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PearlBar Bamboo + Charcoal Toothbrush - Adult Medium 1 Toothbrush

4.7 of 16 reviews


4 instalments of $1.99


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4 instalments of $1.99


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Trade up your daily routine for a sustainable choice. PearlBar Bamboo + Charcoal Toothbrush combines the natural tooth-whitening effect of activated charcoal, all in a biodegradable format that makes it easy to care for both your teeth and the environment.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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4.7 of 16 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Different but nice


It was a bit weird using this toothbrush at first, maybe because the bristle area is smaller than what I've been used to and has resulted in me having to do bigger circles when brushing. But I've come to like how it feels to brush my teeth with it a lot now.
  1. Different but nice


    It was a bit weird using this toothbrush at first, maybe because the bristle area is smaller than what I've been used to and has resulted in me having to do bigger circles when brushing. But I've come to like how it feels to brush my teeth with it a lot now.
  2. Make a positive change


    This biodegradable toothbrush does what it’s supposed to do while avoiding the plastic problem - it’s good to have a sustainable choice that still works. I use this with the charcoal toothpaste by Pearlbar and find it effective.
  3. good


    I like the size and shape of this toothbrush. Also makes me feel great that it is environmetnally friendly.
  4. Love it


    I’ve been on the hunt for one of these and I’ve finally found one that I really like! Very happy with this and think it’s worth the money.
  5. Great environmentally friendly option


    I have been looking at ways to decrease my environmental damage through the products that o choose to purchased and I came across this range. I really like The shape and size of the toothbrush however I would like it if it came in a soft option rather than just medium.
    I don’t find that it has whitens my teeth at all but I really didn’t care that much about that aspect. I just wanted something that wasn’t plastic.
    The product also claims that it’s plastic wrapping that it comes in is also is biodegradable which also makes this a good option.

    Overall I’m very happy that I purchased this product
  6. whittens teeth so nicely!


    i love how this toothbrush is environmentally friendly, so much better than a plastic one! I have already seen a huge difference in the colour of my teeth and I've only been using it for 2 weeks! my teeth look so much more whiter, i think this is so much better than using a toothpaste, this toothbrush is so amazing!
  7. Great Brush!


    This brush is great especially if you're looking for something a little kinder on your teeth and for the environment. I do tend to prefer a Soft bristle, however this is not super irritating considering it is Medium.
  8. Lovely


    love how this toothbrush isnt expensive and is environmentally friendly! It is really good and lasts a long time! I am very impressed with this toothbrush I believe it is the best one out there
  9. great!


    I like this toothbrush, it takes a little while to get use especially only using big branded commercial toothbrushes, but now I prefer the feel of this one!
  10. Great toothbrush


    Love this toothbrush, better than the mast plastic brushes on market !
  11. exactly what i've been looking for!


    Not only is this a sustainable option to plastic toothbrushes, but it also provides whitening from the charcoal! I love it
  12. Love!


    I was looking for an alternative to using plastic toothbrushes and this ones great, find it lasts a long time, a really easy way to go plastic free.
  13. so good!


    I love bamboo toothbrushes and how much better they are for the environment compared to plastic. I don't think I'll ever use plastic toothbrushes again. I find bamboo ones leave my teeth feeling cleaner too. The only thing about this one I don't like is the medium strength, I prefer soft.
  14. Great for the hard to reach spots

    Rebecca (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This toothbrush has a smaller head than I am used to which has actually made it so good for getting those spots that I can’t always reach and tend to have more of a plaque build up. The handle is super light but feels well made and sturdy. I am an over brusher that wears toothbrushes out very quickly and so far this one is holding up well, which is amazing considering it’s biodegradable!
  15. Light but strong


    Really like the size of the head of the brush, not too big and could get all the areas in my mouth. The bamboo is soft but very light. It does a good job it’s well made
  16. Easy switch!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    At the start of 2019 I said, "this year will be the year that I finally switch from using plastic toothbrushes," and, honestly? it took me until March to even find a toothbrush that fit the bill. I could find some that fit the bill but seemed expensive, or I'd see one in store and I wasn't sure about the brand actually being ethical or not.

    I don't think you'll really notice the difference between your usual toothbrush and this! It does have a thinner strip of bristles, that makes it easy to fit where you need it.

    It's also not so firm that it hurts your mouth, which was the other thing I was worried about. The bamboo handle is surprisingly more natural feeling than a plastic handle!

    Right now I'm wondering how it took me until 2019 to change haha. These brushes are great, and the price is pretty good too - easy to chuck into your cart. I highly recommend the tooth pick thingies too!
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