Palm Beach Collection - Pear & Cinnamon


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Palm Beach Collection - Pear & Cinnamon


Palm Beach Collection - Pear & Cinnamon is a comforting scent of delicious pear, apple, clove & cinnamon, with a touch of lemon zest & vanilla.

Palm Beach's cotton wicks are completely free of metals, and are proudly of the highest quality. The slight colour variations within the candles reflect the fresh natural oils used in each candle.


Each candle comes with a silver lid, an elegant touch that perfectly accentuates the creamy colour of your gorgeous candle.

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Smells like a pear & cinnamon tart! - 23-06-2015 by

Ooooh this one is yummy! It's a lot like a pear and cinnamon tart, but not too sweet - there's the slightest touch of lemon that cuts through the scent to keep it from being too sickly, without at all smelling very lemony... if that makes sense?

I find that the smell is quite soft and it wafts across the room like a fruity, spicy scent rather than smelling specifically of pear, but that may just be my nose. It really is a lovely comforting scent - when I last used it I had it on when I was snuggled up with my partner watching movies after dinner on a Sunday. Very cozy!

Palm Beach candles look great in any room, I like that you can reuse the jar for spices or cotton buds, and I like that they burn so smoothly and last ages. Good stuff!

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