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Poo Pourri Royal Flush Toilet Spray

Poo Pourri Authentic
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Poo Pourri Royal Flush Toilet Spray by Poo Pourri


Elimate bathroom odour, before it begins. Poo Pourri Royal Flush Toilet Spray keeps your bathroom smelling minty-fresh.


Poo Pourri Royal Flush Toilet Spray offers a stink free guarantee - simply spritz the bowl before you go, and no one will ever know! With a special blend of completely natural essential oils, Poo Pourri really works! When spritzed into the bowl before you go, the concentrated formula creates a film on the surface of the water in the toilet.


Forming a protective barrier to trap any bad odours under the surface before they ever have a chance to escape, Poo Pourri Royal Flush Toilet Spray is your essential toilet companion whether at home or on the go.

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Very strong scent - 05-12-2018 by

This was my first time tyring a Poo Pourri spray and I was very surprised how strong the scent is. It is a very heavy "macsuline" scent like someone has spilt some aftershave down the toilet and splashed it around the bathroom. I would not buy this fragrance again but I am interested to try one with another scent that is hopefully less overwhelming.

Works but prefer tropical scents - 18-10-2018 by

Definitely works but i prefer the tropical hibiscus scent better :)

Great! - 05-10-2018 by

Masculine smell in a good way! A minty-earthy smell, kinda like being in an outdoor dunny near a eucalypt tree : )

It Works! - 25-09-2018 by

One spray in the bowl before you go created a film over the water that somehow traps the smell. Highly recommend!

I forget to use it - 11-04-2018 by

I forget that I'm meant to spray this before I go..
It does smell nice though, very fresh

Marriage saver - 03-07-2017 by

As a man with pungent movements and a wife with a sensitive nose, i have trialled many toilet fragrances over the years, with limited success. Poo Pouri is different: a gentle fragrance without those overpowering floral notes, this one is a winner... It saved my marriage from going down the toilet.

It works - 29-09-2016 by

It works!
One spritz in the bowl is enough.

Enough said.

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