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Parlux Power Light 385 Ionic & Ceramic Hairdryer - Black


4 instalments of $71.25

Or 4 instalments of $71.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $71.25

Or 4 instalments of $71.25 with LEARN MORE

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Incredibly powerful. Incredibly light. Parlux Power Light 385 Ionic & Ceramic Hairdryer is the next generation of hair dryers.

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Parlux Power Light 385 Ionic & Ceramic Hairdryer - Black

Parlux Power Light 385 Ionic & Ceramic Hairdryer - Black

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Parlux Power Light 385 Ionic & Ceramic Hairdryer - Black Reviews

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Most Helpful Positive

Worth the investment


Worth the investment. For years I didn't care too much about the hairdryer I used.

The cheap ones only last so long, and can be quite heavy and poorly made. There may be some more affordable better options out there if you do your research.

I haven't looked back after the Parlux. It's lightweight, it's more powerful, it dries my very long (I have a lot of hair!) faster than any previous hairdryers I have owned. I even opted to take mine overseas with an adapter, as I couldn't bear the thought of using a terrible one that would take twice as long to dry off my hair again.
  1. Worth the investment


    Worth the investment. For years I didn't care too much about the hairdryer I used.

    The cheap ones only last so long, and can be quite heavy and poorly made. There may be some more affordable better options out there if you do your research.

    I haven't looked back after the Parlux. It's lightweight, it's more powerful, it dries my very long (I have a lot of hair!) faster th...
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  2. Worth it


    Bought this many years ago. Still going strong. Exact same hair dryer as the one my hair dresser use. Worth the investment!
  3. Powerful, light, and easy to hold


    verified purchaser
    In the past I've usually air-dried my hair because my previous hairdryer was so heavy and hard to manoeuvre. In contrast, the Parlux is so light and powerful! My arms don't get tired and my shoulder-length fine hair is dry in minutes.
  4. Recommend


    verified purchaser
    Great hairdryer, I have fine bleached hair and this definitely helps me keep it from further damage while adding volume.
  5. The best hairdryer


    My sister is a hair dresser and she swears by these hairdryers and now I can see why. LOVE IT!
  6. Parlux Power Light 385 Ionic & Ceramic Hairdryer - Black


    This hair dryer is phenomenal! Just as it is described - it is an effortless device that dries my very long hair in a matter of minutes. It's a very powerful hair dryer and comes with a variety of different settings.
  7. Recommend for those with frizzy hair


    verified purchaser
    My hairdresser uses a parlux and i love the results that she is able to get with my hair - now I can have the same at home. It's super light, i like the two different nozzles. I get a great shine in my hair and has definitely cut down my styling time. Great for frizzy or unruly hair.
  8. Best hairdryer I've bought!


    verified purchaser
    I bought the parlux hairdryer after reading various reviews as I was tired of using cheap hairdryers that would die on me so easily.
    This was a worthy investment!
    My hair dries much quicker now and I don't get that burning sensation that cheaper versions would give you.
  9. Amazing


    verified purchaser
    I never saw the big fuss around hairdryers, surely a $50 one is just as good as the more expensive brands? How wrong was I!! After borrowing my friends Parlux I was a convert and now have no idea how I managed so long without one myself. My hair is dry in a fraction of the time (no more sore arms) I also thought I had wildly frizzy hair up until now...the Parlux leaves me with smooth hair that onl...
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  10. Worth every cent!!


    verified purchaser
    I wanted a hairdryer as good as my last Parlux, which lasted 8 years and something that was light yet powerful enough to give you that salon finish blow dry.
    I love it! This model is sleek, light & so easy to handle.
    By far the best hairdryer out there & well worth every cent!
  11. Worth every single cent!!


    This is by far the best hairdryer I have ever owned. For a few years now I have had friends and family recommend me to buy this product and i'm so disappointed I didn't purchase it earlier! Highly recommend
  12. Best Hairdryer


    I have been using Parlux for the last 10 years and only had to replace mine because i left it at a hotel!
    This is the best hair dryer on the market, lightweight but powerful.
    My hair always has a better bounce than when using others that just blast it.
    Bit more expensive than others but worth it in the longrun.


    I was recommended this hairdryer by my hairdresser. In fact it is the same as the one they use in the salon. I can honestly say you will never turn back. Hands down the best blowdryer I have ever used. Protects the health and shine of your hair, cuts down on drying time and makes stying so much easier. My hair has honestly never looked better since purchasing this dryer.
  14. Just a great hairdryer!


    I've always known Parlux to be a great brand, but have never had one. I bought one to add to my professional kit (I do some wedding hair) and I love it! I personally have a Dyson, and while it's a little quieter and more ergonomic than the Parlux, the performance of the Parlux is as good, if not better. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great quality hair dryer.
  15. Must have


    I've been using this for weeks now, and it saves me so much time. I have very thick hair and it usually takes me ages to dry, but with this hairdryer it only takes me 10 minutes! It also leaves my hair feeling so soft and shiny! Definitely worth the price.
  16. Loooooove!


    I've been using Parlux everyday for years and they just keep getting better and better! This one is light, compact and powerful. Drying time has been cut back at least 10 minutes and hair is frizz free and soft. What more could you want from a hairdryer. Girls, seriously, get rid of the cheapies and invest in one of these - soooo worth it!
  17. Parlux Love

    Bronte M

    SO stocked with my purchase of the Parlux 385! I have mid length hair that is quite dry and frizzes easily. I love how quickly the Parlux dries my hair without nearly as much as the frizziness I am normally left with. Love the colour range too!!
  18. Super Dry


    I absolutely love this hairdryer! After using brands like Remington and Vidal Sassoon, i decided to splurge on this dryer and it was totally worth it!

    I have super curly, fluffy, frizzy hair and this dry smooths, and dries my wet hair within 30 mins! I had to blow dry my hair for 1.5hours with my other dryers to achieve what the Parlux does in 30 mins! It also only takes me 20-30mins ...
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  19. Actually happy my old hairdryer died!


    Had the oldest hairdryer ever but never noticed until it died and a friend recommended a Parlux. Can't believe I lived with the old one for so long! this dries my hair so fast, gives an amazing even result. Actually enjoy doing my hair again!
  20. Make an investment in your hairdryer!


    I have very thick hair that generally takes many hours to fully dry naturally when it hasn’t been thinned out. This Parlux had it 95% dry in under 10 minutes. It feels quality & works! Highly recommend investing in this hairdryer.
  21. Makes life easier!


    Before buying this hairdryer I used to use a VS Sassoon and I can 100% see a huge difference between the two. My hair is naturally thick and this hairdryer reduces the drying time due to how powerful it is. It is also very lightweight so my arm doesn't get sore while I'm blow drying my hair.
  22. Cuts drying time down by half


    This was a huge investment for me, so glad I did it though!
    This hair dryer is fast, POWERFUL and light weight. I use it everyday and it has helped improve my hair condition as I'm not spending hrs straightening it anymore.
  23. Made my sister buy one!


    This is the best hairdryer I have ever used. I have had a few other brands over the years which have been excellent, but this little pocket rocket surpasses them.
    I decided to buy it because I have chronic back pain and needed something lightweight and small because I simply couldn’t handle blow drying my hair anymore. This parlux is small and light and has almost halved my dry time.
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  24. Powerful


    Great hairdryer so powerful and dries hair so quick!
  25. The best


    Fantastic hairdryer! Dries my thick hair properly and faster than any other hairdryer I've ever owned.
  26. Great


    First time user of this brand and alot better than what iv ever used
  27. Holy Grail


    Best hair dryer ever. It's quick and leaves my hair softer and straighter than other hair dryers. Bought one for me and then one for my mum, and she loves hers too! Worth the money.
  28. Stop searching and buy this!


    The BEST hairdryer ever. No more flyaways and I don't need to straighten at all. I have fine, bleached hair and wavy if left to air-dry.
    I haven't used my hair straightener in months!!!
  29. Perfect


    This is the best hairdryer that I have ever used it gets the job done fast and effectively, to top it off it is light and perfect for travel. It leaves my long hair looking sleek and perfect every time.
  30. Gentle, light and fairly quiet


    I currently have very short hair, which is quite fine and colour treated. I've never spent this much on a hair dryer but I do not regret buying something of good quality that is gentle on my hair. I bought the hair dryer in gold and it looks lovely. The weight is quite light and the size was surprisingly smaller than I thought it would be, which is great. It didn't make my hair feel too dry (it dr...
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  31. Dries so quick


    This is the first hair dryer i have invested a lot of money in, and I don't know why I didn't do so earlier! It's super light, the aquamarine colour is gorgeous and my hair dries so smoothly so quickly. With this dryer, I get like 3 days out of a blow out! Plus the sale price was great!
  32. How did I not know such technology existed


    I had been using the same chunky old babyliss blow dryer for YEARS until I decided to upgrade. I had no idea how much blow dryers had changed haha the Parlux is SO light and easy to use. It's so cute and small compared to other blow driers. I would keep it off high as it makes my hair super dry because it gets so hot. But it is an amazing dryer and I don't know how I went so long without one!
  33. Great quality hairdryer


    I wanted to upgrade my 15yo babyliss dryer (which still works btw) so decided on a parlux as my hairdresser uses them. I love the funky colours! It feels very sturdy, dries my hair quickly and the cord is nice and long. I ended up buying a second to keep in my hair styling & makeup kit. I have the lime green & orange
  34. Well worth the money


    I have wanted a Parlux for year as I had heard they were great but the price stopped me, did I really want to spend that much money on a hair dryer?

    I finally caved and bought one and I do not regret the purchase at all. I have long, thick hair that I have to blow dry every time I wash it and it would take me forever to get it completely dry
    Previous hair dryers would leave my ...
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  35. Great hairdryer


    I bought this to replace a really old hairdryer and it is cute and light, yet feels solid. It dries my hair a lot quicker than my old dryer, and feels less cumbersome. Still a bit noisy if I was to be fussy but I really like it.
  36. Worth every cent


    Like Shannon, I couldn't justify a whole lot of money for a hairdryer right? Wrong. This has changed my life and my hair. I have unmanageable 'barometer' hair. This machine calms and tames it either super quick (upside down, high heat, high speed if I'm in a hurry) or calmly (if I have time to spare). Honestly, sometimes something comes along that is reliable and saves you time and this is it. Tru...
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  37. Aquamarine - I am in LOOOOVE


    This is a seriously great hairdryer. For several years I had a cheapie and I just thought - oh, it's just hot air, who cares if it is cheap? What could possibly go wrong?

    Welllll given that I've had this Parlux for a few months and I can already see the difference in my hair. It's softer, it's glossier, I don't get split ends at all and honestly I'm never going back and I'm never usin...
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  38. Parlux strikes again with 385


    I have used Parlux 3500 for the past 6 years and was ready for a replacement. I was excited to see that the new Parlux 385 was available with great specs and in gorgeous new colours. After having a chat with the lovely staff at Adore Beauty I was excited to order and WOW. Love it!!

    The Parlux 385 has the same functional features I've learnt to use, extra power than before and is ligh...
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  39. Trusty hairdryer


    I love my new trusty hairdryer, it doesn't damage my hair and feels like it's made really well. worth the investment
  40. Get yourself a great dryer like this one


    I have been using this dryer for years and it has been my best one ever. I do wash and dry my hair almost daily and with this dryer I know that I am keeping the damage to a minimum as it is powerful and fast, has the right settings for any demand and is of great quality and long lasting. Quite lightweight for its size too. Absolutely no complaints at all!
  41. The best!


    I have wavy hair which can get dry towards the ends but with this hairdryer I feel like I can blow-dry my hair like a professional very quickly! I had an old Parlux (10 plus years) and wasn't sure how much better it would be -- wow was I surprised! Very happy with this machine - it is shiny, small and light. I can't stop talking about how great it is to my friends and family. When I read the revie...
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