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Pixi Beauty 24K Eye Elixir 10ml

3.9 of 27 reviews


4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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Fight the signs of fatigue. Pixi Beauty 24K Eye Elixir is a peptide serum that prevents the signs of fatigue, gently massaging away puffiness. With a cooling rollerball, this smoothing, refreshing eye serum also doubles as an anti-ager, leaving your skin looking plump.
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GOOD - 58% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Puffiness

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3.9 of 27 reviews

58% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This product is great for my under eyes puffiness

Most Helpful Criticism

Wouldn't recommend


In my opinion this product does not reflect its price, nor is it a necessary item. there is pleasure in roller the cooling applicator under your eye in the morning however beyond that, i see/feel/experience no benefit.
  1. Negative Effect


    verified purchaser
    So, I wanted to be able to really see results with this, so I applied it to one eye only for about a week. I've since developed a small rash on that eyelid, and I actually asked my boyfriend if he could pick which eye had received the treatment. He chose the wrong eye.
  2. Refreshing, not worth the $$


    I like this product; it's cool, refreshing and soothing. Not really worth the price tag. May or may not purchase again. The serum is quite thin.
  3. Average


    I like the applicator as it is soothing but other than that the product is pretty average. Hydrates but there are no other results and the product doesn't last that long as it is tiny in size.
  4. This is ok


    I needed a product that would help de-puffing as I’ve just had a baby and lacking in sleep. This product is ok. I don’t think I’ll buy it again though as It didn’t really do much for me.
  5. Good


    Good product. Helps with my puffy eyes and it helps hydrate the area. I like the applicator, feels nice on the skin. However, i have not seen any difference in fine lines.
  6. Wouldn't recommend


    verified purchaser
    In my opinion this product does not reflect its price, nor is it a necessary item. there is pleasure in roller the cooling applicator under your eye in the morning however beyond that, i see/feel/experience no benefit.
  7. Works well for reducing puffiness under eyes


    Works well for reducing puffiness under eyes. It's made a big difference to the soft skin under my eyes. I like the roll-on function, it makes applying the serum really easy. That's a big plus for me.
  8. Eye elixir


    this is really refreshing helps reduce puffiness around the eyes, firms and plumps!
  9. Does what it says!


    I love anything with a cooling roller for the eyes so this product is perfect for me. The gel is smooth and just glides on without being sticky. I did noticed a difference after a late night so I'll definitely continue using it.
  10. Natures best friend


    I love this eye elixir. I suffer from seasonal puffy eyes in spring and this calms them down and feels amazing with the cold ball to roll it on with. I would definitely recommend this product.
  11. Good product


    I keep mine in the fridge so when I wake up and my eyes are a bit puffy the coolness of the product helps to calm the skin down but even without keeping it in the fridge the metal bit always feels cool. Great product!
  12. Soothing and soft


    This feels so nice on my under eyes. It has helped the puffiness a little but mostly it helps hydrate and keep my eyes feeling bright. Nice little addition to my routine
  13. pretty good, does what it says


    i have really puffy eyes (thanks genetics) so i needed something cooling and refreshing to put on whenever i needed it. i decided to try this because it had pretty good reviews. it does work, but i feel that you could get more for the price.
  14. GreatI


    I don't suffer from puffiness around my eyes but I have been noticing more fine lines & dryness around my eye area. I decided to give this a try & was not disappointed. Not only has it seemed to help my issues but in the morning it just feels nice on my eye area & helps to make me feel more awake and refreshed! I also tend to have sensitive eyes when I use creams or anything around my eyes, they w...
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  15. Ok


    Not my fav from pixi only because I haven't yet seen results
  16. Puffy eyes be gone!


    I’ve had puffy and baggy under eyes for my whole adult life. It’s been a really big issue when it comes to my self esteem.

    While nothing short of filler can fix it, this definitely helps a lot!!!
    The effect seems to be lasting longer each day I use it.

    If puffy under eyes is your issue. I recommend this!
  17. Great Option


    I don't have any real under eye issues, I picked up this product purely for the ease of use factor. Being in a roller ball means it's super easy to pick up and apply, it doesn't feel like an arduous additional step in my routine which eye creams can often feel for me. The metal ball means it's nice and cooling and refreshing in the morning. Is nice used straight out of the fridge when hungover :)
  18. OK Product


    I don't mind this eye cream/elixir, though I find it doesn't benefit all of my eye concerns. It's so easy to apply and is refreshing to puffiness/bags, but if you're looking for an eye cream that's anti-ageing, I don't think this quite cuts it. Filled with amazing ingredients, just don't expect it to combat fine lines/wrinkles.
  19. Not bad


    I did notice a decrease in my under eye circles. However a little pricey and the you have to hold the product upright to get the product out, which was annoying over time.
  20. Works!


    Since a young age I have always been self conscious about the under eye bags. I have tried so many different products and as I'm about to buy this product again, after 6 months+ of using it I am realising that I have stopped worrying about them, and have noticed a difference. I also like how easy to use it is, I love the roll on ball, no need to use your fingers and also how long it lasts!
  21. LOVE IT!


    I can see only negative reviews for this product and i must come to it's defense! I understand we all have different skin and for me it is an amazing product. Easy to apply as long as you shake it before each use. I notice less puff around my eyes within minutes. I took this away with me on holiday as i use it on the daily and i left it in my hotel room! Must purchase again!
  22. didn't see any benefits


    I wanted to like this because the packaging is so compact but I found it didn't hydrate or smooth my under eye area at all. Switched right back to my kiehl's creamy avocado eye cream.
  23. waste of money


    barely any formula comes out and it feels like the roller ball is dragging my delicate skin under the eye. the coolness does feel very nice but a cold metal spoon does the same job. maybe if the elixir was in a tube itself i would see more results as none really comes out

  24. Just No


    I purchased this with the intention of throwing it in my bag to massage the eye area with the roller-ball whenever needed; however, I don't think any formula even comes out, as it feels as though the roller ball is dragging my delicate skin. I have to play around with it to have any formal come out and when applied, it does feel soothing around the eye area, but don't expect it to remove dark circ...
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  25. Disappointed


    Not sure if I just have major Mum bags or not but I found this product didn’t do much for me at all. Most of their other products are amazing and I’m a total fan but unfortunately it’s a no from me
  26. OK


    As a recent convert to the Pixi brand, I bought this from overseas when it first came out. I like the formulation of the eye cream (or 'Elixer'), but hate the roller-ball dispenser. I remember a number of skin care brand went crazy for these a few years ago, but they have all been gradually phased out in favour of tubes or tub packaging - for good reason. My eyes do not need massaging with a metal...
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