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philosophy purity ultra-light moisturiser 141ml

4.2 of 51 reviews


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4 instalments of $10.00

Or 4 instalments of $10.00 with LEARN MORE

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philosophy purity ultra-light moisturiser will instantly give skin a healthy, radiant glow. The ultra-lightweight formula leaves skin looking dewy and smooth, and pores are less visible. With nourishing ingredients and protective antioxidants, this moisturiser helps skin feel refreshed, bouncy to the touch and hydrated for up to 24 hours.

What customers say

GREAT - 83% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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philosophy purity ultra-light moisturiser Reviews

4.2 of 51 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Light and hydrating


This is super lightweight but still hydrating. Great for oily skin or the summer months.

Most Helpful Criticism

Simple hydration


I received this product as a sample however a little goes a long way, this is a nice simple/basic moisteriser. Great for sensitive skins like myself with nothing overactive to cause an outburst. Does not feel oily on the skin and absorbs quickly. No fragrance either.
  1. Simple hydration


    I received this product as a sample however a little goes a long way, this is a nice simple/basic moisteriser. Great for sensitive skins like myself with nothing overactive to cause an outburst. Does not feel oily on the skin and absorbs quickly. No fragrance either.
  2. philosophy purity ultra-light moisturiser


    I hadn't found a moisturizer that smelled light and went on airy and not heavy. My skin is so dry but this has revived my skin and makes it feel so soft and soothed all day.
  3. Great basic moisturiser


    Great for a basic, light weight, everyday moisturiser, doesn't do anything additional but perfect to layer on top of my serums.
  4. Light and hydrating


    This is super lightweight but still hydrating. Great for oily skin or the summer months.
  5. My absolute favourite!!


    SUCH a good moisturiser - I love moisturisers that are hydrating but also light, and this is absolutely perfect. Can't recommend enough :)
  6. Love this


    I really like this moisturises. It's light and moisturises well. Doesn't feel like I have something on my face because it's absorbed so quickly and my skin doesn't feel dry afterwards. I will purchase this again. Plus it's the price is not too crazy.
  7. Basic Moisturiser


    This is ideally a good day to day no fuss and straight forward moisturiser. My skin absorbs this cream so fast and it doesn't oily and not dry at all. My skin feels fresh and flawless
  8. Not bad, not amazing


    I received this as a sample, and while it is nice and light, I don't think it's any better than any other simple moisturiser. It also has Alcohol Denat. in it, which is not great for your skin over the long term.
  9. Light moisturiser


    I received a sample of this. It is a nice light moisturiser, I have oily skin and it did not leave me greasy.
  10. My favourite moisturiser of all time


    I bought this because it was on sale, and I have absolutely no regrets. I’m not a fan of a heavy moisturiser, so I absolutely love a product that is light but is still going to hydrate my skin - so this is perfect for me! The only downside is that it does contain fragrance, but I have super sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate my face at all :)
  11. Great light-weight moisturiser


    I bought this after receiving a generous sample and I’m glad I did. It’s exactly as it’s described; a light weight moisturiser. It doesn’t make me break out and it absorbs/drys fairly quickly. I bought this to replace my more expensive dermalogica moisturiser and so far I’m really happy with it. I only use this during the day as I prefer something heavier at night. Would purchase again.
  12. Perfect - not too heavy or greasy


    This is a great moisturiser - it sinks in to the skin quickly, and moisturises really well without feeling heavy or greasy. It is great to apply make up over. I'm a fan!
  13. Good


    This gives my skin a light hydration and is good for my oily skin
  14. Good.


    I received a sample of this and it feels moisturising and sinks it well, I don't found it amazing. It's pretty much a simple moisturiser.
  15. Great daily moisturiser


    I have been using this everyday for about a month and I love it! Its light and hydrating and i would recommend it to anyone. I find it does have a slight citrus smell, which I like, but others may not so keep that in mind
  16. Good


    I have mostly dry skin and this works like a treat. Lightweight and hydrating.
  17. Perfect daily moisturiser


    I use this everyday after my serums, its so hydrating and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily.
    I apply my makeup straight after and am finding it helps my foundation stay matte throughout the day with no shiny forehead by 3pm.
  18. Good but...


    I received a tester of this and although it feels moisturising on application I am not sure if it had any real effect after prolonged use. Maybe need to use it for a bit longer to see results
  19. Average moisturiser


    Received two small tubes in goodie bag. It’s a light texture moisturiser. It’s ok to use but nothing special.
  20. Great product especially for summer

    Ms Z

    Received a sample and glad that I did very light and doesn’t clog pores also brightened my skin.
  21. So hydrating


    Love this for it as a sample and it's amazing removes all my dry skin and moisturisers deep within
  22. Good moisturizer


    Got a sample of this. Great for hydrating and smells good. Nice price!
  23. very light


    This is a very light moisturizer with a nice scent.
  24. Excellent


    worked extremely well for me. the bottle actually lasted me six months, used every day sometimes twice a day and was light yet moisturizing and didn't make me break out or feel heavy on my skin.
  25. Summer favourite


    Loving this during summer! Super lightweight during these hot, sweaty months. Also smells really nice too!
  26. is good!


    This would have to be my go to daily moisturizer, its lightweight, abosrbes well and sits under sunscreen well too. Nearly out so got another be for i use it all, will have this on hand at all times :)
    I live in a hot humid place where i thought using a moisturizer is out of the question, well it's not, not with this!
  27. It's alright


    It is very hydrating and the smell is quite pleasant. It has a very thin/light gel-like consistency which is weightless, however it makes skin feel a bit sticky. I bought it last year and I never got to finish it. Unsure if it has improved the condition of my skin. I don't think I would repurchase.
  28. OK but not great


    I like the texture - it's somewhere between a gel and a cream. It does feel light to apply, however I find it leaves a slight sticky residue on my skin compared to my usual moisturiser. The sticky feeling subsides after a few minutes and it does settle into a more matte finish. It's not hydrating enough for me in winter, but I use it occasionally as a day moisturiser in more humid weather.
  29. Lightweight and hydrating!


    I've just trialled a large sample size of this product and I've found it to be so nice and lightweight but still very hydrating. I have oily skin and have to be picky with the type of moisturiser I use as they can be very heavy and clog my pores almost immediately. I'm not sure about the packaging of this moisturiser (not a big fan of the pump), nonetheless I would still recommend and most likely ...
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  30. Great for normal/dry skin.


    I got this moisturiser as a sample, and used it throughout a trip away. I usually use a more expensive moisturiser, but I didn't see any difference with this one- which is great! It definitely felt more oil based, which is good for my skin during these winter months.
  31. Great


    This is a really great moisturizer if you have oily skin or live in humid conditions. It's very simple, no frills and very light. I tried it and loved the texture and smell, but would just like it to be a tad more hydrating. I will definitely be using it more come summer time.
  32. Great value basic moisturiser


    I really like this moisturiser. It is very lightweight, absorbs quickly and doesn’t irritate my skin. I don’t love the fragrance but it isn’t terribly strong and you don’t notice it after a while. My skin is on the dryer side so I do use another gel moisturiser underneath this but I can get away with wearing this alone in a pinch. I love how smooth and soft my skin feels after applying this moistu...
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  33. Great Moisturiser - leaves skin comfortable and soft


    This moisturiser is a beautiful consistency.
    The first time I uses it I wasn't a HUGE fan, which surprised me as I have oily/combination skin and this is targeted for this skin type.
    However, I persisted with it & realised that it is just because it absorbs so fast.
    When I wake up in the morning after cleansing and moisturising with this beauty I have soft, smooth glowy skin whic...
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  34. Strong scent with an oily consistency


    I have been using this for about a week now and don’t really see any super amazing benefits. I love the feel of the product when first applied however found it made my skin extra oily after a couple of hours. I will continue to use it but at this stage I am not seeing the benefit. Plus the nozzle is horrible to use and 9 times out of 10 my product flops onto my bathroom sink as you can’t tilt it t...
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  35. Good moisturiser


    I've used this a couple of times as I recieved it as a free sample. It's a decent moisturiser and does absorb nicely into the skin but I wouldn't have it as my go to moisturiser.
  36. Light wear moisturiser with super hydration


    I received this product as a sample and loved it so much I bought the full size!
    This moisturiser is exactly what it says it is - ultra-light. I use it every morning before applying makeup and every night before bed. Its super hydrating but has no heavy oily feeling. Definitely recommend!
  37. Does it's job


    Just like the purity cleanser this moisturiser is simple and does its job but I didn't notice any drastic difference in my skin. It's lightweight but still moisturisers your skin.
  38. Light


    A nice light non greasy moisturiser
  39. Lightweight but not a fan of the chia seed oil


    I have normal-dry skin and find this to be okay in terms of moisturising - i'd say that even though it feels lightweight, it is very nourishing for the skin. Personally I don't reach out to moisturisers with oil based ingredients -- and i'd say this is quite similar in texture and feel to the Clinique Dramatically DIfferent moisturising gel (yellow one), which is why it's not among my favourite mo...
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  40. Not for Dry or Sensitive Skin


    This product is not for dry and/or sensitive skin! It has many fragrances and synthetics in here which I (naively) didn’t realise at the time of purchase.

    Almost immediately my skin began to breakout in tiny pimples, almost like a rash texture covering my whole face. I continued to use for the next few weeks, not linking the two together but then after doing some research, I stumble...
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  41. Amazing light weight moisturisr


    I have combination skin and have struggled for a long time trying to find a product that provides enough moisture to my face without being thick and sticky. This moisturiser glides onto the skin and no matter how much I put on it still feels light weight and not thick and sticky. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
  42. Doesn't get better than this


    I got this as a little gift tube in an order, trialed it, loved it. I then picked up a bottle next time at the airport when I forgot my moisturiser for the plane. It is light, slides on evenly and my skin feels like it does afer I take a super hydrating mask off my face.
    It is an easy winner, and great value for money!
  43. awesome moisturiser


    Excellent everyday moisturiser - lightweight and non-greasy, I use it after my serums and I suffer from dry lips but I put this moisturiser on and it really resolves my dry lip issues. Awesome moisturiser and excellent value for money.
  44. Love this!


    I have combination/dry skin. I purchased this as we are coming into the summer months and I don't want to be using thick moisturisers anymore. This moisturiser goes on so light but is so incredibly nourishing. I will be using this religiously throughout the summer and would definitely recommend it.
  45. First summer sunscreen I can use


    I love this moisturiser. I am a big sweater, and usually after I put on moisturiser in the summer I can feel my skin suffocating. The sweat just pools on my face and it is such a gross slimy sensation. This is the first moisturiser I bought specifically for summer and it has been a game changer. I used to only buy moisturiser during winter when my skin would get super dry (clearly my skin vacillat...
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  46. Really ultra light


    This is really ultra light as it says! Perfect for summer!!
  47. Everyday Moisturiser


    Excellent everyday moisturiser - lightweight and non-greasy, it absorbs quickly. I received this product as a sample and would happily purchase it for ongoing use.
  48. Must have


    I'm more oily in summer and very dry in winter and this worked for me both seasons and doesn't make my skin feel icky if I use sunscreen with it as well. It smells amazing and leaves you super smooth!
  49. Lovely but not noticing a huge difference in my skin


    I am still giving this moisturiser four stars as I find it nice to use and is moisturing but not greasy for my oily/combo skin. I haven't noticed much difference in how my pores look though. Overall, I haven't noticed much improvement in the condition of my skin. I have rotated between this one and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and I think I prefer this one! It works well under ...
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  50. nice


    i got this as a sample and i only just tried it recently, its very nice! reminds me of the clinique dramtically different moisturiser. i might buy the full size when my current one is empty but i think it might not be moisturising enough for me, i have very dry skin i felt like using an oil with this moisturiser was very comfortable and helped me not feel greasy at all.
  51. Great all around moisturizer


    I was a little nervous about it saying it was a light moisturizer but I am so surprised I love this product. It goes on great and it does not feel heavy or way the skin down. My skin can be dry in winter and oily in summer but it has worked great. I have used other Philosophy products before, left to try others that did not work, now back to Philosophy. I have finally found a face moisturizer that...
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  52. Good moisturiser


    I have combination skin with an oily t-zone. This is a good light weight moisturiser that smells nice and is not greasy. It is a little on the pricey side so I'm not sure if I would repurchase, would have been great if it had SPF.
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