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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - 4 Pack 4 full size sponges

4.8 of 32 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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Real Techniques most popular complexion sponge is now available in a four pack! One for you and one for your friends, or keep them all for yourself - they're perfect for those who don't have time to be washing sponges every day.

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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - 4 Pack Reviews

4.8 of 32 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



these are really good! they wash up well too, they are a bit pricey but good quality
  1. amazing


    these are really good! they wash up well too, they are a bit pricey but good quality
  2. great value


    this is a good way to buy these sponges to save some money, they blend my make up in really well
  3. Great sponges


    I found these sponges to be as good as the beautyblender but for a fraction of the price. They blend seamlessly and they are also super easy to clean with some baby shampoo. This set is great value.
  4. great value


    This is my favourite sponge so buying in bulk makes sense for me! Particularly if you want to use one for baking and one for foundation instead of the same sponge. I try and replace my sponges every 3-4 months so I like to keep a spare for back up!
  5. Great sponges, great value!


    Wow what a great value for such great sponges. Must have!!
  6. Great Value for a Great Sponge


    This 4 pack is great value, I have one in my travel bag, one in my main make up bag and always have 2 clean spares.

    It is an excellent sponge for blending and baking and I would recommend it over my beauty blender.
  7. Love it!


    I have brought a few packets now and will always repurchase.The best sponge have ever used. Great for the eye area.
  8. Good value


    It's really cheap and I use it all the time. But last week I bought this pack for the first time. I don't think it is soft as the last one I used, I don't know why. I bought the last one about one year ago and I only bought one not a pack. I think this pack is harder than the last time I bought.
  9. Very good value


    I love my real techniques sponges. I have been using them for years and they work very well. This value pack is definitely worth it and such great value!!
  10. Best sponge


    My favourite makeup sponge! It's just so easy to use, it blends my foundation so beautifully. it's a must have !
  11. amazing


    this particular sponge is a dupe for the beauty blender. But I feel like this feels softer and a little bigger. I love the little curve. It blends like a dream. Never could go wrong with four
  12. Great value


    Great product, worth the investment for the 4 of them!
  13. great deal


    This real sponge blends makeup seamlessly and makes everything look so natural and flawless. This is also a great alternative to the beauty blender. Could never go wrong with having too many sponge
  14. The more the merrier


    Anyone who wears foundation should buy this sponge. RT is amazing as a brand and this product is no exception. It is the only thing that blends my foundation the way it does- making it look like a second skin. I totally love it and can’t recommend it enough. The fact that they have a pack of four for a better price makes it all the more amazing a deal.
  15. second favourite sponge


    second fav to the beauty blender. the shape of the sponge is versatile as one side can be used for foundation and concealer whilst the other can be used for powder. definitely recommend stocking up and buying the 4 pack
  16. love it


    ive used a lot of the real techniques blending brushes and ive loved them all as theyre all very fluffy and very good at application, i did really like this though as it is a set so you have back ups or you and your friends can go splits in the pack to save some $$.
  17. Best sponges!


    I've used a few other blending sponges but the Real Techniques ones are my favourite. I always use mine damp to apply foundation: run it under water, squeeze out excess (I do this in a towel) then use a sort of bouncing motion to work foundation into the skin. I usually use the sponge alone but if I want fuller coverage, I'll use a brush to apply the foundation then just go over it with the sponge...
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  18. The best


    The best sponge have ever used, I have brought a few packets now and will always repurchase.
  19. great


    great value for money however some of the quality wasn't as good as the previous batches i've gotten
  20. Great Value


    These work like a dream for blending out liquid/cream products and can also be used to apply powder for those who bake. Because of their versatility I find myself using these sponges half the time and hardly reach for my brushes at all when applying my base makeup. Since I go through these so fast I find that buying this in a value pack saves a lot of money as they retail for about 17$ alone for o...
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  21. LOVE


    best beauty blenders on the market at the given price, I have combination skin and this works wonders, best to leave slightly damp
  22. Great value


    I’ve got really dry skin and these are perfect for me! I use it to apply foundation, tinted moisteriser, liquid blush and highlight and it makes my skin look so fresh and dewy! The sponges are super soft and easy to use. Would definitely recommend especially for dry skin and this pack is great value
  23. great sponge and great value


    love these sponges so much. they leave my complexion smooth and help work the coverage to what i need. the older version of this was better though, as it didn't soak up as much product
  24. Must Have!


    This is one of the best sponges I have used and is even softer than the original beauty blender!! It blends foundation flawlessly and is the perfect size and has made applying my makeup so much easier. Be careful when washing as it is very soft and therefore very easy to rip!
  25. The best!


    These sponges are perfect for ensuring foundation is flawless! I find that these sponges in particular, have great results. I would never again, use any other brand to do my makeup.

    Further, the four pack is a great and cost effective way to purchase sponges.
  26. great value


    these are just as good as the beauty blender!
  27. Great value!


    Great value, these sponges only last a couple of months if used every day so its great to have a few handy.

    Good alternative if you cant get your hands on the beauty blender. I prefer the sponge texture/density but i much prefer the shape of the real techniques sponge as it has the flat surface for all over and the point really gets in between the nose and under the eyes.
    i a...
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  28. great for gifts!


    I love the RT sponge, basically what I did with this 4-pack is that I kept one for immediate use, I gifted 2 of the sponges to my 2 sisters and kept the last sponge for myself as a back-up.

    An AMAZING value set.
  29. Great sponge, great value


    These sponges are some of the best out there as a beauty blender dupe!! Very soft and don't soak up too much product like some other sponges. Easy to use and to clean but they can get mouldy/dirty/worn down after a few months so this 4 pack is a great investment and such a good money saver! Especially considering 1 beauty blender is $30.... love this.
  30. Fantastic, great coverage


    I have combination skin and have found it very hard to find a beauty blender that it not super expensive but also is soft and easily bounces on your skin while distributing the product evenly- I finally have found that in these miracle complexion sponges and will continue to buy them for as long as they make them.
    They pick up the product perfectly and can be used wet or dry. I prefer to us...
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    I love the RT sponge and this set is such good value for price. The sponge is so amazing and i have so many backups! Very happy with this and i would highly recommend!
  32. Uh-maze-ing


    I have combination skin and struggle to get a flawless foundation coverage, however with these sponges it's so easy. In my opinion these are way better than the original beauty blender, especially when consider the price. 4 of these is almost the same price as one original beauty blender. These sponges are such high quality and if you take care of the properly they last a really long time. Buying ...
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  33. Worth the price tag


    I originally bought these after hearing such great reviews, and I was not disappointed. Each sponge has lasted me a very long time and they haven't dried out like some of the cheaper makeup sponges often do, so in a way I have saved myself money due to not having to repurchase makeup sponges as often. They are not cheap, but in my opinion it is worth it.
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