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philosophy purity made simple - exfoliating clay mask 75ml

4.8 of 131 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50

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4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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philosophy purity made simple - exfoliating clay mask

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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philosophy purity made simple - exfoliating clay mask

philosophy purity made simple - exfoliating clay mask

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philosophy purity made simple - exfoliating clay mask Reviews

4.8 of 131 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



The mask is quite nice, I find that its pretty gentle on my skin which is great! It got rid of my blackheads and cleared up my skin without taking all the moisture out!

Most Helpful Criticism

Fairly nice


Fairly nice clay mask, not sure I would want to use it too often. May be nice occasionally.
  1. great!


    The mask is quite nice, I find that its pretty gentle on my skin which is great! It got rid of my blackheads and cleared up my skin without taking all the moisture out!
  2. Bye blackheads and congestion


    This is my second full sized bottle. I have blackheads around my nose and congestion around my cheeks, forehead and under my jawline. But since using this twice a week for 15 minutes and it clears away my congestion and really helps with my blackheads (not as many) and my skin looks clear. This is well worth the price and does last a very long time. I go through a bottle in about 10 months.
  3. not for dry skin

    Perfecting Skin

    verified purchaser
    this is not at all for dry skin. i got this and got a sample of it too. tried out the sample first and it was so drying on my dried out skin. however, it did leave my pores clean but i would not buy the full size because it is too much for my dry skin
  4. Scented Clay Cleanup


    verified purchaser
    This mask really feels like it’s doing a good cleanup, it has a very strong smell which I like but after 15 mins it’s pretty intense. I only use once a week because combined with the physical exfoliating properties this mask contains I am careful not to strip my finicky combination skin. Next on my Wishlist is a really nourishing face oil to put on afterwards....
  5. Overall nice


    I received this in a goodie bag and have used it twice. I have very dry and sensitive skin and found it did irritate my skin a little and was maybe a bit too harsh. My skin did feel nice afterwards though.
  6. Fantastic clay mask


    verified purchaser
    I have been using this a couple of months and absolutely love it! Very gentle, not drying, good exfoliating clay mask. My skin is so soft and glowing afterwards. Working at clearing blackheads, some improvements seen. Will repurchase. I haven’t used this brand before and will try other products based on the quality of this one.
  7. Gentle and exfoliating


    I love this exfoliator mask it’s so gentle on the skin yet exfoliating. Really cleans pores.
  8. Best face mask


    This is by far my favourite clay face mask. My skin feels so smooth after it. I use it once a week to clean out my skin and it grabs every single clogged pore! Love it!
  9. Fairly nice


    Fairly nice clay mask, not sure I would want to use it too often. May be nice occasionally.
  10. Silky skin smoother


    After using this product once/twice a week for over a month now I am totally hooked. Leaves my skin so smooth and reduces my blackheads especially on my nose and chin. Some days i just do a small amount on my problem areas to keep things in check. Great gentle exfoliant, would buy again but the tube is quite big so won't need to for a while - great value. Also doesn't sting my skin at all unlike m...
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  11. Good


    Clears blackheads but a but drying for my skin. I have dry skin. I'd still recommend because it is good otherwise.
  12. A product that lives up to it's claims


    This is the first time I have purchased a product from the Philosophy range. It definitely produces the results it claims to. After the first use, my face was noticeably clearer, with less black heads. It does not dry out the skin either.

    The product itself has a soft, pleasant smell. It is smooth, but contains fine gritty bits that help to exfoliate while applying and removing the p...
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  13. Great product


    received this as a sample and it brightened my face giving it a really pretty glow. I would not mind purchasing and having one :) I would recommend this
  14. Wow - baby skin!


    This is one of the best facial masks I have ever used, it leaves your skin feeling smooth like a baby, and glowing for days after use. It's worth the money and lasts a really long time - go ahead and invest!
  15. Amazing


    Got a sample of this and I love how it not only draws out impurities but scrubs them away too
  16. Brightening


    Everytime I use this mask, my skin is brighter and is super glowy. Love it!
  17. Not Sure


    I received a generous sample from adore beauty of this mask but unfortunately I didn’t find it did anything for me. I prefer the Pixi Glow Mud Mask.
  18. Great!


    I honestly love this mask so much, I’m forever searching for a good mask. I gave this one a go and my skin hasn’t felt more great, looked more great and the pores have nearly vanished. Highly recommend
  19. Best mask ever


    This mask really works. Clears pores yet doesnt dry the skin. Skin feels amazing after one use.
  20. The perfect exfoliant


    Left my skin feeling as soft as the softest skin in the world, super impressed and it ticked all boxes. Doesn't sting skin like other clay masks do upon application, unfortunately I just got a sample so I'm saving up my pennies for this one because its definitely worth it especially if you get blocked pores!
  21. philosophy purity made simple - exfoliating clay mask


    leaves your skin feeling super soft!
  22. Gentle exfoliator!


    This mask is perfect. It’s so fine and gentle and really leaves my skin feeling smooth and exfoliated.
  23. Gentle exfoliator!


    This mask is perfect. It’s so fine and gentle and really leaves my skin feeling smooth and exfoliated.
  24. Love


    I have spent a small fortune on masks to clear pores. Believe me, this works and works well. My partner is even sold on it and he does absolutely no skincare at all. Really clears the skin. Get it you wont regret it. Dries down fast too which is a bonus
  25. My favourite mask


    It’s taken me a long time to find a face mask/exfoliator that noticeably reduces blackheads on the first use. I personally really like the texture and that it dries quickly. This will be a staple in my routine.
  26. Highly recommended!


    I LOVE this product! Why? The amazing duality as a mask and then an exfoliator when you wash it off. It’s not too messy to apply. It’s so satisfying to wash off. Afterwards, your skin truly feels as soft as a baby’s bum. It’s addictive. I’ve also found that a little goes a long way and it’s lasted me quite a while! When I first bought it (based on these reviews) I thought it was a bit pricey, but...
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  27. Gritty texture


    If you can get past the gritty and not so pretty look of this mask, you will love it! I only got it as a sample but it really made my skin so soft! Want to buy soon!
  28. spooky looking, but good


    This is a spooky looking white mask that dries hard. But when you massage it off, you're left with baby soft skin, with no bumps! Great product.
  29. Great exfoliating mask!


    My skin is so fresh after using this mask! I love it!
  30. Amazing!


    I received a sample in a previous order and fell in love! My Sample lasted a large amount of uses which was amazing and I have now bought a full size. I am prone to blemishes and this mask corrects my skin when I'm having a breakout, I love the multi use of this product and it has definitely improved my pore size. New holy grail!
  31. Love this product


    I love this mask, I received it as a sample and it’s great for exfoliation. I would repurchase.
  32. Oily skin here!


    I have oily skin and made the mistake to put this all over face. 9min later, the clay was super hard and massaged it while rinsing. My skin is very soft, pores minimised and this was after ONE use. A little bit rough so be careful to not over-massage it and avoid the eye area.
  33. Noticeable difference


    For the last few weeks I have been using this product twice a week and I have noticed my skin is a lot smoother and that it has extracted blackheads in problem areas (nose and chin) and cleansed out my pores. It really is amazing. Since using this product I have decided that I will move over to this brands one step cleanser.
  34. Smooth soft skin


    I only put this on my nose and chin (problem areas) and it really cleanses and exfoliates deeply. Skin always feels so clean and tight after using!
  35. Great for a super fresh feel


    Feels amazing on my skin and leaves me feeling refreshed, nourished and thoroughly cleansed. I've really noticed a difference in my skin since using.
  36. Immediate improvement


    I have been using this twice a week, and I noticed the effects almost instantly. I have less breakouts and my skin is smoother - helps with extracting blackheads and cleaning out pores. It is now essential to my skincare routine.
  37. Works well


    A simple clay mask that does what it claims! I didn’t really notice huge differences after using the mask for a few weeks, but was really great for my sensitive skin it did help calm the redness.
  38. Noticed results straight away


    This is a staple in my routine now, I notice a difference as soon as I’ve washed the mask off. It clears any congestion right up and I love the exfoliant part of the mask too. Worth the money as a little goes a long way
  39. Fantastic product


    I am oily on the nose and chin with blackheads being an issue for years. I’ve only used this 3 times so far and I’m very impressed. It’s a gritty clay mask and seems to be living up to expectations. My skin feels really smooth and clean after using.
  40. Loved it


    I Received this product as a sample , I absolutely loved it and will be purchasing it, my skin felt smooth and fresh and looked radiant after use.
  41. Instant LOVE


    Ended up buying the full size after using a sample. Cleared my blackheads sooo much after one use and left skin so soft! I have extremely sensitive skin (mainly dry but oily and lots of blackheads in the T-zone) and this did not irritate at all!
    My new LOVE!
  42. Obsessed with this!


    I've just received my clay mask and used it for the first time. I am in LOVE! It has a light almost citrus smell. It had a thick creamy consistency and has exfoliating granules in it. You wait 5 mins for it to dry then massage while you wash off. It has left my skin glowing!
  43. Small but Rough


    Received as a sample. While I didn't hate this, I wouldn't buy it! Although it's an exfoliator mask, it felt so gritty and rough on my skin, like I was rubbing fine sand into my face, I don't have overly sensitive skin either. My skin felt nice after using it, but it was really unpleasant applying it to my skin
  44. Amazing!!


    Received this as a sample with a previous order. Absolutely amazing! Leaves skin feeling incredibly smooth and fresh. Not harsh at all. Purchased a full size product because of it.
  45. What Blackheads?


    I have been using this product for one week now and I have already noticed a difference in the amount of blackheads I have on my face! Massive reduction and my skin feels SO clean which is the biggest bonus.
  46. Amazing for people with blackheads!


    I seriously cannot recommend this product enough! I have horrible and extremely noticeable blackheads on my nose and chin and this mask works wonders. As soon as I wash it off you can literally see the blackhead coming out of my nose onto the skin (gross, but true). It also makes my skin super soft. I have had just as good results with this as I have had by going to a clinic to have a microdermabr...
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  47. Daily exfoliate


    This is a product I use on a daily basis (at night or morning) and it doesn't dry my skin or feel too harsh. It has a mud/clay consistency with little fine grains in it that really get into the pores and make them feel tight and clean. My skin feels so smooth after using this. I follow up by using the Alpha H liquid gold or a serum afterwards.
  48. Smooth skin


    I started using this weekly a few months ago and will definitely be keeping it as a staple in my skin care routine. Its really exfoliating and removes any dryness or flakey skin but also has really fine 'Sand/gritty bits' so it doesnt feel like im damaging my skin it feels really gentle. Sometimes I just use it as an exfoliator scrub and other times I leave it on for the recommended 10 minutes as ...
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  49. This stuff rocks


    I too received this sample with an order and it’s gotta be the best exfoliating product I have ever used, my skin feels like an angel’s bottom - will be ordering the full size product ASAP, love it!
  50. Great


    This was a great purchase! I use 2-3 times weekly and love how soft my skin feels after. My skin seems noticably clearer and pimple free if I use it consistently. I wish it did a little more magic with cleaning darker pores, but I'll take the many pros in the meanwhile!
  51. Fantastic Mask/Exfoliator!


    I was lucky enough to win an Adore voucher & received a sample of this product with my purchases. I just tried it today and it’s such a great product! I am big on exfoliating and ensuring my skin is hydrated and ‘flake’ free! This mask really worked well.

    I have combination skin and some congestion issues, blackheads on the nose and some large pores around the nose. This mask just sh...
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  52. Great!!


    This product is great, and over time it has dramatically minimised the look of my blackheads but does not remove them. Although I find that it does dry out your skin if used too often.
  53. Fast drying ocean smelling mask


    It's amazing what a good quality mask will do and just like that your blackheads are begone. The mask is a super white opaque mask and a little product is enough to do its job, I like to be generous when slathering on mud masks, at least till you see no skin showing through but for this, I found that there was no need. It is fast drying and has a oceany kind of scent. I find it perfect to use whil...
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  54. Gentle but effective


    The exfoliation 'grains' in this product are really fine and dont feel so abrasive on the skin which is a nice change. I find it works better when I really rub it in and then leave on for 5 minutes. My skin feels so smooth every time. Really has helped keep my pores tight and clean.
  55. such a great mask


    the scent is lovely compared to so many other masks!!!! I have an extremely oily t zone and enlargened pores. This product definitely helps my skin produce less oil. I would repurchase if it was slightly cheaper! Would recommend to those with oily skin!

  56. Amazing


    This is a fantastic product! I've had blackheads on my nose for years and this mask completely sucks them out. I have dry sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate or dehydrate my skin. Love it!
  57. love it


    I received this as a sample recently. I tried it out and I have to say, I love it. This product leaves your skin looking and feeling cleansed. Blackheads are less visible and skin is brighter. I love it
  58. Argh I love this!


    This is amazing for oily skin.
    It left my skin bright and beautiful!
    It definitely soaked up some of yummy oils, without over drying.
    Definitely ideal for oily skin types, it may be a little drying on dry skin types.
    I wish it wasn’t so expensive though!
  59. Amazing


    Received as a sample and had to buy it! Such a good exfoliator
  60. Worth every cent


    This is the most gentle and comfortable exfoliation scrub I have used. The grains are really fine so its easy to rub into the skin and it actually does something and gets right into the pores. I try to use this daily on my chin and nose (and massage in well) and then one a week on my entire face and it leaves it soft and smooth and removes all the dead skin. Also has helped with black and white he...
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  61. Amazing


    I have suffered from clogged pores, particularly on my nose for all my life. I have tried soooo many products and face masks. This was the first product that gave me results! I had actually booked in to have a facial/pore extraction treatment but decided I would give this a go first as it would be much less exxy $$$$$. I bought this, used it once and cancelled the treatment! The only thing I would...
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  62. very gentle and has a cooling effect


    this product is very gentle and has a cooling effect, i love that you can leave it on for just 5 minutes compared to 15-20 mins for other brands, meaning you can save time act as a great quick fix. there are small grains in the formula that help you to circulate blood flow and exfoliate after the 5 mins are up to remove all the congestion that the mask attracts.
  63. Blackheads be gone!


    This stuff is legit! I first got it as a sample and there was no way I wasn't going to buy it. Nothing has worked for my blackheads, ever, until this stuff! I now only use it on my nose as I don't really need it all over my face. I definitely recommend this if you have persistent blackheads.
  64. Great mask


    I tried this based on a sample and loved it! It is refreshing and leaves my skin smooth and bright. Love it
  65. Tube lasts such a long time


    I originally received this as a sample a few months ago and since purchased the full size. Really nice large tube and since I only use it on my chin and nose (problem areas) the tube has lasted so well. Still over half of the tube left and im a few months in of using it daily. Really fine exfoliation too.
  66. Fine exfoliation


    The thing I love about this clay mask is that its got really fine grains in it so you can feel the exfoliation without feeling like you're harshly scratching your face. It dries really quickly so I usually only use it on my T ZONE and massage it in really well and leave it on for about 10 minutes before washing off. Leaves my skin feeling like its had a really deep cleanse and exfoliation every ti...
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  67. Love it!


    I first received this product as a sample from Adore Beauty (gotta love the free gifts) - my skin felt and looked so good after just one application, I had to buy the full size and I do not regret it! It lasts a long time, so it is worth the price!
  68. Cleans skin well


    This mask is very good. Cleans the skin well and did not cause any breakouts to my sensitive skin
  69. Argh I love it!


    I received this as a sample and I absolutely love it!
    The way it left my skin feeling / looking was incredible and that was just with one use.
    I wish it wasn’t so expensive! :-(
  70. Gentle


    Such a gentle exfoliator scrub it has the finest little grains in it so it dindnt feel rough or course on my skin. Worked really well around my nose and chin. Ive started using daily at night.
  71. Exfoliating


    Really gentle exfoliation. Has fine grains and doesn't feel like its irritating the skin. My skin always feels really smooth and cleansed after. The tube is quite large and lasts for a long time.
  72. Keeps skin feeling clean


    Happy with this mask. I only use it on my nose and chin because it dries really quickly and I have to massage it in. Really feels exfoliating on the skin and feels smoother afterwards. I suggest massaging it in really well first in the nose and chin area instead of just applying and leaving. I usually leave in on for 15 minutes and rinse. Great results and less clogged pores.
  73. Definitely works!


    Oily skin prone to breakouts. I’ve been sceptical reading that mask removes blackheads quickly but because of the reviews decided to try it. It does work! BUT I need to keep using it for blackheads not to come back! You can’t just use it twice, blackheads are gone and you forget about it, I wish! But removing blackheads after 2-4 times of use, definitely!! Keep using at least weekly to keep it tha...
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  74. Great for smoothing skin


    Great exfoliation. Really smooth consistency. I only use once a week or it can make my skin irritated a little.
  75. Perfect dual action mask!


    This mask really does work to pull out impurities and help declog pores. Love the thickness of the mask and the dual action of exfoliation when massaged into the skin while applying and when removing. Definitely recommend this product, well worth the money and lasts a long time.
  76. Luxurious


    I've tried alot of clay masks - this one isn't the best but is among my top favourites - it has a slightly 'luxurious' feel to the formula and glides on smoothly and is also quite effective at cleansing the face of impurities - i like to use this the day before an important event!
  77. Good scrub


    Good deep cleanse for my skin. Worked well especially on my nose and chin. Expensive product but comes in a fairly large tube.
  78. Exfoliating


    Received a sample of this and then purchased the full size. Really great clay exfoliating mask. Very little scent to it and doesnt seem to irritate my skin. Really cleanses deep. Expensive but seems to last a long time. I suggest scrubbing it in/massaging in for best results.
  79. Love it!


    I received a sample of this and I’m obsessed! I had a small breakout which got so much better after using the mask. And my skin felt amazing! Love the scrub action in the mask. Would 100% purchase!
  80. Freshly cleansed skin


    I just tried a sample of this. The mask is lovely and thick, the exfoliant particles feel very smooth on the skin, nice and small particles. My face now feels fresh and cleansed. A lovely product. My skin is oily and this product has worked well. I can't comment on the long term usage of this as I only had a small sample.
  81. Holy grail


    Unlike a lot of clay masks that just sit on the skin and do nothing, this one actually pulls all the impurities out of your skin to leave it super smooth and clean. I've always had a problem with bad blackheads on my nose and have always been very self-conscious about it. However, after incorporating this into my routine my blackheads have nearly disappeared and is no longer visible. My nose is no...
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  82. The best clay mask!


    I usually dont like clay masks (the feeling on my face) this one is really gentle and smooth and doesn't irritate my skin. I massage it in really well and my skin is visibly clearer after!
  83. Love it


    Such a nice product, it’s a scrub and a mask all in one. Thoroughly cleanses great.


    Originally received a sample of this and have now purchased. I had noticeable results after the second use - really exfoliating and removes all the dirt and black heads. The tube it comes in is quite big too which is great.
  85. Good for combination to oily skin


    I have combination to oily skin. I like this product as it did not worsen my oiliness. However I find that it is challenging to apply this product without hurting your skin as it can be quite dry and gritty if you did not squeeze enough (huge) amount of it onto your hand before applying to your face, as it dries out very fast. At the beginning when I first use it, I only squeezed a small amount an...
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  86. Favourite clay mask


    This is definitely my favourite clay mask so far. I received a sample of this mask and after finishing my Felix sample, I had to purchase the full size one. It’s made my skin so clear and cleans my pores out completely. Love it
  87. Works


    I was a little skeptical of this at first because so many products claim to remove all the impurities and black heads. This is an amazing clay exfoliate and actually works. I rubbed this into my nose and chin areas morning and night for 3-4 days and the results were so good my skin was so clear and clean and all black heads were just gone. Since purchase another tube to have as back up. Amazing.
  88. 100% YES!


    I received this as a sample and since have since purchased 2 of them! It actually does what it says and I noticed after just a few days of using this morning and night all my blackheads were removed and skin was clearer.
  89. noticeable results within first appplication


    With this product came immediate changes to my skin. I noticed after the first application, much smoother and softer skin. Will highly recommend this for people with combination skin like mine
  90. No more squeezing


    After squeezing blackheads for years and watching more and more come back, Im glad I have FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. It feels good, applies easy and taking it off makes your skin look clearer than it was when you were born. I love this product and have it ready to go for xmas presents this year , its worth the purchase
  91. worked wonders

    perfecting skin

    i have a dry skin and i do have black and white heads. i tried this mask as a sample. there are a very few masks that have benefited my skin but this is definitely going to one of them. it was amazing. i clearly saw the results and i highly recommend it. it is not in stock at the moment on adore beauty but i would really want it to be back in stock ASAP :)
  92. ACTUALLY removed my blackheads


    I got this originally as a sample in one of my past orders and just repurchased again. I have spent lots of money in the past on high-end masks promising to remove blackheads and wound up disappointed. This mask actually does remove black heads. My skin was left feeling so soft. I have normal/combination fair skin. Would recommend.
  93. Absolute game changer, HG


    This is my new holy grail, and I will never give this up! Received as a sample, and was stunned with the results. I have struggled with congestion, blackheads and huge pores since I was a teen, and I'm almost 30. I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING, the BHA and clay mask method, various other clay masks, you name it. This works as a scrub and a mask, only need 10 minutes max, doesnt dry out my skin...
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  94. So happy with purchase


    Received a sample size of this with an order recently and have now purchased! Only the smallest amount is needed - massage into your chin/nose or where ever you get blackheads/congestion and after about two days of using it (morning and night) my pores were so clear it was actually amazing. I haven't seen a product work this well before. Love!
  95. Love this mask


    I love products that have multiple functions to minimise steps in my routine and this one does an exceptional job. I have had a blackhead that keeps re-appearing in the same spot and have had facials and used a lot of different masks and cleansers over the past 3 years to try to get rid of it. After using this mask, it just popped out and it hasn't come back since so I am thrilled with the results...
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  96. Amazing product


    Received this as a sample and purchased almost immediately after trying. Really does work and I noticed after the first 2-3 washes all the dirt etc in my pores was removed. Be sure to really massage it into the problem areas and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Cant wait to receive the full size now!
  97. AMAZING!


    Received a free sample of this. Had enough to use 2 times! I don’t have the biggest pores but even after the first try my pores were noticeably cleaner and smoother. Almost feels like it just sucks out all the dirt and grime from your pores! I like that there’s a bit of an exfoliant in it that you can use to exfoliate your skin as you wash it off. I’m not usually a using the sample I ordered a tu...
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  98. AMAZING!


    Received a free sample of this. Had enough to use 2 times! I don’t have the biggest pores but even after the first try my pores were noticeably cleaner and smoother. Almost feels like it just sucks out all the dirt and grime from your pores! I like that there’s a bit of an exfoliant in it that you can use to exfoliate your skin as you wash it off. After using the sample I ordered a tube for myself...
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