Payot Hydrating Elixir D'Eau

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Payot Hydrating Elixir D'Eau by Payot


Your dry skin craves moisture. Give it what it needs by regular use of this marvelous essence. Formulated for dry to very dry skin, Payot Elixir D'Eau is designed to promote the skin's natural irrigation system. It hydrates the skin while creating a protective layer to help skin retain moisture. Oat extracts and amino acids aid in prevention of dehydration while sealing in the skin's natural oils.

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Really Lovely - 19-03-2016 by

I bought this because of the other two reviews, my skin has become very sensitive, blotchy and spotty in the last 18 months yet before I have always had lovely clear skin. I have because of this issue tried many, many creams and spent a lot of money. Anyway I bought this and its lovely my skin feels really smooth, the spots seem to have calmed down. I only wish I knew what moisturiser to put on over it because at the moment I am just wearing this on its own.

A great product! - 14-09-2015 by

I love Payot as it is wonderful for sensitive skin. My skin is prone to contact dermatitis when I use something new or different. Payot is wonderful and I can highly recommend it. This product is instantly hydrating on the skin and feels like silk. I use it under moisturiser in the morning and in the evening. Never any reaction to it. I love it.

Great product for extreme dry / sensitive skin condition - 22-07-2015 by

Whilst expensive, this is one of the best products I've ever used for my extremely dry / sensitive skin. A small amount is all I need for all day moisture! (I usually need to re-apply products several times a day).

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