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philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes 90ml 90ml

4.4 of 57 reviews


4 instalments of $4.75

Or 4 instalments of $4.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $4.75

Or 4 instalments of $4.75 with LEARN MORE

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3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes formulated to gently cleanse, tone and melt away all face and eye makeup in one simple step, while lightly hydrating the skin.

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GREAT - 88% recommend

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philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes 90ml Reviews

4.4 of 57 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love It


Got a sample of this one and I really enjoyed it. Cleaned my skin really well without leaving it tight.

Most Helpful Criticism

Basic Cleanser


This is a nice basic cleanser that does what it needs without being great. It has a really nice refreshing smell and left my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. However I prefer my cleansers to be a little more moisturizing. I'll continue using it but probably won't purchase it again.
  1. Love It


    Got a sample of this one and I really enjoyed it. Cleaned my skin really well without leaving it tight.
  2. Lovely cleanser


    My new favourite cleanser. My skin is so soft afterwards. I can see how it could be drying but paired with a good moisturiser and oil my skin feels great.
  3. Pricey but worth it!


    verified purchaser
    I got the small bottle to try it after hearing the raves about this cleanser.

    Despite the size, this still lasts a while because a little product goes a long way. Left my face feeling clean without stripping away any moisture, had zero flaking issues on my dry skin all winter. Curious to see how it does over summer.

    That said, it didn't take off all the eye makeup (espec...
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  4. Gentle cleansing


    Very affordable and gentle cleanser with lovely light fragrance. Can be used 2-3 times if needed to feel extra clean and remove all skin impurities.
  5. Classic


    This is a classic basic cleanser, that never flares up my skin. I do think it's pretty expensive since it isn't particularly groundbreaking (more of a maintenance skincare product for me, rather than improving my skin), but it's cult for a reason!
  6. philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser


    This cleanser is AWESOME! I’m typically nervous when trying new skincare products....considering what they could possibly do to my sensitive skin, but I am in LOVE! Can’t wait to add a few more products to my regimen!
  7. good


    convenient, easy to use, cheap and works well for me.
  8. Basic cleanser


    verified purchaser
    I purchased this last year and I'm still using it. You honestly don't need a lot of this to get the job done. It lathers well, doesn't have a strong fragrance and doesn't completely strip my skin. I use this after my first oil cleanse and when I do get lazy and skip this cleanser I do notice more breakouts. The ingredients aren't groundbreaking but its a good product if you want a nice fresh, clea...
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  9. Great way to cleanse and take makeup off at the same time


    Great way to cleanse and take makeup off at the same time. Simple and effective.
  10. The best!!


    This is amazing! It removes everything and it's so gentle it won't sting my eyes. I keep this one in the shower. And my face doesn't feel dry or tight after use either!
  11. too drying


    I found this cleanser left my skin really dry after using it so I wouldn't recommend for dry skin. I used it as a second cleanse and it didn't really get rid of make up residue left behind from my first cleanse.
  12. love the smell


    There’s nothing really wrong with this, I just want it to be great before I give 5 stars. You don’t need much product and it does it’s job.
  13. Basic Cleanser


    This is a nice basic cleanser that does what it needs without being great. It has a really nice refreshing smell and left my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. However I prefer my cleansers to be a little more moisturizing. I'll continue using it but probably won't purchase it again.
  14. Lovely cleanser!


    I got a nice sized sample of this and have been using while traveling! I think it’s lovely and removes make up well - face feels fresh and clean! My skin has reacted negatively to it so am loving using it!
  15. Smells lovely


    I've been using this for about a week now and really like it. It is gentle and soothing and doesn't dry you out like other cleansers do. It also smells great!
  16. Great for removing make up


    Received a free travel size bottle of this. I like that you can use it both on your face and eyes. It smells nice and works great for removing make up
  17. good for travel


    very good cleanser for taking off the makeup. this one is good for travelling. leaves the skin smooth but i use it to just remove my makeup and then use another cleanser to completely cleanse my skin because this one is too light.
  18. Good travel size, no complaints from me.


    This cleanser has been fine, no reaction or drying effect (on very dry and sensitive skin). I can't speak to its make-up removing qualities as I don't really wear much but it seems like a good basic cleanser.
  19. Gentle


    A nice gentle cleanser leaves skin soft
  20. Light and hydrating cleanser


    I received a sample in my Adore mystery bag. This cleanser is a nice change as I was feeling like my previous cleanser wasn't completely cleaning my face. I found this to be a lovely cleanser. My skin is left feeling clean and soft and the scent is lovely and subtle.
  21. Good makeup remover


    This product is a good alternative first step makeup removing cleanse for those who do not like using a cleansing oil or balm. This easily breaks down and removes makeup gently with no harsh rubbing required. I didnt find it to be harsh or drying to my skin.

    It is a great one step makeup removing cleanser and is perfect for travel or after a long tiring day
  22. Great size but not for me


    A good cleanser that does what it says. Not my favourite product ever so I probably wouldn't buy again. I feel that it dried my skin out a bit. Nice little size tough which is great for travel
  23. Lovely Everyday Cleanser


    Found this a great cleanser for removing makeup, it’s particularly good at getting eye makeup off gently. Occasionally needs to be used twice if wearing heavy makeup.
  24. Good for travel


    I took this on holidays recently as my usual face cleanser was a bit to big to travel with. It was quite different to what I've used before because it doesn't foam or lather but it was quite good. It did manage to get the heavy sunscreen off my face at the end of the day and didn't feel drying at all.
  25. Soft and smooth skin


    I've been using this as a second cleanser at night after removing my makeup, and my skin immediately feels smooth and soft after use. The consistency is easy to handle and spread across the face, and it smells lovely before use and as a lingering scent.
  26. A staple in my routine


    Was very skeptical to try this cleanser as it contains alcohol and I did not want my dry skin to become more dry but after using for 2 weeks now I find that the texture of my skin is reducing and this product cleans my skin so well and does not strip my natural oils.
  27. Holy grail


    This is the best cleanser I've used, I just keep coming back to this. It is so effective in removing all makeup. I have very sensitive eyes, this does not irritate my eyes and effectively removes makeup. I have combination skin that tends to get dry with some cleansers, this is one that does not dry out my skin while cleansing so well!
  28. Clean


    Such an affordable cleanser that works great. I also like that it is fragrance-free as fragrance can sometimes react with my acne prone skin.
  29. Great


    A product I keep coming back to. While I try other cleansers they just don't live up to this one. It's creamy, doesn't sting the eyes and gets ALL my makeup off, done and done.
  30. Removal made easy!


    This product does exactly as it states it will... all makeup removed and made easy with this awesome 3 in one product.
    Leaves my face feeling clean and not oily like some removers.
  31. Got hooked on the sample and had to buy.


    Ive had samples of this sitting around for a while and i finally decided to give them a go since my skin is having issues with oil and dry patches going into winter. My skin felt like it belonged to a baby after i used this!! It felt soft and smooth and clean. Best my skin has felt in ages. The product also has a lovely and not over powering smell that reminds me of being at a spa and getting a fa...
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  32. Easy Cleanse


    This product does exactly what it says it will. Removes makeup at ease and cleans the face. Great pricepoint and would use again for my double cleansing routine
  33. great for travel

    perfecting skin

    i have this in the bigger size as well and recently got the small size. it fits perfectly in my makeup bag and is one of my travel essentials. it removes makeup very efficiently and does not dries your skin out,
  34. great all in one cleanser


    i have sensitive skin, too strong make up remover won't suit me, so I bought this one. Convenient to use and removes make up well. If you are looking for an all in one remover, try this.
  35. Good


    A real good cleanser at a great price. So gentle but effective.
  36. Repeat Purchase


    I have tried buying less expensive face washes, but I always come back to this one. It gently, but effectively removes make up and oil from my sensitive skin. I use it to remove eye makeup, also. Pricey, but worth it
  37. Love this cleanser!


    Such a great, gentle cleanser. Removes all your makeup like it says and leaves you feeling squeaky clean without the dryness you get elsewhere. Super handy little bottle. Perfect for travel.
  38. Not Overly Impressed


    Bit of a miss for me. The first time using it I thought it had expired, but I think it may just be poor choice of essential oils (or scents that don't mix well for my sense!). The bottle cap doesn't have a pop top and has to be completely removed to squeeze the product out, a pump bottle or pop top would be a lot better.

    Overall, it's not doing anything for me that's making me want ...
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  39. Great Travel Product


    I received this little bottle as a sample with an order and while it is not my daily cleanser, I ALWAYS take it on the road with me. It is super soft and gentle on my skin and leaves me feeling refreshed every time. I will continue to use and may even purchase in the future.
  40. can get better elsewhere


    Was in love with the price and seemed like it was a good brand to try. Unfortunately the ingredients didnt work for my skin. I think there are better cleansers out there for a bit more money, but do the job better.
  41. I adore this cleanser!


    I have used this face cleanser in my travel kit for YEARS (and occasionally use it at home as my everyday face cleanser in the shower too). It is a lovely creamy formation and very gentle on even the most sensitive skin. This travel size is PERFECT for any toiletries bag and can even be taken on an aeroplane as it is small enough to fit in a clear ziplock bag!
  42. Great cleanser


    I love how the cleanser doesn't leave me with the tight feeling most others do. It smells and feels refreshing and removes makeup easily.
  43. Best cleanser


    I got busy lifestyle with three kids so something quick and easy clean my make up in one go is the best. Love this cleanser, not only leave skin not too dry out but smell lifting too. This is the only one I use for make up remover and cleanser at the end of the day.
  44. great gentle cleanser


    I was gifted this cleanser by a friend and fell in love with it! It's a gentle formula that doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and itchy like other cleansers can. It has a delightful smell and is perfect for removing dirt, oil or makeup.
  45. Great!


    this is my all time favourite cleanser! i have the bigger one and bought the 90ml for travelling.
  46. i would recomend this product to my friend.

    Phuong Dung

    I love this cleanser. It help my skin very clean from suncream and dirt but didn't make my skin become dry.
  47. Great everyday cleanser


    This feels so lovely on the skin and leaves my face feeling so soft. Absolutely love it and will definitely purchase again!
  48. Best cleanser!!


    This is such a gentle cleanser. I have combination skin that can get pretty dry in winter. This does not make my face feel dry or tight after. I love that it foams but not too much and it takes off most of my makeup. The smell is amazing too! Would recommend
  49. Not for dry skin


    This stripped my face of all oils and made my skin feel super tight. I expect thats from the sulfates. Would be good for extremely oily skin, but then again, stripping the oil from the skin only makes it come back faster if its not replenished. Wouldn't recommend.
  50. good cleanser


    it's a decent cleanser, just nothing really special for me. i have a combination-oily skin and while it's very gentle, i feel like it just does an okay job in cleansing my face. which is probably why i feel like it does not thoroughly clean everything off my face. it does its job, just not my favourite cleanser.
  51. Great Cleanser!


    I received this as a sample in one of my recent Adore Beauty purchases and I was very pleased with the results! It is very easy to use and very gentle on my skin, leaving it hydrated, nourished and effectively cleanses my face, removing all traces of make up from my skin! The formula is not irritating in any way and is not oily. Love this product!
  52. Great Cleanser


    I really love this cleanser, it feels rally nice on my skin and doesn't leave me dry or oily so it is a great product across all fronts for my combination skin. The smaller bottle is very small but does last longer than you would expect as you only need a VERY small amount.
  53. Great cleanser


    This is the cleaner I started out using back in the day and used for years. I think the price is great and it worked really well for my young skin. It was awesome at removing makeup and giving an all round clean.
  54. Great product


    The only cleanser I use. I have sensitive skin and this is really nice on my skin the big bottle lasts ages!
  55. So clean


    I have never used a product that made my skin feel so clean as this without stripping any moisture away. I absolutely love it and how gentle it is.
  56. Leaves my skin feeling amzing!


    After removing a face full of make up with wipes normally my usual face wash dose not remove the rest of the make left on my skin BUT this face wash literally removed everything and left my face feeling extremely clean and fresh
  57. The BEST cleanser


    I decided to try this in the 90ml as a tester to see if I like it and I am so glad I did. i love it, it does exactly what a cleanser should and you can use it on the eyes which is what I want from my cleanser, its refreshing, takes make up off really well, leaves my skin so soft and clean. Prefect for sensitive skin, no tight feeling after and has a lovely aromatic scent. Highly recommend, will re...
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  58. Gentle and effective


    This is such a great cleanser. It's so gentle I can use it around my eyes with no stinging. It doesn't irritate my skin or cause redness. I use a pea sized amount and massage it around my face. It rinses off cleanly and my skin doesn't feel dry or stripped. It doesn't leave a residue.
    This is a creamy cleanser with no lather. At first I wasn't used to it but it cleans so effectively and leav...
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  59. How great Philosophy 3 in 1 cleanser is


    There's a better kind of normal with Philosophy 3 in 1 cleanser. Sceptical at 1st, I've found this cleanser tough enough to remove makeup on oily/ combo skin, but soothing enough not to cause any redness to a semi sensitive reaction to most products. Leaving my face completely clean, without drying tightness or sensitive redness. I've seen the light with Philosophy!
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