the fact that it comes with the case is just a bonus. Being able to store the sponge in the case is really great so it doesn’t touch all the rest of your make up and you can intim keep it clean.
    In regards to those sponge itself I find that it disperses the product perfectly and seemlessly blends out foundation. I love how soft it is and find it works the b...
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    I am so grateful thet RT created a case for the sponge because i travel with my sponges and i like to keep them clean and seperate from my makeup and other brushes. The case is big enough to store the both the damp and not damp sizes of the sponge and i love it! easy to open and close. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
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