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Pixi PLUMP Collagen Boost Sheet Mask 3 pack 3 x sheet masks

4.4 of 55 reviews


4 instalments of $5.00

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4 instalments of $5.00

Or 4 instalments of $5.00 with LEARN MORE

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Plump and hydrate skin with Pixi PLUMP Collagen Boost Sheet Masks. This superfood-enriched mask contains Phyto-Collagen and antioxidants to improve skin elasticity, firmness and hydration for a smoother look and feel.
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What customers say

SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Pixi PLUMP Collagen Boost Sheet Mask 3 pack Reviews

4.4 of 55 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Hydrating mask!


Love this mask! Sheet mask with a fair amount of serum that helps hydrate and plump skin.

Most Helpful Criticism



Didn’t see much difference when I took the mask off. The glow one is much better.
  1. Hydrating mask!


    Love this mask! Sheet mask with a fair amount of serum that helps hydrate and plump skin.
  2. Good mask


    Good mask for the price.
  3. Not bad


    Hydrates but not sure about the collagen effect, good value though.
  4. great


    great mask plumps and firms skin
  5. good


    The PIXI Plump Collagen Boost Mask are a great sheet mask. My skin felt smooth and nourished after I used it.
  6. Average


    Didn’t see much difference when I took the mask off. The glow one is much better.
  7. Gentle on sensitive skin.


    I was pleasantly surprised with how little fragrance these masks contain. I like to wear one while relaxing in a bath. A lovely treat for your face.
  8. Hangover's best friend


    I LOVE this mask. It's perfect for a quick pick me up for the face. Makes me skin glow particularly when I have had a few wines the night before. I also really love using one before going out or before a special event. It makes all the difference. Great value for money and the mask actually sticks to your face so you dont have to lie down horizontal for the whole time and worry about it sliding of...
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  9. Hydrating


    Very hydrating and makes skin smoother. Good value.
  10. Dewy in minutes


    I thought, like other sheet masks, this would be superficially pleasing but not do all that much but in reality it does wonders. After keeping the mask on for 15-20 mins skin is visibly refreshed and brighter, it feels so moisturised and plumped. Honestly such a treat for the skin and lots of leftover serum in the packet after!
  11. Good


    Brightens the skin and makes for a good base for makeup.
  12. Instantly plumping


    This helps to brighten and plump your skin. Like all Pixi products, it’s effective and moderately priced.
  13. boost of plumpness to the skin


    I love that the mask is biodegradable and enriched with collagen and peptides. For the price, I'd highly recommend giving them a go if you're considering it. I love how refreshing my skin also feels after I take it out of the fridge and pop it onto my face
  14. Very easy to use


    Very easy to use and lovely and soothing on the skin for a relaxing 20 minutes. Plenty of excess serum to use on neck and even the next morning for a freshen up. Great for the price. Will repurchase.


    Love how easy this is to use, you get lots of extra gel which i spread over my neck and chest. Its an easy to wear mask that not to scary to walk around in ... leaves my skin super soft
  16. Great


    First time trying Pixi sheet mask and it did not disappoint. Been using this particular one for about a year now. So good.
  17. Gives me really glowy skin


    These masks are great for a burst of dewy or glowy skin, but I do wish it came as some sort of serum so I could use it more frequently! Really great for tired skin too
  18. Plumping sheet mask


    Makes my face look more plump and bright after using but I don't think it has any longterm effects
  19. Refreshing on the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated

    Face mask

    Refreshing on the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated
  20. Nice mask!


    I’ve enjoyed using this mask! My skin feels hydrated and plump after using it!
  21. Good for dry skin


    This is amazing to use on dry skin just before a makeup session for a big event. It does plump the skin up and leaves it dewy and fresh. The effect does not last the next day however. I will repurchase but only for an event.
  22. No difference


    Made no difference to my skin and texture
  23. Amazing for dull skin


    I like to use this mask after I've been working a few shifts as it really picks my skin up and makes it look more luminous and dewy, which is definitely what I'm after!
  24. My go to sheet mask


    I love using one of these masks at night after keeping them in the fridge. My face looks noticeably fresh and bright
  25. Second time buying


    I love this mask, its great for a mid week use as I usually save my more expensive masks for the weekend. I will definitely keep buying
  26. Juicy hydrating mask


    This mask plumps and hydrates just like it promises. Not my fave sheet mask as felt a bit sticky and heavy, needed to rinse off before applying makeup, so better suited to night routine rather than pre event
  27. Brilliant Product


    These are a great price and feel so lovely on the skin. Put one on, lay back and relax!
  28. Amazing


    Very hydrating and makes my skin plump. Good value for money.
  29. skin feels amazing


    this mask makes my skin feel amazing, super plump, hydrating and soft. Definitely recommend!
  30. Smoothed sunburn


    I bought this randomly to try and was fab. I got a really burnt face one day and decided to put a mask on and it soothed it right down. Would recommend.
  31. Plumping indeed!


    This is a lovely, simple addition to my Saturday evening routine. The results were immediate, as my forhead and eyes felt smoother as soon as the mask was off. Great alternative to more serious interventions!
  32. Ideal For Dry Skin

    Jamie B

    These masks are lovely!
    Ideal for dry skin.
    My skin was very dry and after this mask it was moisturised again.
    Very easy to use, I use the excess serum and put it on my neck, arms or legs! I don’t waste any!
    Very soothing and relaxing too.
  33. Good


    I love sheet masks and this helps with hydrating and plumping the skin. Worth the money.
  34. Mum loves it!


    Bought this for my mum with mature skin and she loves it! Super nourishing and gives her a confidence boost she deserves!
  35. Great for events


    I love using this just before an event. It plumps my skin and makes my makeup sit and last better throughout the day and my fine lines don't look that obvious. Totally recommended.
  36. fantastic results


    I love anything that plumps the skin and this mask is amazing - skin glows and looks refreshed instantly. TIP: Use during the day, don't waste it before bed. x
  37. Loved it


    Felt so refreshing and I looked refreshed afterwards as well. I used it before a wedding and my skin definitely glowed.
  38. Go to!


    Always feel revived after I use this mask. I try to use it once a week. would definitely recommend if you need a pick me up.
  39. I find these masks really soothing


    I find these masks really soothing. They're hydrating and refreshing. Another plus is that they are very easy to use.
  40. Good but not great


    I have used a few products from the Pixi range now and I do love their brand. However, this is one product that I won't buy again. Don't get me wrong, it was okay. A nice cool sheet mask post facial, how can you go wrong? I wasn't blown away, though I don't really think a sheet mask can blow you away.. My skin didn't feel or look any better than it does with my usual skin care routine, so I'm goin...
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  41. Treat yourself


    Feels like such a treat relaxing with these gorgeous masks
  42. Absolutely in love!


    This is great value as the masks hold a ton of product yet don't slip like most masks. I love that there's no scent and how fresh and hydrating they are. I leave them in the fridge as suggested. Such a lovely treat for the skin.
  43. Fun to use


    I love a good sheet mask. This one is nice and light and very easy to use.
  44. Pixi Collagen FTW!!


    I already use and loved the Pixi Collagen Leave On Mask and I was really excited to try these! Gorgeous, plump skin awaits and this mask is perfect to use before applying makeup. Great value too!
  45. plump me up!


    great for plumping skin!
  46. Affordable and it works!


    These masks are super affordable and worked so well hydrating my skin. I have a normal/oily skin type and loved how cooling and hydrating my skin was left feeling. I didn’t find it gave me any anti ageing results but maybe after more uses it will! Super impressed.
  47. Quick boost of hydration


    I recently returned from a holiday and this mask saved my dehydrated skin (from the sun, polluted air and the airplane). Skin instantly felt hydrated and plump! Great to use before makeup application.
  48. Plumpiness


    Love these masks....my skin looks amazing ..good to use if you have a special occassion on:)
  49. Short term


    Works well in the short term to make my skin plump, but no long lasting effects. Cute minimalist packaging
  50. Well priced


    Great plumping effect and great for the price, really nice before going out
  51. Lovely face mask


    Hydrating face mask, feels really nice after use, plumpy fresh skin and subtle glow.
  52. Plump it up!


    Love these sheet masks! feels nice!
  53. Hydration and plumping


    Plumps my skin, especially my cheeks and adds intense hydration
  54. Lovely hydrating mask


    I love Pixi mist spray and glow tonic and now I love the pixi masks as well! Apply to a clean face. I have sensitive skin and they leave my face soft, hydrated and glowing
  55. Plump and hydrating


    Great for hydrating and plumping skin! I have acne proned skin and get very nervous about using masks, I have had any breakouts! You can reuse the one skin several times so 1 packets goes a long way!
  56. Lovely feel


    I would recommend this product to use before a night/day out. Felt lovely & moisturising whilst on & my skin was plumper & healthy looking afterwards for a day or two. My fine lines were definitely less noticeable..
  57. glowy youthful results


    these masks made my skin evidently more plump and glowy, however the results only lasted a day or 2.
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