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philosophy renewed hope in a jar peeling mousse 75ml 75ml

4.6 of 38 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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the best of both worlds - a hybrid formulation that combines a lightweight mask with an enzyme mousse. Designed to gently buff away dead skin cells while also purifying and calming the skin, philosophy renewed hope in a jar peeling mousse revitalises and prepares your skin for the next step in your routine.

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.6 of 38 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Quick mini facial


I use this if I’m in a rush and need to buff away any impurities. It makes my make up application so much faster. I received a sample from adore and will be purchasing a full sized!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not too harsh


GWP. It’s not too harsh to use on my skin. But I really don’t think you need use it three times a week. Too much peeling is not ok.
  1. Quick mini facial


    I use this if I’m in a rush and need to buff away any impurities. It makes my make up application so much faster. I received a sample from adore and will be purchasing a full sized!
  2. This is a great treatment mask that will leave your skin looking hydrated and glowing.


    AMAZING! My face always looked good, I put it on my Clean face and neck, as I was putting it on, off was coming the dead skin, but I left it on for a full minute rinsed it off, dried my face and neck, WoW, my face and neck did glow, my skin was so soft. This honestly gave my face a very nice glow. Very happy with the product, I Love this very easy way to Peel my skin. I am sensitive to many items ...
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  3. so-so


    verified purchaser
    a gentle peeling mousse i would say, don't see much dirt coming off or peeled lumps after a full 2minutes rub... but it does made me feel a little smoother after use.
    this is the review after 3 times used in a week
  4. Amazing on the skin


    verified purchaser
    love the feel, isn't too rough but leaves the skin feeling perfectly refreshed
  5. Glowing!


    I have combination skin and this was the perfect exfoliant, not too drying and left a refreshing glow! While other products have left my skin dehydrated, this one left me my skin supple, hydrated and refined.
  6. Amazing


    I love this! You can feel the grime and dead skin come off your face as you rub it in and afterwards my skin felt so smooth. Fantastic product
  7. Not too harsh


    GWP. It’s not too harsh to use on my skin. But I really don’t think you need use it three times a week. Too much peeling is not ok.
  8. Okay product


    I received this in a goodie bag. It works ok to exfoliate and the price is great! However, there are better options out there, which are more expensive.
  9. Not sure


    It is a good product but I found it was a bit drying on my skin.
  10. Nothing special


    Received a sample of this. At first I used too little of the product (about a 10c piece) and it sort of just balled up in little bits on my face, had to put more on. So I think you would need quite abit. Afterwards, my skin was just fine. Nothing special, unlike other philosophy products I have (which I love). It's a no from me
  11. Nice results


    I received this as a sample and I’ve managed to get three uses out of this. I found this a really effective treatment for cleaning and brightening my skin and only takes one minute so also very time efficient. I’m going to put this on my wish list as I’d like to continue to use this once I run out of my current mask treatment.
  12. Really feel the peel!

    Trish S

    I got this product as a sample with my Adore Beauty purchase. It's so different and interesting! The texture is kind of gritty and it's blue. You apply in circles on your face and you can feel your dead skin cells peeling off with it and end up with a bit of residue. It's also really gentle. Afterwards your face feels really smooth!
  13. Great product


    I love this product! My skin feels so smooth. Really cleans the pores out well! And my makeup goes on amazingly too!
  14. Good


    I love products that have enzymes in it. This product always leaves my face look smooth, healthy and glowy
  15. Smooth and glowing skin


    I received a sample of this product and was blown away at the results after one use! It made my oily/combination skin glow and feel so smooth to touch. I was hooked and just bought the full size product! Would definitely recommend!
  16. Still not sure


    Got this as a freebie and have only used it a couple of times. I've found I can stretch the product to get a lot of uses out of 7ml sample. I for some reason like the antiseptic smell of the product I feel it gives it a vibe of working?? Feels very nice while it sits on the skin and I do love how fresh and clear/clean my skin feels after removing the product. Thankfully there was no dryness after ...
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  17. Smells fantastic !


    Enjoyed this product quite a bit, it really does smell so great! It calmed my skin and left it glowing and radiant.
  18. Will buy full size


    I got this as a sample, but really loved it. It was oddly satisfying seeing it do what it says it will (exfoliate of the dead layer off skin into little balls)
  19. reduces redness


    Reduces redness on inflamed skin, leaves skin feeling radiant and glowing. Very gentle and calming on sensitive skin, the fact it has witch hazel in it does it for me as this has always been an ingredient that reacts well with my sensitive skin.
  20. Love, Love, Love it!


    I am a massive fan of this product, I've even given my mum a tube. Instantly helps clear my dry skin and leaves it glowing. It's a must have!
  21. I LOVE IT


    this stuff is f***ed up good, your old skin literally rolls off in balls and its the perfect way to prep for a flawless complexion holy hell i love this
  22. So nice !


    Very impressed with this as I got it as a sample absolutely loved it, made my face look so smooth and overall just amazing product !
  23. Fantastic


    Love this peeling mousse my skin is so much better since I started using it.
  24. Effective exfoliation in one minute!


    Received this a sample. Very impressed, this is my first try of Philosophy products. I've been using a few times a week and have noticeably smoother skin. I'm sold!
  25. Fun and refreshing exfoliator


    Received this as a deluxe sample and loved it! This enzyme exfoliator applies like a light, fresh smelling mousse and takes only one minute to whisk away dryness and leave soft, smooth skin. Going to reorder as it brings awesome results in next to no time.
  26. Amazing


    I got this as a sample and I've used it 3 times now.. A little goes a long way! Omg my skin feels like baby skin smooth and my face just looks glowing. I'm definitely going to purchase a full size when the sample has run out. Highly recommend
  27. Instant smooth skin


    I got this a sample. I used very little per application and still found great results. Will definitely be getting it again. My skin was fresh and smoother after one use.
  28. Glowing, clear skin in a single treatment


    I’m a big fan of enzyme peels and this is fabulous! I have fine lines and pigmentation and get white heads around my nose if I don’t stay on top of them. This peeling mousse is so easy to use and has helped fade my pigmentation and clear any congestion I might have. I received this as a sample but would definitely consider purchasing once my aspect Enzyme Mask runs out!
  29. super exfoliant


    I've got combination/pigmented skin and this peeling mousse has worked wonders to make my skin clearer. I am always trying products to give me a more even skin tone and and this one delivers. I use it weekly and I love the way my skin glows right afterwards and the days that follow. I highly recommend it.
  30. Great


    This product had a fresh clean smell and was easy to use. I followed the directions on the product and after my skin did feel smoother. It was hard to tell if it was really exfoliating or if the product itself was clumping up, but as I mentioned my skin did feel smooth after. I did not experience redness, itching, or drying with this product.
  31. Will purchase again!


    This product is truely incredible, talk about inner glow! The product is gentle in removing dead skin but it does and leave behind a beautiful natural finish that you can’t get with a lot of other products.
  32. Absolutely amazing product


    This product is so great!! I use every time before I apply makeup and it gets rid of all of my dry skin and bumps and makes makeup application so much easier
  33. Great!


    I got this as a sample and I'm really enjoying it. It's not as harsh as some of my other exfoliants, both physical and acid exfoliants, but I feel works pretty well. Leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. However, I did find that it dried my skin out in the morning, so follow up with a heavy moisturiser if you have dry/dehydrated skin!
  34. It actually removes the dead skin


    I received this as a sample and was instantly impressed! I have been looking for an exfoliating system that actually removes the dead skin. The after glow is very addictive
  35. Perfect for winter


    I'm always wary of reviews claiming instant results but after over-exfoliating my skin with acids, I really needed something gentle to get rid of the flakiness and bring back the glow. This product worked! My skin was soft and supple after one use and the dullness was gone. Continued use resulted in smooth, glowing skin. No more dryness. I look forward to using it during winter as that will be the...
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    I love this!!!

    You can see the results immediately. The impurities, dead skin etc roll up into a ball/clumps as you massage it into your face and once you wash it off you are left with baby soft skin, that glows and feels so clean and refreshed.

    I will admit I was a bit sceptical as I have sensitive skin and most skincare will make me break out or develop irritated, dry ...
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  37. Just WOW!


    Just recieved this as a sample and it is amazing! My skin looks so smooth and is definitely glowing. I also put the philosophy renewed hope in a jar serum over the top and skin looks flawless.
    Have only used once so can't comment on long term effects, but would purchase again based on these instant effects. 5 stars!!
  38. Gentle, healthy glow


    Gentle, fluffy mask that does not strip your skin of hydration, does not feel tight on the skin after washing it away, and leaves a nice radiant, glow to the skin - perfect for sealing it in with a face mask! a little bit expensive though, can't imagine myself being able to have it last more than 2-3 months
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