philosophy time in a bottle daily age-defying serum

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philosophy time in a bottle daily age-defying serum


philosophy time in a bottle daily age-defying serum gives you access to the most complete skin protection system currently available. the exclusive skin renewal complex helps promote the skins protection processes. it works in synergy with a high-potency vitamin c 8 activator to help neutralize external skin-aging environmental aggressors.
defy the appearance of all major signs of aging, and help your skin appear: radiant, poreless, even, wrinkle-free, smooth, and firm with philosophy time in a bottle daily age-defying serum.

clinically tested on women ages 25-55*
- 82% showed improvement in signs of aging not yet visible on the surface after 4 weeks
- 95% showed significant reduction in visible signs of aging after 8 weeks.
*clinical study, 120 women, ages 25-55, once daily use. measurement of aging not yet visible on the surface using cross-polarized light to reveal sub-surface signs of aging in the epidermal layer.
philosophy pioneered their fresh-pour technology to provide formulas that are at
the peak of their potency. in time in a bottle, philosophy’s exclusive skin renewal complex and vitamin c8 activator are kept separate until first use to help the active ingredients retain their highest level of effectiveness.
ready when you are
1.      prior to first use, simply pour the activator into the serum
2.      shake for 20 seconds
3.      watch through the window of the bottle to see the formula turn a rosy pink colour, indicating it is ready to begin transforming your skin
why your skin will love philosophy time in a bottle daily age-defying serum:
• targets all major signs of aging, visible and not yet visible
• helps skin appear wrinkle-free and firm
• puts time back on your side

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Reviews (5)
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A great Vitamin C serum! - 28-06-2016 by

I've used a variety of Vitamin C based serums, all of which I find have a very strong scent and don't layer well with other serums. This particular consistency is perfect. It's a silky, blendable, easily absorbed serum with no strong smell. After using this serum for a month I've noticed a more even complexion, and more hydrated skin.

Part One - First Impressions - 15-12-2015 by

This review will be in 2 parts, this is my initial impression after the first day. I have very sensitive skin and am unable to use many products, so it was with some hesitation I purchased Time in a Bottle. I can happily report that mixing the products was simple and not messy at all, the product doesn't have a heavy fragrance - so no issue there. One pump of the dispenser produced enough product to completely cover my face (it was about half the size of a pea). No stinging, burning or redness after an hour and nothing but beautifully soft skin in the morning. It feels like a gel going on and 'soaks in' in under 30 seconds, no residue, no sticky or tight feeling - in fact I couldn't feel it at all. I will report back after using for 6 weeks, but first impressions are extremely positive!

Healthier looking skin - 08-12-2014 by

I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I am amazed that a tiny amount is all you need. This bottle will last quite a long time. My skin already looks clearer and more radiant. I am looking forward to seeing the results after a few months.

I'm glowing! - 26-03-2014 by

How much fun is the packaging?! It's exciting to mix the ingredients when you first receive the product, and great to know that the purpose is to ensure the ingredients are as fresh and effective as possible! The serum has a lovely lightweight texture, and leaves the skin with a lovely dewy, radiant glow. After only a couple of weeks, I have noticed my skin tone is far more even, my pores have been minimised and my complexion generally appears much healthier and more radiant. I can't wait to see how it will look in a few more weeks!

Love it! - 04-03-2014 by

Time in a Bottle. With a name like that, the product had better be good right?

Yes, and yes it is.

Try putting some on the back of one of your hands and then comparing the two - you'll see what I mean.

I was using this a for a few days and was really happy with the light-weight texture and just how easy it makes my morning vitamin-C dose! But I'm a sunscreen-obsessed woman in my early 20s, and I really wanted to put this to the test...

So I left this where my partner would see it before he left for work and chucked a great big "USE ME" on it. By some miracle, he's actually been using it (the big writing and the daily "darling I love you also have you been using your serum" probably helped) and YOU CAN SERIOUSLY TELL. He's in his late 20s but has a fair bit of sun damage and fine lines from years of playing soccer in the sun.

He has been using this for only two weeks and already I can see some of his pigmentation is fading. Plus, he really likes the texture - it's really lightweight!

My top tip would be that this will double as a primer. Great idea for people who don't like to have too many products going on at once! Gotta love a product that understands I want instant results as well as long term ones.

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