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Real Techniques Mini Expert Face Brush

4.8 of 85 reviews


4 instalments of $3.00

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4 instalments of $3.00

Or 4 instalments of $3.00 with LEARN MORE

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Take the classic with you, anywhere. Real Techniques Mini Expert Face Brush features a full size brush head so you get all the benefit of your favourite brush, with all the benefits of a travel-friendly size.

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Real Techniques Mini Expert Face Brush Reviews

4.8 of 85 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best brush ever

shannonrose2 shannonrose2

This brush is the best one I have tried for my dry skin

Most Helpful Criticism

It's orange!


Compact and versatile. Great colour too
  1. Best brush ever

    shannonrose2 shannonrose2

    This brush is the best one I have tried for my dry skin
  2. great for travel


    this is great for travel, super small so easy to fit into my make up bag, works well to blend in my make up and easy to clean, also cheap so it is not a big deal if i happen to loose it
  3. Perfect size for your handbag.


    I absolutely love these brushes I always have one in my handbag!! This one is so versatile it can be used for blush, bronzer or illuminater. Love love love them!!
  4. Super handy brush


    This brush was a lot smaller than expected but still does a great job. The bristles are quite firm and hold their shape well, so it's excellent for applying liquid foundation or really buffing in product. It's easier to move across the face with a shorter handle.
  5. Great


    Small but great to fit in your makeup bag. And does the job of blending perfectly.
  6. Compact and useful


    This brush is small but terrific at applying and blending cream products. For such a reasonable price, it performs as well as much more expensive brushes.
  7. Great travel size


    verified purchaser
    I needed a travel brush and couldn’t go past this for the price point. It packs the punch of a full size brush while being compact enough to carry around in my bag. Worth every cent.
  8. Perfect for travelling


    verified purchaser
    I know it says mini... but even so this was smaller than I had expected. However, it is a great foundation brush, but not versatile, I wouldn't use it for anything else. Perfect for travelling or if you are looking for a budget foundation brush.
  9. Perfect


    Perfect size to pop in your bag, or for travel. Is still easy to hold and use. Applies make-up well, and feels nice against my skin.
  10. Very soft well made brush


    verified purchaser
    This mini brush applies my makeup perfectly. Excellent quality brush. Would definitely buy more brushes in this brand. Makeup was flawless
  11. My go-to brush brand


    My go-to brand, and their genius travel set! Love that these 'mini' brushes still have the full normal size head on them as I love the RT brushes. A must have for anyone who ever packs an overnight bag but also fantastic for your handbag or purse.
  12. Perfect size for your handbag.


    I cannot fault this brush.it's beautiful and soft on your skin. You're makeup goes on great! It is very versatile I've used it to put blush or highlighter on while out. It's perfect size for your handbag highly recommend!
  13. Small and compact


    Great size and perfect for blending out cream products like contour.
  14. travel friendly


    great for travel and does the same job as the bigger version
  15. It's orange!


    Compact and versatile. Great colour too
  16. Perfect size!


    This brush is great for my setting powder. Love the size. Great for travelling.
  17. Great for foundation and powders


    This brush is a must have in my makeup bag. I can use it to blend foundation and if i need to use it for blush and bronzer. It is great for travel and quite dense which make makeup go on seamlessly.
  18. so cute and great


    such a cute brush, great for travels! & does a fantastic job! :)
  19. cute


    This such a cute brushes. its a great for travelling and amazing for those moment for touch up.
  20. Great for travel


    Perfect little brush for travel. Even for their size, they work so well!
  21. Perfect for travel!


    This is the perfect travel size brush for blending out my contour and foundation. I take it everywhere I go!
  22. Love it, just one thing..


    I absolutely love this brush. It is the perfect travel size. It is my go-to foundation brush (this and the full size).

    Only one issue I have encountered is that the rubber on the end of the brushes can get a weird sticky residue feeling to them. Maybe they're not made for our Aussie heat. The rubber end of this brush is sadly looking a bit worse for wear on mine. A part from that, I ...
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  23. great size


    the size of this brush is perfect for travelling. the actual brush is great for blending foundation. definitely recommend !
  24. mini


    very cute little staple for your makeup bag. it is great for foundations and contour. i sometime use it for blush too
  25. Perfect for your make up bag


    I am very happy with this brush. I bought it as I use the RT face brushes at home and wanted something more portable. I use this when travelling or touching up between work and going out, for both foundation and concealer, and for cream hilighter if I'm wearing it, and it's great. Big enough to actually do the job, small enough to easily travel, very very cheap for what you're getting. Big tick f...
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  26. the perfect brush


    This brush Is a really hard worker. I have multiple & use for primer, foundation, cream contouring etc. The mini size is super convenient & the bristles leave a really clean finish, no streaks or issues. Big fan.
  27. Perfect for travel or on the go


    This is a great face brush to pack in your handbag or for travelling. It can do everything from foundation, blush, bronzer to setting with powder if you’re travelling light. It cleans really easily and I haven’t had any shedding of bristles as yet. Really good quality.
  28. great for blending foundation


    this brush is perfect for blending any liquids! foundations, concealer, liquid highlighter... you name it! this brush will do the job and will make you makeup look amazing! i love this brush so much the size is perfect for travel and the price is so cheap! Definitely recommend!
  29. Amazing


    This is great, the same brush head but half the price! very soft and blends foundation excellently.
  30. SO cute!


    So so cute! This brush is exactly the same as the full sized Expert Face Brush. Super soft bristles and is a really high quality 'drugstore' makeup brush.
  31. convenient


    Great little brush to have in the bag on the go for any touch ups. I use this for my liquid foundation, and have even used it for cream blush and bronzers too.
  32. Love it


    Purchased 2 of these brushes. One for foundation and the other for blush. Great brush and super small handle but the head of the brush is similar size to the full size brush!
  33. So good


    I really like how there is a full size head on it and the size is perfect for travelling
  34. So convenient


    This brush comes everywhere with me in my handbag. It’s a convenient size but still has the full sized head which is great. It applies make up really nicely and is cheap!
  35. Snazzy lil brush for nights out


    This multitasker brush is great for travel but also those nights out where you need to do some touch up - especially when your face is getting oily from boogies on the dance floor. It is very soft and handy to have around.
  36. Perfect Travel Brush


    Love that these 'mini' brushes still have the full normal size head on them as I love the RT brushes. A must have for anyone who ever packs an overnight bag but also fantastic for your handbag or purse.
  37. Best brush for liquid products


    I have been using the full size version of this brush for many years and it is the best brush to apply liquid makeup. It applies my foundation, CC cream, BB cream or tinted moisturizers flawlessly. There are no brush/stroke marks and the bristles do not suck up all the product. So easy to buff makeup into the skin, making your skin look natural as possible.
  38. Love it!


    I bought this to use with my primer (RCMA pre foundation lotion) and it works so well. The size is really handy and the brush seems to be of really nice quality. I will definitely use it for travelling as well.
  39. Love this brush!


    I usually use a damp sponge for all my cream and liquid products but love this. Gives a flawless finish without leaving brush marks or streaks and the travel size makes it so handy
    Would buy more real techniques brushes again
  40. Amazing


    Real techniques brushes are amazing, high quality, dense and soft. As a travel brush I feel it should have a cap, but otherwise perfect.
  41. Good quality


    The brush is soft and good quality for the price point. I've washed it multiple times and no hairs have fallen out. It is a good size for travel while still being comfortable to hold.
  42. High quality


    Even though this is a travel brush I use it as my daily foundation brush and it works a treat!
  43. great for your purse!


    this brush is the perfect size to pop in your bag for touch ups during the day. it is great quality also, highly recommend
  44. Great Size


    I have the bigger version of this too and absolutely love it so I got the little one too, carry it with me to do touch-ups during the day or when travelling. Great size and super easy to use.
  45. Same quality as high end brands


    I use a lot of expensive makeup brushes and purchased this little cheap one to use just for travel and now its ended up in my makeup kit and I use it daily for foundation. Its really soft on the skin and really makes the foundation blend easily. I wont be buying expensive foundation brushes anymore!
  46. exactly the same as the full size!


    the brush is exactly the same as the full size version for perfect for travel or on the go. the brush is perfect for blending foundation or even fake tan. brush hairs rarely shed too
  47. Mini version of a classic


    Love this mini version with full size head - makes it easier to transport and use
  48. Works great


    Soft and Doesn’t leave streaks . A great buy
  49. Mini


    This is an adorable mini version of the full size face brush. The brush part is the same size as the original and blends just as well. However, it can be a little annoying to hold the very short handle
  50. Good at blending product


    This is really good at blending out product and it doesn't leave a streaky appearance. I haven't had any bristles fall out and I use this quite regularly.
  51. Always come back to this one


    I use this mini version as my day to day foundation brush. Love how soft it is. Always leaves a flawless finish.
  52. Easy to blend foundation


    This is small and compact and easy to apply and blend foundation. Really soft. Has lasted about 8 months for me with daily/weekly use - only just starting to loose bristles so I have ordered another.
  53. Great for the handbag


    I wanted something to keep in my handbag for touch ups and this works perfectly. It was even smaller than I was expecting, so it fits perfectly in my little make up bag. I've recommended it to so many friends as well, it's a great little brush, especially for the price!
  54. Perfect for travel and everyday use


    I usually apply foundation with a sponge but I bought this the other day on a whim and I love it! It feels really nice on my face, not hard or scratchy at all but firm enough to do a good job. The shape of the head gets into all the contours of my face well (e.g. around the nose) and personally I love the mini size; not only is it super convenient but it also gives me a bit more control. I find my...
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  55. amazing!


    I have a whole range of real techniques brushes! they never fail me. these compact ones are really goof for touch ups or travelling on the go. I took them overseas with me and they were perfect for travelling!
  56. Fantastic value


    I have lots of Real Techniques brushes, since I love Sam & Nic and these are very affordable and good quality. I have the full size expert brush but this mini one is so handy and easy to use and I will definitely be taking it when I travel. I will also purchase some of the other mini versions.
  57. Another great real techniques brush


    I love all the real techniques brushes I have tried so far and this is not an exception. The small size is perfect for travel or popping in your purse make up bag!
  58. Value/Quality


    I've been using this as my foundation brush for about 6 months now and its only just starting to lose its bristles and will be due to be replaced. Im happy that I got that long out of such a cheap brush. Its super soft too and really applies foundation well. Great for travelling too.
  59. Perfect for travel


    The small size are perfect for your bag or when travelling. They do the exact same job as the large size and i actually find it gives me more control
  60. Fantastic mini brush


    This real techniques mini face brush is fantastic for applying foundation. It fits well into my makeup bag as it is only small. The bristles are nice and soft on the face but blend foundation amazingly.
  61. Soft


    Great little brush to take on holidays or in my bag for foundation. Really soft and cleans easily. I have had this for about 4 months now and have started to notice a few bristles coming out - but has lasted a while.
  62. OBSESSED!!


    LOVE this mini brush. I use it for blush for touch ups throughout the day and it fits perfectly in the makeup bag I keep in my handbag. I didn’t want to carry around a massive sized brush, this one is perfect.
  63. Great for powder contour


    This brush is the perfect size and shape for contouring with powder products. Only reason I took off a star is because it really is a mini! I have other Real Techniques mini brushes but this one is shorter for some reason which doesn't effect it's usability, it is just dwarfed among my other brushes so it can be hard to find.
  64. Good quality


    I think this little brush is great for foundation application and concealer. Has lasted about 6 months now with only a couple little bristles coming out occasionally now. Easy to clean with brush cleaner. Perfect travel size!
  65. Great little brush


    The best thing about this brush is that its a full size (just with a shorter handle) so its perfect for throwing in my purse or clutch or when travelling. Brush itself its pretty good feels soft.
  66. Travel foundation brush


    Really cheap travel foundation brush. I've been using this one for a couple of months now and its really fluffy and soft. Does need to be cleaned well as it holds onto foundation easily. GREAT VALUE. I have had it for 3-4 months now and only just starting to notice the odd bristle falling out.
  67. Convenient


    Handy little foundation brush for on the go touch ups
  68. So Handy


    This brush is a dream for foundation application. Not too cakey but a bit more coverage than a sponge and great for touch ups on the train. Huge fan!
  69. Value


    If you're looking for a good value brush that actually works well this is perfect. The travel size is the same size as the normal (just not as long handle). Perfect for putting in your purse or travel. The brush itself is really soft and ive been using it for months now and so far no bristles have come out!
  70. Worth it


    Such a soft brush really great for foundation and amazing value. Great for in the purse.
  71. Cute


    Good brush for travel or for those that prefer shorter handles for more control. Real Techniques brushes have never shed on me and are such high quality. Applies product flawlessly and feels soft on the skin. Love the colour of the brush too!
  72. Soft


    Really great price and quality brush. Handy for travelling or taking in a purse. The brush itself is really fluffy and soft. I do find it does hold on to the foundation sometimes depending on which one I use but comes out really easily with some makeup cleanser. 100% would purchase again.
  73. Very Handy!


    I love this mini brush by Real Techniques! It fits conveniently into my hand bag for foundation touch-ups throughout the day! The perfect brush for a perfect foundation base. Very compact and cute!
  74. Lovely for applying foundation


    I use this when Im travelling really compact and such a soft brush.
  75. Love this


    Really good price for a makeup brush and convenient for travel. Brush is really soft. I do find though that it holds onto foundation heaps and needs constant cleaning (A little more than other brushes)
  76. Great brush for applying liquid foundation


    I don't usually like to use brushes when applying and blending my foundation, I prefer a sponge blender. However, this brush really impressed me and I actually find myself using it a fair bit. I still love my sponge above all but I'm happy to have this brush on hand.
  77. Great price & Convenient


    Really good foundation brush for travelling & normal use - also amazing price! It does need to be cleaned (more than normal) and very well as foundation seems to stick to it a lot.
  78. Easy to use


    Blends everything really well and handy travel size
  79. Soft


    I recently purchased this in the mini size and its the perfect foundation brush. Blends well and super soft.
  80. Soft and great for blending foundation


    My new favorite foundation brush! I've never tried the real techniques brushes but I recently ordered this one and its amazing. Its super soft and blends foundation really well. Would buy again!
  81. Perfect for makeup beginners


    Before getting this brush I'd only ever used sponges to apply foundation. I got the mini brush to try because it felt like less of commitment when I had no idea what I was doing haha. It's super easy to use and really good for people like me who haven't used brushes for base products. Not too soft/not too firm, and the small handle gives me more control when applying foundation.
  82. good


    a nice lil brush that does its job! blends makeup well and it really soft
  83. Love this!


    I have bought the full size of this product and love it as it is perfect for applying my Foundation. I was so happy when i purchsed the mini - it is comfortable to hold, applies the right amount of product and is such a great price! The mini is even better in my opinion as it fits in my makeup bag and even costs less!
  84. SO CUTE


    I love this mini it is so cute! I love this for blending my concealer and i have one in my purse for concealer touchups throughout the day! So worth it!
  85. The best around


    I love Real Techniques beauty tools, and these short-handled brushes are no exception. Non-shedding and with a full-sized brush head, they are awesome and take up half the space of a normal brush!

    N I

    I love real techniques brushes, i cannot fault them for their price. This mini Expert brush is easy to take around for travel. Although I like it because of the small handle and the fact it takes up less space in my drawer I can buy and fit many of them. I use this particular brush to apply my cream and liquid products on a daily basis. I also use it to blend out my concealer under the eye. They ...
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