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Real Techniques Complexion Blender Brush

4.5 of 39 reviews


4 instalments of $5.00


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4 instalments of $5.00


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 Want to reduce the number of steps in your routine? Real Techniques Complexion Blender Brush has you covered - literally. This innovative brush head is designed to blend makeup and skincare products right onto your skin, combining the best of both worlds in a flash.

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4.5 of 39 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Excellent buffer brush


I use this to apply my liquid foundation and my skin looks so flawless after using this blending brush. I also use this brush to use to blend out my cream contour. It distributes products so well. It also withstands washing too, since I have not lost any bristles when washing. Brush does not soak up a lot of product and it is reasonably priced too. Love it.
  1. didn't wow me


    This really did not deliver the way I was expecting it to, I found I had feather marks from where the brush had swept over my face, no matter how much I tried to blend. I will keep persisting and hope that it is maybe my technique that is the issue but it really didnt meet my expectation.
  2. Great brush as expected from Real Techniques


    Great foundation brush. It's really well made and the bristles were softer than expected. The design of the brush is really nice and doesn't feel cheap at all. It's a great brush at a really affordable price
  3. Time consuming


    Good quality (especially for the price), washes/wears well and feel gentle/soft on skin. For me though it just takes too long to buff in a full face of liquid foundation wth this, so while the finish is good I don’t reach for it unless i’m In the mood to spend some extra time on the weekend.
  4. Excellent buffer brush


    I use this to apply my liquid foundation and my skin looks so flawless after using this blending brush. I also use this brush to use to blend out my cream contour. It distributes products so well. It also withstands washing too, since I have not lost any bristles when washing. Brush does not soak up a lot of product and it is reasonably priced too. Love it.
  5. the best foundation brush


    blends product so nicely and the bristles are so soft!
  6. Good skin care brush


    Unique brush head that is great to use with lotions/ creams and primers for an even application and like mess free hands
  7. Blends Well


    If you like to apply your foundation with a brush then this brush is a fantastic option for this price point. Personally I prefer a sponge but if I were to grab for a brush it's this one.
  8. Great Brush


    I use this to buff out foundation, lasts well with washing, bristles maintain shape and it gives an airbrushed finish, great value for money
  9. Time saver!


    This brush is so unique in how it helps blend products without compromising on finish. I can dot on moisturiser and primer onto my face and blend both together at the same time with this brush using small circular motions. I’ve also mixed moisturiser and foundation for a sheer look and it just works! Amazing!
  10. This one is a goodie!


    I recently purchased this brush because some of my Mac ones were shredding and boy I was not disappointed!! It does a lovely job at blending in liquid foundation and nearly gives an air brushed look. And a great price too!
  11. Good for blending


    I don’t blend products however this product would be great for that. I still use this as a foundation brush and works well
  12. Great dupe for RMS brush


    I brought this brush as a dupe of the RMS brush to use with their concealer. I'm really happy with it for the price! It blends nicely and works well with foundation and concealer. Would defintiely recommend if you're on a budget
  13. decent brush


    decent brush at decent price
    good for buffing out foundation
    brush remains good quality after cleaning
    doesn't have any stray hairs when applying
  14. great for cream products


    love using this brush for applying primer or cream products, blends makeup like a dream and the brush barely sheds even after consistently washing it. only downside is that the bristles are white so looks very dirty if you use products like cream bronzer
  15. great for blending


    i use this brush for blending my moisturisers, serums and primers into my skin and this brush has never disappointed me. it flawlessly blends in all the products into the skin
  16. soft brush


    This brush isn't the softest I've ever used but it is good for buffing in foundation. The density is halfway between a kabuki and a powder brush. It lasts well between cleans and has a good quality handle.
  17. Real Techniques


    This is a beautiful looking brush and thus far it is really holding up well in terms of durability. The brush blends products beautifully and I just love the design of the brush. Real Techniques never disappoints.
  18. Great value!


    This brush is fantastic. It blends my foundation flawlessly and is really soft on the skin. It is great for the value and I highly recommend!
  19. Decent for light moisturiser and foundations


    Pretty decent brush for tinted moisturisers and light foundations, would have been nice if it had a more density to the brush itself!
  20. Great for blending


    This brush is great for blending makeup on to the face. It is a really good price for a quality brush.
  21. Good for thicker foundations


    My skin is aging and I'm having to wear long lasting foundations to cover sun damage etc. This brush is great for blending thicker foundations, leaving my skin even toned and natural looking (ie: no foundation visible in lines and wrinkles).
  22. Great brush


    This is a great brush for buffing in foundation. Really soft and it looks expensive and high quality
  23. Blends well with a thicker foundation


    I used this brush with two different foundations. I found that the less thicker foundation did not work as well as the brush seemed to suck a lot of product up. The thicker foundation worked like a treat with this brush. I have large pores and acne prone skin and I felt like this brush (when used with the thicker foundation) really created a flawless complexion. I would recommend this brush and the price is quite agreeable!
  24. Dreamy


    Love this for applying foundation! Blends perfectly and more hygienic than a sponge
  25. So good!


    I love this brush! I use it to apply liquid foundation to my face and love the look it gives. it is easy to hold and doesnt shed.
  26. Great brush for the price


    Soft and blends really well. Great for light foundation
  27. So soft


    Recently purchased this and it makes applying foundation a dream!
  28. Soft as a rabbits ear


    Absolutely love the super softness of this brush and yet it blends foundation so well it look. You can build up heavier coverage if needed and blend concealers for a flawless look.
  29. Nice


    I really like the feeling of this brush. It blends out really well, feels really nice and doesn't leave any streaks. Also good for primer
  30. Amazing!


    Absolutely love this brush for a lighter coverage, it blends the foundation so well it looks like skin. You can build it up in the necessary areas for a flawless finish or mix with moisturiser for super natural look. Bristles also feel so soft!
  31. Great Bursh!


    My staple foundation brush! Would deffs recommend. Foundation always easily blended and looking flawless ;)
  32. nice!


    I really like this brush for applying even and flawless foundation! really does a great job!
  33. VERY good


    I like this brush a lot, i love the coverage it gives and personally don't find it leaving any streaks. Very unique and cool shaped brush and i love the quality!
  34. A great brush for a flawless finish


    This brush blends foundation effortlessly and leaves a flawless natural finish.
  35. Best foundation brush !


    Recently brought this brush for a new foundation brush and omg it is amazing! Super soft and feels so nice on the skin! Applies foundation nice and evenly, will definitely be sticking to this brush forever!


    Much like the 'REAL TECHNIQUES EXPERT FACE BRUSH' it is a buffing and blending brush BUT so much better! It isn't as dense and thanks to research and new technology Real Techniques were able to create a brand new sophisticated design that allows for minimal effort in application that creates a flawless finish. Suitable for both Professional and Amateur makeup artists.
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