philosophy hope in a jar high performance moisturiser

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Product Name Price
philosophy hope in a jar high performance moisturiser 60ml - 60ml
philosophy hope in a jar high performance moisturiser 15ml - 15ml
  • philosophy hope in a jar high performance moisturiser 60ml - 60ml
    philosophy hope in a jar high performance moisturiser 60ml - 60ml
  • philosophy hope in a jar high performance moisturiser 15ml - 15ml
    philosophy hope in a jar high performance moisturiser 15ml - 15ml

philosophy hope in a jar high performance moisturiser by philosophy


philosophy's award-winning, lightweight daily moisturiser hydrates and provides antioxidant protection, while improving skin texture and tone, leaving it smooth and radiant.


features & benefits:

* created for the medical market

* unique souffle texture

* healthy-looking glow


apply morning and evening after cleanser and treatment. avoid the eye area.

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Perfect for my combination skin - 03-09-2012 by

I am 39 with fair combination skin, I still get the occasional pimple and the 4pm shinies in my T-zone, but other areas of my face are dry, with more fine lines and wrinkles appearing every day. I find most anti-wrinkle moisturisers too heavy for my skin, and they leave me feeling greasy and smothered. This moisturiser (50g jar) came in a trial kit along with purity cleanser (100ml) and help me retinol treatment (7ml), and I have been using them together and love the results.
The moisturiser looks like a thick cream in the jar, but has a very wet, cool, slippery feel when applied - my initial thought was "yuck, this is watery". because of the unusual consistency, however, it thins out and soaks in very quickly, and my skin feels soft and hydrated but not over-oiled. When I first smelled it I thought it smelled odd - I had just used the purity cleanser, which has a fresh herbal scent, this smelled a bit plasticky and unpleasant. I finally realised it smelled like lavender oil, and now I love it, especially at night. It was just an unexpected fragrance to start with - if I had known it contained lavender oil I am sure I would have recognised it and liked it immediately. The level of hydration it provides is just enough for me, I have not experienced breakouts and it doesn't affect my foundation's application or staying power, which is a big deal for me as I work very long hours.
The texture of this is odd, not like the creamy, silky moisturisers I am used to - however I have to admit it is just right for my skin type. I have noticed that, when used in conjunction with the 'help me' retinol cream for about a week, I got some light peeling on my cheeks and forehead - this was a good thing, as it was just the dead surface layer which buffed off with my Dermalogica exfoliant. My skin looks a lot more supple and smooth when using these 2 products together, usually I can get quite flaky due to my teint idole foundation (alcohol-based), lack of fluid intake (naughty!) and air conditioning at work.
Overall, while this moisturiser isn't the most pampering and "luxe" feeling to use, it does a great job of hydrating my skin without smothering it, and seems to be gently improving the texture as well. The smell is quite strong but dissipates quickly, however sensitive types would be wise to sample this before buying to make sure the smell is agreeable to you. If you have dry, or normal to dry, skin, I would recommend the dry skin version as this feels very light.

Enjoy applying this for very soft skin - 03-09-2012 by

Thank you to Adore Beauty and Philosophy for the opportunity to trial the Hope in a Jar moisturiser. I have dry, sensitive skin with oiliness around the nose and am looking for a moisturiser that is rich and nourishing, so I was very excited to try out this product. The travel-sized 30 ml plastic jar came as part of the “Great Skin Is In” Kit, so this moisturizer was used in conjunction with “Purity Made Simple” cleanser and “Help Me” retinol night treatment.

The packaging of this moisturiser is practical. The plastic jar is safe, a handy size and comes sealed with a foil. The foil has an “easy to open” flap which makes handling the product a breeze. It doesn’t come with any spatula. If you are concerned about hygiene you’d need to supply your own spatula, but I wash my hands before touching my face anyway, so it didn’t worry me. There is a generous amount of moisturiser in the jar. You can expect it to last a reasonable period of time.

The ingredients were not on the jar, but on the cardboard carry bag that contained the kit. Unlike the cleanser, there are few recognizable oils in the list. The exception is Lavender oil, which accounts for the pleasant scent. Retinyl Palmitate is also on the list. As I understand it, this is another form of Vitamin A which is kinder to sensitive skin. However, to have the same exfoliation effect as Retinol, it would need to be added in larger doses. Other ingredients include beta-glucan (an anti-oxidant) and lauryl lactate (an exfoliator).

This product is said to gently hydrate, exfoliate and protect the skin. The consistency is quite light and I found it was absorbed readily by my skin. There was no shine or stickiness after application. It left my skin feeling very soft to the touch and hydrated. I could see no visible difference in sagging, wrinkles or discoloration so I could not attest to this having any anti-aging properties. Also, I could not see any sunscreen ingredients, so I would have expected a warning to apply sunscreen before outside exposure. The warning was given for the Retinol cream, but not for the moisturiser.

This was my favourite product in the kit. The moisturiser was light, effective and pleasantly scented. I would most likely use this in the summer when my skin needs readily absorbed hydration. I would prefer a richer cream in winter. For skin that is oilier, this product would be suitable all year round. However, given the Retinyl Palmitate in the ingredients, I would definitely recommend wearing a sunscreen over it.

A great moisturiser that doesnt add extra oil to my already oily skin - 20-08-2012 by

I am loving this product. In the past I have found moisturisers make my oily skin feel worse and had a terrible habit of not really using them because of that. I have bought everything up to the most expensive ones around. I now love cleaning my face at the end of every day and laying this on. It is gentle, doesnt make me break out and just as important doesnt make my skin even oilier than it already is. I have already recommended it to family and friends.

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