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philosophy kiss me tonight intense lip therapy 8.8ml

4.4 of 69 reviews


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4 instalments of $6.25

Or 4 instalments of $6.25 with LEARN MORE

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luxurious lip therapy that conditions and soothes dry lips.

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GREAT - 79% recommend

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philosophy kiss me tonight intense lip therapy Reviews

4.4 of 69 reviews

79% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great lip mask


I use this every night before bed and without a doubt I wake up with soft moist lips. It is a nice feeling on my lips and not to gritty or sticky. I don’t use this during the day only once a night as it is quite expensive for a small tub.

Most Helpful Criticism

Goes gritty after a while


This is a good lip balm/treatment for cooler months, as it tends to melt and become gritty in the summer months. It delivers a nice sheen, though I don't actually think there's much in the way of colour. The balm itself is a light pink but it goes on clearish. Great for your lips at night. While it's not too bad there are other products I prefer, and after a while it gets gritty.
  1. Great lip mask


    verified purchaser
    I use this every night before bed and without a doubt I wake up with soft moist lips. It is a nice feeling on my lips and not to gritty or sticky. I don’t use this during the day only once a night as it is quite expensive for a small tub.
  2. enjoy


    I love this brand. This is a nice product and can be used as an overnight treatment. Cheaper than the Loccitanne overnight lip treatment.
  3. great for overnight


    this is really good for an overnight lip treatment. nice and thick so it stays on all night.
  4. I use this every night


    verified purchaser
    Love this! I use it every night and lips have stayed hydrated all through winter. Lasts ages too but will definitely order again once i start running low
  5. Rich and hydrating


    This is a nice lip balm for dry lips. Great as an overnight treatment.
  6. Overnight Delight


    This lip balm is beautiful to apply and has a delicious, subtle chocolate-peppermint smell. One of my favourites!
  7. Mmm YUM!


    This tasted delicious and i find my lips are much smoother after use. The smell and the taste are just YUM
  8. Nice


    Nice texture that softens the lips and smells nice also.
  9. Great for overnight lip repair


    Great for overnight lip repair. Really transforms my lips when they've dried out or gotten sunburnt.
  10. Goes gritty after a while


    This is a good lip balm/treatment for cooler months, as it tends to melt and become gritty in the summer months. It delivers a nice sheen, though I don't actually think there's much in the way of colour. The balm itself is a light pink but it goes on clearish. Great for your lips at night. While it's not too bad there are other products I prefer, and after a while it gets gritty.
  11. Good but pricey


    Good product that did help smooth my lips but it is very pricey.
  12. Plump


    Wake up with plump lips after wearing this overnight
  13. Really good


    Does the job really well without hurting my lips. Smells amazing too
  14. good


    good product. did the job but wouldn't buy again
  15. Must Have


    I used to get dry lips and a white line along the crease. I did a lot of research and it is something about dry skin and mouth breathing. Sooooo I've been exfoliating my lips and hydrating using this lip ointment (while focusing on breathing through my nose) and my lips are so soft now. I use this every morning and night and haven't had cracked or dry lips since.
  16. got as a gift, wouldnt re purchase


    not amazing but definitely softer lips
  17. I like it


    I like this, but it’s not my number one. It’s nice though!
  18. Good


    This is a really good product. Makes my lips feel very soft and hydrated. Only need a small amount
  19. Good scrub


    It's a good lip scrub but you don't get many uses out of it
  20. Lovely lip balm!


    This lip balm is just divine- it has a lovely sweet caramel-ish scent and is perfect to use before bed- you'll wake up with soft and smooth lips in the morning! Being such a lip balm addict my lips luckily don't need a lot of "repair" so I can't say how effective that is however the thick formula is definitely soothing. The only downside is the pot which is a bit unhygienic. Definitely recommend t...
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  21. Saved my dry lips


    I have very dry lips that are prone to splitting and bleeding. Since using this lip balm my lips have been in a much better condition than the were previously. I have tried out a lot of lip balms to treat my very dry lips and this is my favourite so far.
  22. not for night


    My lips are very dry so I hope this product can help me repair lips during the night. It only works when I put on two or three tiers. But doing so makes me feels too heavy and I become worried about leaving it on my pillow towel.
  23. The best!


    I wear this mainly before bed and when my lips are dry.
    It makes my lips feel lusciously soft. My partner loves when I wear this he says my lips feel so full and soft.
    Though you only need a little bit, otherwise it can feel too thick.
  24. I love love love love love this!


    Best lip treatment ever! I generally don't use it every night, but just when I feel I need it. It honestly works wonders. The amount of times I've had really really dry, chapped lips and I've put this on at night (generally I apply a thick generous layer), and then I wake up in the morning and my lips have repaired themselves. Serious miracle! I wouldn't suggest using it during the day though beca...
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  25. Not Impresed


    Since getting lip filler I find my lips get dry quickly/ quite a bit so for the past 2 years I wear lip balms and nourishing lip creams constantly! (inlove with the soft nourished lip feeling, to the point where I wont wear lipstick anymore lol) so that being said I've tried many lip treatments and I am far FAR from impressed with this for the price... Feels thick and hard to apply on the lips, th...
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  26. Makes your lips really soft


    I use this as a lip mask at night and it makes my lips so so soft in the morning. It’s really thick and glossy and also works when you mix with lipstick
  27. Soft lips


    This smells really good and leaves my lips extremely soft. Love it!
  28. Great


    I use this every night and wake up with soft moisturized lips.
  29. Dries my lips out


    I find this lip therapy somehow manages to make my lips drier, rather than more moisturised. I won't buy it again.
  30. Very nice


    I really do like this lip balm. It has an oily buttery consistency and very little scent which is nice. Packaging is also pretty and convenient. It is (like a lot of other lip balm brands) extremely expensive for the size - personally im not sure I would spend this much on a lip balm again due to the cost. Apart from that, the product itself is a 10/10!
  31. New daily routine


    This lip balm is my new morning routine. Smells really pleasant and makes my lips feel really hydrated. Has a thick oily consistency.
  32. Buttery


    Was a little sceptical at first because its such a small lip balm and so expensive. Has a buttery oily texture and goes on thick. Scent is very natural. Made my lips feel really moisturised and hydrated.
  33. Keeps lips happy


    When I first ordered this lip therapy balm I was disappointed because I didn't see results the first couple of days of using it and thought wow ive just spent over twenty dollars on a small lip balm that does nothing. I cant say the same now - 3 weeks in of using it daily my lips feel really nice and smooth and hydrated through the day. I do have to apply it daily because I work in aircon but real...
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  34. Expensive


    Expensive for what it is but smells really nice and has an oily moisturising texture to it.
  35. Good


    This is a nice little lip balm doesn’t have much smell which is great and it’s an oily buttery consistency. My lips feel really silky after about a week of constantly using it, wasn’t an instant change. I do have to apply at least once or twice a day.
  36. Expensive


    I didnt like this product at first because although it was cute and nice packaging I was confused why such a small lip balm was so expensive when it didnt make much of a difference to my lips. After a week of using it - my lips do feel a little more hydrated so im happy with that. I probably wont buy again purely because I have to apply it 2-3 times a day to get results.
  37. Lovely lip moisturizer, super hydrating


    This lip moisturizer makes me lips very soft. I use at night and when I wake up they are well hydrated and soft. I also like the sheen look on my lips and use as a base for lip stick. You don't need to use much which is good, so it will last longer.
  38. Really expensive


    This lip balm was really nice but I just can’t justify it for the price tag. I’ve found many other lip balms that are just as lovely and are only a fraction of the price!
  39. Good


    Cute little lip balm. I like that it doesn't have much of a smell to it and it feels really hydrating on the lips. Comes in a convenient jar so it wont leak. Its a very small amount of product in the jar and although it feels good to put on I haven't yet noticed much difference in moisture in my lips. Still will continue to use.
  40. Okay


    I’ve been using this lip balm for a couple days now and I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference. If anything I kind of feel like I’m reapplying every few hours or my lips feel more dry. Smells good and does have a good texture to it. Not completely in love with it though.
  41. Nice


    Nice little lip balm. Doesn’t have a smell really kind of just a minty buttery smell. Moisturising.
  42. Smooth


    Very natural scent. Really smooth lip balm and feels silky on my lips. Seems to keep them hydrated if applied daily. Very small amount though for the price.
  43. Really hydrating and soothing, works as a balm or an extra layer as a night mask.


    My lips are always very dry and peeling, and often cracked. I do react to some ingredients, but this is the first lip mask/treatment I’ve tried.

    I always test patch my products, before applying anything to my face. The next morning, after my first real use, I was glad to find it didn’t just ‘sit’ on the surface, acting as a barrier or gloss. The philosophy lip treatment absorbed duri...
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  44. Repairing treatment


    Great to put on lips before bed to intensely nourish. Buttery texture.
  45. Wouldn't buy anything else


    Love everything about this. I do think you need to use it everyday and continuously though.
  46. Lip therapy


    This is like therapy for my lips. Using it overnight does an amazing job at nourishing my lips.
  47. It's good for winters


    I used to overnight. Normally, it's good, didn't give me an allergic reaction. Just wish it was tinted. Also, on hot days, it's runny a bit.
  48. amazing


    i have severe dry lips most of the time, and this balm works really well on hydrating my lips. the balm lasts quite a long time on me so i feel i don't always have to reapply too often. it also smells good and not too overpowering. highly recommend for people who have really dry lips.
  49. Can't live without!


    My lips get super dry and cracked. I use Thisbe balm every night before bed and wake up with lips moisturised enough for matte lipstick. I am about to finish my second jar and I will definitely be ordering more. I have tried heaps of others ( including more expensive brands) and this is still my favourite.
  50. Nice Lip Balm


    I really like this lip balm, it is very hydrating a give lips a subtle shine. My only complaint would be it is a little hard to get out of the jar so i find it isn't super practical for on the go use.
  51. Perfect Lip Balm For Dry Lips


    This lip balm is amazing, I randomly get super dry tips (top lip mainly no idea why) and this is the only lip balm that I have tried which fixes it up really fast. Super soothing, not sticky or too shiny, it is a great texture. Great results.
  52. Long lasting


    This lip therapy is so good. I know I can use it and not have to reapply more anytime soon because it really stays on your lips, leaving them feeling smooth and hydrated. It smells nice and is definitely a product I will continue to buy. I mainly use mine at bedtime as I prefer a stick or applicator tube lip balm through the day due to ease of use and hygiene, but if my lips are extra dry or uncom...
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  53. Worth it


    I have gone through at least 10 tubs of this product over the years. It is amazing. Leaves your lips super hydrated - especially during the winter months.
  54. Beautiful


    This is a lovely balm that actually is a balm! So many are too waxy or glossy and don’t sink in or moisturise. This smells nice too.
  55. its okay


    Not a wow product, but does it's job. I've tried better products before, wanted to try something new but I guess I'll stick to my old products.
  56. Love and kisses


    I absolutely love this lip balm! I put it on every single night (and so does hubby!) because it leaves my lips so soft and stays on all night for a great hydration kick! I go through it very quickly, so my only negative would be that the jar isn’t big enough!
  57. So hydrating and soft


    This is such a beautiful lip treatment. It is super hydrating and soft and makes my usually dry lips so smooth. I put this on before bed and wake up with such nice soft lips. Love this!
  58. Love it


    Lips have been much nicer and smoother since using this.
  59. Just lovely


    This product is just beautiful lip therapy, really hydrating and doesn't have that oily and over flavoured feel. So happy I purchased, also very chic in my hand bag.
  60. Luxurious


    I love the consistency and smell of this. I use it day and night because my lips just need it's potency all day. It's softening, smoothing and soothing. Just bought my third pot. Lasts a long time, but kind of crystallises and goes lumpy (still melts onto your lips) after about the 3 month mark. But it doesn't change how effective it is.

    I also use a really thin layer of this under li...
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  61. One of the better products out there


    I do like this lip balm but wish it did a little more in terms of deep hydration. It softens the surface layer but doesn't seem to do too much in terms of preventing damage or deep tissue hydration. Still one of the better night lip treatments I have tried
  62. Softess Lips


    After one day of using this product I knew I was on to a winner! Such a great repair treatment and keeps your lips plump and soft. Great all year round! Silky feel and very lightweight
  63. Love and kisses


    Absolutely love it! Leaves my terribly cracked lips so soft! I use it everyday and will definitely be buying again!
    Even hubby pops it on sometimes! Haha!

    Corinne (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm sooo in love with this lip balm that I've almost used up the whole jar! It feels super smooth (not sticky!) on the lips and makes my lips look healthy and pink without looking like I'm wearing a tinted product. I find it lasts longer on the lips than most of my other lip balms. I apply it before bed most nights and still wake up with hydrated lips! My only complaint would be the packaging, as ...
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  65. Love This Lip Treament


    Perfect for the winter months.. It glides on beautifully and doesn't have an overbearing flavor like other lip balms. My lips are usually dry over winter but this has saved them. Highly recommend!
  66. Soo Nice

    Little Miss

    This gorgeous night mist is a perfect addition to my night routine. It's a lovely evening mist you spray on just before you put your head down for some beauty sleep. It's so light and refreshing! My skin always feels lovely in the morning after using this.
  67. I love this Lip Treatment

    Little Miss

    I love this lip treatment.. The flavour is lovely on your lips and feels so nice when applying. Great little lip balm for the handbag.
  68. Softening and smoothing

    Delia C

    This lip balm is a great emollient if you have especially dry lips. I've been exfoliating my lips with soft toothbrush and then using this afterwards - it seems to be doing the job! I would suggest letting it sink in a bit before applying lipstick.
  69. Great


    Great product I always have dry lips due to my allergies I use it every night before I go to bed cant do with out it great price
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