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philosophy Skin Care take a deep breath

take a deep breath Authentic

An increasingly busy life affects skin adversely over time and causes premature ageing. In the modern world, your skin is constantly fighting the damaging effects of pollution and stress, resulting in a tired look. philosophy has developed the Take a Deep Breath range of products to protect skin against these modern onslaughts.

Take a Deep Breath moisturiser is the perfect place to start. This oil-free, oxygenating gel–cream breathes new life into a tired complexion. The patented blend of antioxidants and anti-pollutants helps neutralise damaging free radicals. Exclusive Clean-Air Technology provides the daily oxygen skin needs to breathe freely. Your complexion becomes stronger, fresher, and more radiant.


Your eyes show fatigue, stress, and age faster than any other part of your face. Bring back bright eyes by using Take a Deep Breath Eye. This cooling gel–cream refreshes and rejuvenates the appearance of tired eyes whilst nourishing and protecting delicate skin. The formula contains barley leaf extract and a blend of peptides to smooth out puffiness and minimise dark circles.


If you've noticed your skin is looking drab and dehydrated, turn to the Take a Deep Breath range. philosophy is ready to revitalise your skin and keep it protected from pollution and stress.

take a deep breath

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