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Poo Pourri Original Citrus Toilet Spray 59ml

4.8 of 45 reviews


4 instalments of $3.99

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4 instalments of $3.99

Or 4 instalments of $3.99 with LEARN MORE

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Poo Pourri's best-seller, Poo Pourri Original Citrus Toilet Spray is a zesty, uplifting blend of fresh lemon, bergamot and lemongrass.

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Poo Pourri Original Citrus Toilet Spray

Poo Pourri Original Citrus Toilet Spray

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Poo Pourri Original Citrus Toilet Spray Reviews

4.8 of 45 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

works a charm


decided to use this because i share my bathroom with my brothers. and can i say, wow! it actually works and gets rid of odour really well. it has a great fresh smell to it too. i recommend this 100%

Most Helpful Criticism

Cool product


I really like this product, it's a cool alternative to your traditional air fresheners that is more subtle. It does work, although I would like to try other scents.
  1. works a charm


    decided to use this because i share my bathroom with my brothers. and can i say, wow! it actually works and gets rid of odour really well. it has a great fresh smell to it too. i recommend this 100%
  2. Relationship saver


    Perfect for trips with a new partner- he doesn't need to panic and go down to the lobby to use the bathroom. Very effective
  3. Love this product!


    verified purchaser
    Decided to try it after Joanna talked about it on the podcast. Drops prior to using the bathroom absolutely removes any unwanted smells. I love that the scent is just a faint sort of citrus (a normal clean bathroom kind of smell) as opposed to the artificial scents you get elsewhere. I also love that it's very small and can be packed in a handbag just in case. It's slightly on the expensive side f...
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  4. smells lovely


    smells so so good. the citrus smell stays around for so long and makes my bathroom smell to fresh. it’s a great size and very cute too!
  5. Smelly and smart for a f*rt


    Whoever thought of this to spray brfore you go - we thank you!! Actually covors odours rather than maskig them and does not smell artificial or chemical. Totally recommend this
  6. It works!


    verified purchaser
    I love the fresh scent of this spray. It is not overwhelming at all like some odour neutralising products can be. Love the packaging and very straightforward to use. Will repurchase!
  7. Super effective!

    Elle H

    This works! Amazing. A lovely fresh uplifting scent and disguises any foul odours. The product you never knew you needed but then won’t want to be without!
  8. Cool product


    verified purchaser
    I really like this product, it's a cool alternative to your traditional air fresheners that is more subtle. It does work, although I would like to try other scents.
  9. Gets rid of the bad smell


    verified purchaser
    This works really well and smells like citrus! The bottle is not too small and looks good in the bathroom. A bit pricey for toilet spray, but i'll definitely worth the buy!
  10. Never fails to get a laugh!


    My guests always have a laugh when they see this in my bathroom - plus they are surprised to see it really works!
  11. lol poop spray


    This works pretty well, great for vacation poops when you are sharing a room with a dude- and mainly just to try and disguise dude poop which is awful haha.
  12. Classic citrus


    Citrus is always a great choice for the bathroom, and the good thing about poopourri is it does the job , leaves the bathroom fragrant but not cloying.
  13. Really works!


    My brother's ex is from Canada and she originally recommended this product. I didn't initially believe or completely understand the concept, but as soon as using it, I never bought another air freshener for my bathroom! It doesn't smell too overpowering or overly synthetic and "toilety" like many alike products do, and it's perfectly like discreet and pretty to have in the bathroom!
  14. Zesty freshness


    I love that this scent isn’t over powering, it has a nice fresh zesty tone to it. It is such a life savour when out in public, or at work, could hardly tell you even did a number two hehe. You only need a small amount also
  15. lovely scent


    covers up any unwanted smells, lovely fresh citrusy scent
  16. It works


    Lovely scent that doesn’t overpower the entire bathroom. The only downside is when the spray bottle starts to empty it is difficult to spray as you have to hold it at an angle the liquid moves away from the nozzle tube.
  17. Bathroom freshness!

    Mrs S

    This is such a nice alternative to those gross spray can air fresheners! It's also a cheaper alternative to the fancy Aesop post-poo drops which I usually buy. I like that the container is plastic as I use it on mini breaks with friends and family when there's quite a few people using one bathroom. It's very portable which makes it so convenient. The citrus fragrance is a winner too.
  18. I've tried a few different scents in this range and the citrus one is a winner


    I've tried a few different scents in this range and the citrus one is a winner, it's a nice, crips and classic scent.
  19. Fresh


    This is a great little toilet spray that smells fresh and looks pretty too
  20. Hygenic and fresh


    I have made it a habit to put this in my emergency beauty kit. Great to have for the unexpected times when you are at work or out in public. I personally love the citrus scent as it is very fresh.
  21. works well


    Traps bad smells and leaves bathroom smelling nice
  22. Nice scent


    This bathroom spray is really nice. It gives the bathroom a nice citrus scent. Great to freshen up the bathroom when it is in need of a spray.
  23. PooPouri


    Love the smell of poo pouri, it smells so good and get rid of the foul smell.
    I highly recommend this product to every family and every toilet should have this.
    Simple love it
  24. Toilets never smelled this good


    Great nifty little toilet spray, though pricey for a toilet spray it does what it says and disguises the stank. Absolutely love the fresh lemon scent, best scent closest to the real deal I've ever come across, the other supermarket brands are too chemical and fake smelling. The nozzle did get a little leaky and struggles to spray about halfway through of use, would be better if it was in a trigger...
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  25. boyfriend approved


    Purchased this for my boyfriend's apartment and it is very very effective. 10/10
  26. Great product!


    Love this for our small bathroom. It has a pleasantly citrus natural scent and doesn’t give me headaches like other toilet sprays! Only con is I do find that you need to spray the recommended number of sprays for it to be effective at eliminating toilet smells so not sure how long it will last. Now I want to try the other scents!
  27. Must have for all bathrooms


    What a inconspicuous product to hide away all evidence of your dirty deeds! I spray it usually before my dirty deed & the fresh, citrusy smell leaves my bathroom smelling great... no one will ever know! Would definitely recommend
  28. It works!


    Poo pourri does exactly what it says it will do if you follow the instructions. (Spray before you go!) The citrus scent is clean and crisp, and I definitely prefer this version over the Vanilla mint.
  29. Must-have product for every toilet in the world!


    This pre-toilet spray really changed our lives. Our toilet now never smells like a toilet anymore, and nobody has to feel self-conscious or repulsed by bad odours anymore.
  30. Life saver!


    This product has truly been a life saver many times (both at home and in public) in covering up any smell with such an aromatic citrus fragrance
  31. Fresh


    This is a great alternative to the one from aesop if you're after something a little bit more affordable - though personally i like the scent from aesop better! this one stills works great in cancelling any odours and also has a semi-lasting fragrance that is fresh and 'bright'
  32. Amazing


    Honestly, I love this product so much. Actually works and leaves the toilet smelling better than before
  33. the only way i can live with my boyfriend


    my boyfriend stinks out our bathroom constantly so this product changed my life - it works!
  34. Great


    Was hesitant at first because well, this is a poop product. I did the free, all you pay for is shipping offer. I received a tiny little bottle of this stuff, and Im back! This original scent is very pleasent and works! love this brand and that cinematic masterpeice of ad, which brought me here. ;)
  35. Makes life less awkward


    The floorplan of our house is a bit awkward ... the bathroom is next to the kitchen! Getting things from the fridge used to be very awkward when the toilet was in use. Nothing to put you off your food like experience the aftermath of eating. This product has solved all our housemate bathroom woes! This scent is vibrant without smelling overly like toilet cleaner. 10000% recommend this product.
  36. It works!


    Just like the add says, 'It really works!'
    It smells great too, citrus fresh, not too over powering, not chemical like air fresheners.
  37. 10/10


    Absolutely awesome! Make sure you spray before you go or it won't work but this product is amazing if used right.
  38. Marriage saver!


    Really good, covers those nasty smells with a fresh citrus scent. Cool marketing too.
    Will be purchasing another to sneak into my husband’s toiletry bag!
  39. Every Household Needs This Product For Your Bathroom!


    The original citrus Poo Pourri spray is ultimately the best product on the market as a bathroom atomizer. Works to perfection. No more smelly toilets anymore. This product is a must have for every household. It solves all your smelly bathroom business.
  40. Miracle worker!

    Pleasant Pooper

    After first trying out AESOP Poo drops (which totally saved my ass on a date, well good news we're now in a relationship! :D Yay! Thank you Poo Drops!) as much as I love the AESOP, it leaves a murky colour in the water which is a bit off putting so I decided to try Poo Pourri!

    On first trial of this spray, I have to say I was even more impressed than I was with AESOP and its cheaper ...
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  41. Lifesaver

    Krystal Elle

    This thing totally works and is especially good for new relationships hahaha. I mostly bought this for my partner and it is just so much more pleasant sharing a bathroom now. It really traps the smell and works exactly how it says. You won't regret getting this one.
  42. It really works!


    Poo Pourri Spray really actually works! I thought it was just a gimmick but bought it anyway. I couldn't believe how effective it is. If I have Poo Pourri spray in my handbag with me, I'm no longer worried about using public toilets or going to the bathroom when visiting friends and family. It smells alright, I haven't tried all the different scents though. You do have to make sure you use it as p...
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  43. Hilarious product but so useful!


    I use this at work when I know I'm about to drop a stinker. I still remember the commericals and they always made me laugh. But it does exactly what it says! Enjoy your time in the loo, because no one is going to be offended by your smell if you are using this!
  44. Brilliant


    This product sells itself!
    Does exactly what it says it does.
    Will never let myself run out of this product!
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