RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation - Shinto Palette

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RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation - Shinto Palette by RCMA


For easy beauty on the go, RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation - Shinto Palette is the perfect size to take with you to ensure you're never without your perfect shade of cream foundation.


Each conveniently-sized foundation palette contains five shades of make-up for you to mix and match to create the perfect foundation colour for your skin. From extremely light, fair complexions with pink or yellow undertones to the deepest skin with olive undertones, we have a colour palette that will compliment your complexion.


Unlike most other foundations, RCMA foundations contain 50% pigment, ensuring they have full coverage and a seamless skin-like finish. Easily masking any imperfections on the skin, the creamy texture blends smoothly and can be sheered out or built up for further coverage.

Vegan and cruelty-free.

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Perfect for warm, yellow skin tones - 17-10-2018 by

I have medium-tan, warm-toned skin and the Shinto palette suits me perfectly - I blend the shades to highlight and contour the face and create a seamless makeup look. I also have the RCMA adjuster palette, which is excellent if you need to change the undertone or create some corrector shades.

It's such a versatile product - so easy to do everything from the sheerest application to full coverage; you can even cover a tattoo with it (that took me some practice but it really is that pigmented). It's your foundation and concealer in one. I'm blown away by how RCMA can get to full coverage while still looking incredibly natural. If you prefer a liquid consistency, just mix it with a thinner (whether it be the RCMA one or any oil or emollient moisturiser) and apply it that way. A little goes a long way, so a single palette will give you many, many applications.

Since I started using this instead of liquid foundation, my skin has actually improved - it became smoother and more hydrated. I guess the wax in it is good for my skin. It was a surprising bonus!

I know some people find this hard to work with - I think folks use too much and forget to work it before application. It just needs some practice. The thing to remember is that it's wax, so it needs heat. Warm it up on the back of your hand or work it on a palette. Even just let it sit on your skin for a while before blending. You can blend it with brushes or sponges - both will work - but don't forget your fingers. If you're struggling with it, try fingers - the warmth from your hands will help to melt the product into your skin and give you a lovely, natural finish. It also looks good buffed in with a brush. It doesn't set by itself, which means you have all the playtime you need. Use a loose translucent powder to set it - the RCMA No Colour Powder is perfect.

This product melts really well - it is just wax and pigment, after all - so you can bulk mix your perfect shades, melt the product in the microwave and then pour it to create a personalised custom palette.

I can't speak more highly of this foundation. It will work on all skin types with the right prep so anyone can use it with a bit of practice. Highly recommended.

Fantastic product- needs lots of practise for perfect application - 25-06-2018 by

Amazing pigmentation and a little goes a long long way. RCMA's famous skin tone matching and 50% pigment doesn't disappoint. I've been through so many bottles of foundations to find the perfect match for light-medium with yellow undertones. On top of that, I have acne prone, sensitive and combination skin. This palette offers a wide range of shades in the same family, allowing me to mix them to fit my skin tone as the seasons change- love!

However, being a professional product, it can be tricky to use. I would recommend using the entire RCMA product range as recommended (pre foundation lotion, thinner, transparent powder etc), along with a good non latex sponge, small stipple brush and large fluffy brush for setting.

If on first try the palette seems difficult to blend, preserve and explore different methods of application. The quality and value of the product are excellent, if you are willing to put in the time and effort into perfecting your look.

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