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Pixi Fast Flash Facial 15ml, 40ml, 15ml

4.8 of 95 reviews


4 instalments of $8.75

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4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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Getting a gorgeous glow has never been easier with Pixi Fast Flash Facial. Containing three deluxe minis, this kit contains everything you need for a fast and effective at-home Flash Facial. Exfoliate, brighten and moisturise with this must-have set.
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SUPERIOR - 99% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Pixi Fast Flash Facial Reviews

4.8 of 95 reviews

99% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Awesome trial pack!


I wanted to try some pixi products before fully committing. Great products, and they last ages as well

Most Helpful Criticism

Good glow but not a fan of the smell


I bought this as I thought it would be a great way to try the glow tonic in a small size and the exfoliated sounded interesting. First thing that turns me off is the smell. I am more into natural smells and to be it just smells very artificial and strong - reminds me of something my grandma would love. I would recommend the exfoliant and the tonic if you don’t mind the rose smell however he exfoliant I would only use every two weeks as it’s very scratchy.
  1. 3 of the best skincare products


    The glow tonic is a cult classic and for a reason, it tones, purifies and exfoliates. When you first put it on there’s a bit of a sting due to the glycolic acid, but this wears off after 5 seconds and upon next application it’s barely noticeable. The results however are clear, glowing, smooth skin. I love this toner. The rose flash balm is also a brilliant pairing with it, it soothes and hydrates ...
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  2. 3 of the best skincare products


    The glow tonic is a cult classic and for a reason, it tones, purifies and exfoliates. When you first put it on there’s a bit of a sting due to the glycolic acid, but this wears off after 5 seconds and upon next application it’s barely noticeable. The results however are clear, glowing, smooth skin. I love this toner. The rose flash balm is also a brilliant pairing with it, it soothes and hydrates ...
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  3. Awesome trial pack!


    I wanted to try some pixi products before fully committing. Great products, and they last ages as well
  4. Fantastic


    This is a great sample set. These products actually work and help your skin glow. They are gentle yet effective. Works on even sensitive skin.
  5. Great set for a Pixi introduction!


    Tried this set a few days ago. Left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. The Peel & Polish worked super well and the Rose Flash Balm was quickly absorbed and left my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Would definitely recommend this set to any one wanting to try Pixi.
  6. Wow


    Purchased this smaller set the other day before going and buying the bigger bottles. I love it so far !
  7. Love Pixi products


    I love this little set because it lets you try the products and see if they suit your skin before you commit to a full size. Love how they all compliment each other and leave my skin glowing
  8. It works!


    verified purchaser
    I am loving this, such a nice treat to give myself a mini facial in lockdown. My skin is smooth and glowy after using. I do find find the balm isn't hydrating enough on it's own though so I follow with moisturiser/oil as well. I'll probably buy the full size when this kit is finished.
  9. Great starter kit for PIXI products


    verified purchaser
    This home facial set is perfect during isolation. I had heard such good things about PIXI Glow Tonic and this set is great because I'm able to try some of their other products too. I will be purchasing the Glow Tonic in the full size, converted!
  10. Awesome!


    I bought this small pack as its my first time trying pixi after hearing how good it was. Lasts a long time as well. Could definitely notice a difference in my skin when using these items, it looked brighter!
  11. natural glow


    Good for instant glow and refreshing skin, makes it more plumped and healthier. However it doesn’t really make a difference in reducing blemishes/ spots.
  12. Wonderful!


    Love how it makes my skin so clear and fresh looking. Its small but it lasts for ages as you only need a small amount of each product. This is my third purchase of the Pixie Fast Flash
  13. At home facial!


    This great little at-home-facial set can be used one product at a time or all together for a splurge night. I love each product, and it's really inexpensive for the quality - great value for money. Skin is left feeling fresh but I guess the only thing is the effects don't last as long as a more lux facial kit. Still a lovely facial and a perfect gift!
  14. Love it so much I am now gifting it to my girlfriends


    I wanted to try the famous glow tonic and thought the set was a good idea. Fell in love with the peel and polish and rose balm as well! The balm's smell is not my favorite but I love how my skin feels after it. Absolutely love the peel and polish and I'm now buying the full size tube. Pity the rose balm is not available in full size here at adore beauty...
  15. LOOOVE


    I absolutely loved this set. Cannot fault!
  16. great for travelling


    Best way to try out this brand. I love Pixi and my skin just adores it.
  17. Best for travelling!


    Best thing for travelling. It makes my skin glow.
  18. Great little set


    This is a great way to test out the pixi products without paying too much money. I love the glow tonic and the products after about a week really improved the texture of my skin.
  19. Awesome products and great little tester size to try them out


    So great to be able to buy this set tot try out these products and they were awesome!
  20. Loved it!


    Got this as a gift and it was a great way to try some Pixi products. I've already bought a full size of the Peel and Polish and will get the Rose Flash Balm too - I found it was a nice moisturiser alternative when I needed an extra hydration boost, and works lovely as primer - especially around my very tired eye area. Definitely added some plump to my otherwise dull/tired skin.
    The glow ton...
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  21. great travel size products


    Tried this kit before i purchased the large sizes and I was not faulted! Great for travelling too
  22. Small.

    Neysa ilayne

    Not sure it's completely worth the 35. However it's a good sample of Pixi products. I'll be repurchasing the polish for sure.
  23. Great Products


    I could definitely notice a difference in my skin when using these items, it looked brighter! Going to repurchase the full size versions of the tonic and scrub. I bought this small pack as I its my first time trying pixi after hearing how good it was :) Lasts a long time as well.
  24. Glow


    This is my second purchase of the Pixie Fast Flash...LOVE how it makes my skin so clear
    and fresh looking...even though its small...it lasts for ages as you only need to apply a small amount of each product...
  25. Great at home facial


    This is an amazing set for an at home facial. Great as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone who is need of relaxation. Using the three products together makes the skin feel super clean and refreshed. They are all gentle on the skin and work well together to improve the complexion.
  26. Best gift idea!


    This is a great gifting idea for any beauty aficionado friends that you have! The PIXI product sample tubes are still very giving, and I stretched use for these three over a few months.
    Would make a cute gift!
  27. Good set to test products


    A little expensive but you get to try out all the products in this cute set. I actually love the smell of the glow tonic and thought it was gentle and non-irritating on my skin. I like that it is astringent without feeling like it is. This set is a good way to introduce yourself to pixi and figure out whether you want the full size products! My only gripe is the price and the opening for the tonic...
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  28. Really great!!


    I got given this by a friend who loves the brand and I am definitely a convert! Makes my skin feel really clean.
  29. Affordable way to try


    I love this kit - it's a great starter kit if you're worried about committing to the full sized versions. I personally loved all three. The tonic is brightening and refreshing, the peel is a great exfoliant and prepares skin (especially my nose!) for perfect makeup application, and the balm is a perfect, light and almost mattifying skin perfecting moisturiser. I often wear the balm on its own, but...
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  30. Great to try out products


    I bought this as I had never tried pixi products but wanted to give them a go. I love all of them and my skin is so much clearer since starting and I will definitely be buying the bigger size products. The only down side is that I don’t feel this product has good value for money- for the price I expected the products to be bigger!
  31. Great starter kit


    I recommend this product to help try out pixi products. It helped me as I have sensitive skin so I was not sure if I wanted to buy the full price items just yet. But I fell in love with how great it worked on my skin and I am now an avid fan!
  32. great way to try things


    This is a great way to try new products. However, it's a lot to spend for small products. I've loved all of the products in it. The rose balm is great because you can use it as a leave on or wash off treatment.
  33. Good as a gift

    Regina Fuentes

    Got this as a gift for a friend who’s been wanting to try it. Good starter kit when you’re not sure if the product will fit your skin
  34. Fabulous


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  35. Great small sized bottles!


    These three are my absolute favourite pixi products in an excellent travel size
  36. Glow + Slay


    This kit is a pamper ritual! It has everything you need for that healthy glow from within. The peel smells delicious, like cucumber and melon, I use the peel with my clarasonic brush and brush it in for 2 mins then remove with a hot towel. The glow tonic did sting at first but after a minute, the skin is transformed and glowing plump. The sting is due to the glycolic acid which is very very normal...
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  37. Awesome!


    Used this for the first time last night and even now 24 hours later my skin still feels great! I used all three products so I can’t really comment on them individually, but this little trio is an amazing weekly facial, love it, would be a great gift too!
  38. Best value minis which makes my skin glow


    This pack has the BEST value!! This was the first time I was trying pixi and I fell in love!
    This was great for me to try out what I liked ! I also think the travel sizes are perfect, not too small! And great value for money!
    All these products made my skin glow and feel super smooth!
    I have actually repurchased the glow tonic already as I love it so much!
    Really worth ...
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  39. value for money


    Love this little gift set as an introduction to Pixi. The mini sizes are perfect for travel and I love the glow tonic for refreshing my face. Makes my skin so smooth and soft
  40. glowing skin!!!!


    I absolutely love this little pixi set. I bought it to trial the products as I wasn’t sure how they’d work for my dry skin. I’m happy to say I’ve found each of these products brilliant. My skin has never looked so good. The peel and polish is like magic, it gently lifts the dead skin cells to give your skin a silky soft feel.
    The toner is equally as good, and the rose balm makes your skin fe...
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  41. Love, Love, LOVE


    Love these products, I have a dry skin type with oily T-zone and I find these products work really well. I bought this to try the products without committing to large sizes. Will definitely repurchase these products!
  42. Bright and glowing.


    Started using the pixi flash facial set and after about two days my skin was visibly brighter, now after a couple of weeks my skin has become clearer and glowing. I honestly didn’t expect such great results but I have now gone on to buy the full size of each. Fair to say that this trial/travel size pack is a great low cost way of trying the set! I look forward to trying more products by pixi and e...
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  43. Love the balm.


    I read the reviews before I purchased the kit. I like the peel and I like the tonic. I love the balm. I agree with many of the other reviewers. If this was offered in a larger tube I would definitely buy it. My skin feels soft and plumper after I use it.
  44. Great


    The toner made my skin feel amazing and make me have less breakouts, it made it feel soft and less irritated. Would defiantly recommend this product and will be buying the full size. Wish the products were a little bit bigger for the price.

  45. Great products


    really good products the glow tonic is the best!
  46. Good kit


    A very good kit and great way to try the brand
  47. Awesome


    All 3 products are great and the glow tonic is amazing
  48. great set


    I have sensitive skin and this is great at exfoliating and does not irritate. saw the difference on my skin after a few uses. made me glow and my skin really smooth. great set if you want to try out the products before committing or even as gifts!
  49. Amazing all round products


    Love all of these products so much. I will be buying a full size of all of them!!!
  50. Yes, absolutely


    A friend bought this pack for me and I am such a big fan!
  51. First try of Pixi - love it!!


    I heard of Pixi on Instagram and wanted to try it out - my skin is fairly normal/combo and can be sensitive. I tried this set to sample a few products at once and loved the results, my skin actually looked better after first try which rarely happens - brighter and more even.
  52. Convenient travel sizes


    Love this set! Such convenient sizes - perfect for trying out a new brand! I love the glow tonic for evening out my skin tone and the peel mask for making it feel super smooth. The rose balm is not spectacular though - it seems to pill under my makeup, so it might be better suited for lighter coverage foundation.
  53. Pixi is one of my fave brands!


    Love their whole skincare products. They do exactly as they say!
  54. I brought this pack to test and it passed!


    27yr old - Never used a toner before until glow tonic - now wouldnt turn back. It has made my combination/oily skin not as oily through out the day. I find that i dont have to re touch my makeup (as much) for any shine! This to me is a revelation in my skin care routine. So for anyone with oily skin, i recommend trying the toner! I loveee the rose flash balm of a night time, i wish it was sold sep...
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  55. Great sample of an amazing brand


    I love the Pixi range and this sample pack gives a good amount of product to test whether these skin treats have a place on your routine. I was already a fan of the glow tonic and I enjoy the peel and polish (which can be used just as a mask or as an added scrub at the beginning/end of the mask). I hadn’t tried the rose flash balm but really enjoyed its multiple uses and the lovely smell. I would ...
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  56. All exceptional products


    I LOVE this kit.
    The peel and polish is my favourite of the three but all are excellent. The toner works so well to cleanse and prep for moisturiser while managing breakouts. It’s fresh and non drying but the smell is gross. I can deal with that for such a good toner.

    The balm is wonderful used as a mask - very hydrating and softening. I’m not so keen on it as a primer as it t...
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  57. great little travel pack


    Fantastic pack to take with you for weekends away or short trip. I love the pixi products included and it is great for my combination skin. Would also be great if it included the sleeping night cream as well!
  58. Love


    Pixi is my go to skincare range. I think this kit has really good sizes and would be a perfect gift for someone who just wanted to try a few products out!
  59. Great little trial pack


    I bought this just to test the pixi range before purchasing bigger sizes. The exfoliant is a little rough for my skin but the other products were lovely
  60. Perfect Gift!


    I love Pixi, and all three products make a great gift pack. I bought this for myself and bring the glow tonic when I travel - the perfect on-the-go exfoliator. Goes great with a spritz of the glow mist afterwards! Would recommend.
  61. Perfect kit


    This is such a good kit. Includes some of my favourite products from Pixi
  62. Makes a great gift or travel set


    I purchased this to try out the cult Glow Tonic and I'm so glad I did because now I have tried the glow balm as well. I actually like the balm more than any product in this set, it is so hydrating and makes my skin look so glowy. I wouldn't recommend using it every day though, as it can be a bit heavy.
  63. Love it!


    I brought this set and the Pixi Glow mud mask to try out the products. I have oily/combination skin that is prone to congestion and dullness. I absolutely love all these products and will be buying full sizes when this kit runs out. My skin looks smoother, brighter and clearer. Best products I have come across in 10 years and I’ve tried ALOT!
  64. Great price to try out Pixi


    I have sensitive/combo skin. The tonic doesn't irritate my dry patches, but noticeably improves with acne. The polish was too harsh for my face. It's really gritty and the granules seem very large. I instead used it on my body, but I wasn't impressed with it any more than a $10 body scrub. The real star of this set was the balm. I loved the light scent. It worked great as a nourishing mask or mois...
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  65. Awesome


    great pack to try out a range of skin care products works well on oily skin
  66. Great set


    Lovely little gift or starter set, great products
  67. dream products


    This is a nice and affordable way to try the products. My skin felt fresh and bright. I really saw a difference and will definitely repurchase.
  68. Perfect gift set


    This is the perfect gift for you or a friend. Amazing skin brightening products and enough to trial several times
  69. Highly recommend


    Highly recommend finding your feet with this brand through this set!! This is good value for trying out the glow tonic and seeing what else the brand has to offer. I personally didn't like the balm as much but the tonic was amazing
  70. Great little set


    Great way to try the brand or to give as a gift
  71. great sizes


    This was a great way to try out Pixi products. The actual sizes of the products seem small but you can easily get several uses out of each product and give them a good go. The polish was a highlight for me, will buy a full size when I run out!
  72. Good glow but not a fan of the smell


    I bought this as I thought it would be a great way to try the glow tonic in a small size and the exfoliated sounded interesting. First thing that turns me off is the smell. I am more into natural smells and to be it just smells very artificial and strong - reminds me of something my grandma would love. I would recommend the exfoliant and the tonic if you don’t mind the rose smell however he exfoli...
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  73. Great set of products


    This is a great intro to Pixi products & was my first purchase. I was really impressed. If you have very sensitive skin, then this would be a good way of trying the products before committing to full size... as some of the products may irritate your skin. I have oily mature skin and love every product. The rose balm is divine - it smells so good & leaves my skin looking really soft & glowy. Althou...
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  74. Perfect intro to the brand


    I found this trio to be an excellent introduction to Pixi as a brand. I have dry and sensitive skin but found the toner and exfoliant really gentle and effective at minimizing my dryness. The rose flash balm is truly beautiful under makeup but the star for me is the glow tonic, which I will be purchasing a large bottle of stat.
  75. Glowing skin


    Great kit that does the job! This 3-step kit makes my skin glow!

  76. great gift set


    I received this as a gift from a friend and I was really impressed with the products. It opened to the PIXI range as I had never used their products prior to receiving this and I am really happy with it. Will definitely giving this ago to see if the products work with your skin as it did my skin wonders.
  77. Glowing!


    Love love love! Ive been having issues with breakouts recently and all the products for acne ive been using have really dried out my normally oily skin. After the first use i definitely noticed a difference in the overall appearance! Im glowing! Def recommend!
  78. The best of pixi


    These three products are great! I bought this to try them before buying the full size. The polish is so gorgeous, feels like it really scrubs away any impurities. The glow tonic is a little harsh for my skin but I use it without scrubbing beforehand. The rose balm smells so good!! It’s super thick and hydrating but not for everyday.
  79. In love!


    This trio of products is absolutely amazing! I have sensitive skin, prone to eczema and breakouts but these products have been a dream. The products smell good enough to eat and I could feel and see results immediately. The fact that this is a simple routine with such noticeable immediate results is great for me as a busy mumma of two kiddies under three years old! My skin is glowing and I am comp...
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  80. I don’t get the hype


    I really don’t get it.

    The resurfacer stinks and dried out my skin quite quickly and made it tight and sore after removal. The glow tonic seems ok but not rave-worthy. The balm also seems drying and was uncomfortable. I can’t imagine using it as a primer as suggested.

    For reference I’m 43 with dry combo skin with some pores and fine lines.
  81. Great gift set


    Lovely combination of products! Perfect if you want to try the brand or for a gift. Skin looks radiant and fresh.
  82. Love iT!


    I love this little kit - so portable and effective! Used this the night before a big formal event and my skin was glowing instantly. Wish the bottles were a little bigger!
  83. WOW! Love it.


    This is a FABULOUS lil' kit to buy, particularly if you want to test out some Pixi products without committing to a large sized tube without knowing if it works or not. I bought this to help settle my acne and to give me that G L O W it promises to give, and wow I was NOT disappointed. I used each product the day I got it, and woke up the next day and could already seen an improvement. It has now ...
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    I only got this the other day, but the first time I used it - particularly the glow tonic, my pores are WAY less noticeable. I also had a patch on my nose where I'd gone a bit heavy squeezing pimples and made a scab and it scrubbed the scab off!
    That stuff is actual magic.
    The rose balm feels great and soaks in in a flash but probably isn't moisturising enough for the dryness of the ...
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  85. Amazing Trio


    I love all three products, they all leave my skin feeling so clean/glowing! Ideals for any skin type, especially acne prone/oily skins.
  86. Affordable


    This is such a great affordable pack that I use on a daily basis, can't recommend this one enough!
  87. Superb home facial


    It’s an amazing home facial kit. Left my skin soft and supple in just 5 mins. It’s so quick and easy .
  88. treat yo self


    It's like a day at the spa! all these products are amazing and for such a cheap price!
  89. Nice products

    Sassy M

    I've enjoyed using these products - they've been good for my skin which suffers from patchy winter dryness. Such a cute little set too :) Would recommend giving it a try.
  90. Amazing!


    I had a patch of dry skin on my cheek and the Glow Tonic (in the first use) got rid of it! Sizes are smaller than I thought but this set is great for a first try or gift!
  91. Love it love it love it!


    I've heard some amazing things about the Pixi brand, and was excited to purchase this mini set to try a few different products without committing to the full size. The results I got exceeded my wildest expectations! The exfoliant was amazing and left my skin so smooth, and the toner definitely made my skin glow! I've been using the rose balm as a primer and am excited to try it as a face mask this...
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  92. Great for travel


    I love this! I love the peel the most. Makes my face kinda go tight after use and I love that so much!
    I will buy another to use for trvales!
  93. Great way to try a few products


    I am obsessed with trying out kits because I get to try more of the brand for a smaller price. I really loved the toner, I am going to put that in my travel bag! The polish and peel shocked me, I washed my face in the shower, when I looked in the mirror my face looked polished! Was so bright and clear!
  94. Great value


    Very nice value or product for your money. The polish and peel made my skin so bright. The toner was nice, but will use it on trips.
  95. Great little set


    This is a nifty little set which kept selling out overseas whenever I tried to buy it! It is probably better suited for people with combination-to-dry skin rather than combination-to-oily - but I've been using it without any problems, and I have combo skin. The Peel and Polish is awesome, and the Glow Tonic is the perfect size to take travelling, rather than the huge bottle I've got at home. I've ...
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